Centos 6 Vs Centos 7 For Plesk Hosting

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I have a new server with 2x3TB HDD, I want to set up software Raid 1; When I use the automatic host install, it makes my largest partition 2TB and the second 1TB as a separate partition (not nice). So I’m trying to create partitions myself and I’ve never done this before, not for Plesk. I was wondering if the two settings are the same.

Centos 6 Vs Centos 7 For Plesk Hosting

Centos 6 Vs Centos 7 For Plesk Hosting

In the second setup, I tried adding the swap space as a separate RAID device (“md”?), because that’s how I see it on some other Plesk servers with smaller (2TB) hard drives.

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Both approaches are good. You want your exchange to be continuous and not fragmented, and both approaches will ensure that.

LVM can create fragmented volumes if they are frequently extended/shrunken, but since the swap is defined at creation time, it should be very persistent.

With the second approach, your disadvantage is that you cannot simply extend the shift. Of course, you can always add another swap volume that is similar to the existing LVM extension in terms of fragmentation (but you have to partition the volume instead of a two-part volume).

So, both approaches are great. I’d prefer the former as it’s very hard to mess with partitions once installed and requires frequent shutdowns/reboots, whereas LVM is flexible and allows you to manipulate volumes online.

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But then again – you don’t want your machine to start the shift. Swap is like the last line of defense against memory exhaustion. Try setting up your machine to prevent swapping from being forwarded.

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Progress is not constant. New technologies appear every day, and the needs of Plesk partners and customers change accordingly: they want to get new features as quickly as possible and with as little effort as possible.

Centos 6 Vs Centos 7 For Plesk Hosting

In the past, new versions of Plesk were released every year (too slow for today’s pace of technology), contained many changes (which could confuse some customers and end users), and took a lot of time and effort to update Plesk. were necessary. Many servers.

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To meet these challenges, we decided to switch to a monthly release cycle. Yes, that means a new version of Plesk every month! This way, we match the development cycle in R&D, the changes that come with each new version do not burden conservative users, the latest technologies and features are quickly available to early adopters, and updating to a new version is faster and smoother. .

Can I update to Plesk Obsidian 18.0 on the same hardware? The following flowchart lists all possible Plesk Obsidian 18.0 update paths:

Plesk domain-based rental licenses (Plesk 10.x/11.x and later) and edition-based rental licenses (Web Admin, Web Pro, Web Host) are compatible with Plesk Obsidian and do not require an upgrade.

Older Plesk permanent licenses (eg Plesk 10, Plesk 11, Plesk 12 (updated 10/11) must first be upgraded to Plesk Onyx).

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© 2023 Plesk International GmbH. All rights reserved by us. Plesk and the Plesk logo are trademarks of Plesk International GmbH. This guide explains how to migrate CentOS 7 to AlmaLinux 8, CentOS Stream 8, Rocky Linux 8, and Oracle Linux 8 using the AlmaLinux ELvate tool.

Migrating from CentOS 7 to AlmaLinux 8 is now easier than ever thanks to the AlmaLinux project ELevate. Here’s how to do it.

ELevate enables migration between major versions of RHEL(r) derivatives. You can easily move from CentOS 7.x to any 8.x version of your choice

Centos 6 Vs Centos 7 For Plesk Hosting

We plan to support the scenario in 2022/2023, but the actual implementation will depend on the research/study we will start in the second half of this year.

Cpanel Vs Plesk

Looking forward to Plesk Support Distri Upgrade 7 -> 8 with ELevate… Saves us a lot of time getting rid of old C7 servers…

Peter Debic said: I found this tool to upgrade CentOS 7.9 to AlmaLinux 8.4 directly: Migrate CentOS 7 to AlmaLinux 8, CentOS 8, Rocky Linux 8 – OSTechNix This guide explains how to upgrade CentOS 7 to AlmaLinux 8, CentOS 8, Rocky Linux 8 How to go to Stream 8, Rocky Linux 8 and Oracle Linux 8 using AlmaLinux ELvate tool. ostechnix.com Regarding the large number of CentOS 7.x users: Has Plesk considered supporting such an in-place upgrade? Click to expand… Love this idea.

Just wondering if there has been an update on this, cpanel seems to be working with their version of Elevate, any progress on Plesk?

Plesk is working on integrating ELevate into Plesk so that Plesk users running CentOS 7.9 can upgrade to Alma 8.x. keep calm Alpha version will be available soon for selected user group and first tests. A public beta or production version is expected sometime in 2023, but the exact date is not yet known because it is a very difficult task.

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