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Centex Hosting Coupon

Centex Hosting Coupon

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Tahoe Woods #702 At Stateline

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Antioch Press_5.08.09 By Brentwood Press & Publishing

Please note that this policy may change under your administration to ensure the site operates efficiently and remains accessible to all users. On October 25, 2022, the City Council enacted regulations to rezone the Highway 3,245 property, passed first and second readings and waived public hearings because the zoning falls under the Official Community Plan.

At the suggestion of the city council, the council is able to pass this amendment on November 21, 2022 for something that this city doesn’t really need.

We already have Husky, Chevron, Esso and Petro-Canada, not to mention Cardlock and Beecroft. Adding Centex to our city’s main strip would bring the total to 7. Not to mention the additional environmental pollution of the urban area, which would take years to recover in the future.

Centex Hosting Coupon

The city is also adding changes to the site’s new commercial service zoning regulations, which include:

Arbor Bp 9 1 Database Reference Volume 1

• A landscaped strip at least 3 meters wide (includes grass, shrubs, trees or decorative ground cover for plots along the roadway)

Without publicly shared environmental and traffic impact studies, who knows how this will affect our community and the current struggles we have with the Burton Highway 3 interchange during the summer months.

We need to tell City Hall that we don’t agree with that and that they should have hired the people they were meant to serve. Even if we lose, they know we’ll keep talking if we can’t see that the community’s interests come first.

Start Your Petition This petitioner got up and took action. Do you do the same? start a petition

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