Cek Statistik Pengunjung Di Hosting

Cek Statistik Pengunjung Di Hosting – A visitor is the total number of visitors from a blog or website in a given period of time. Or to put it simply, anyone who finds your blog site is called a visitor. But visitors are not the same as the people they receive, and some programs called bots are also counted as visitors. However, very few visitors come from bots.

Bottles themselves are divided into two groups, useful and harmful. From the product side, there is a Google Bot whose job is to crawl the blog pages so that they can be found through Google search. Potentially harmful elements are visitor bots or jingling bots. These motorboats can be operated at one’s command, for pleasure or other purposes. But the bottom line is that traffic bots are very harmful to the blog owner.

Cek Statistik Pengunjung Di Hosting

Cek Statistik Pengunjung Di Hosting

Now, in this episode we will discuss how to get visitors to our blog without using plugins or programs on our website. is to use Metric in Cpanel called Webalizer and Metrics.

Cara Melihat Statistik Visitor Via Cpanel

There are two ways to check the number of visitors in cpanel, that is through webalizer and through the Visitor section in cPanel. Here are the steps

Before you start the guide How to find the number of visitors in Cpanel as usual you need an account to do the integrated with Webalizer and Metics, you can You choose this.

Easy way to access cpanel You can follow the procedure to access your cpanel how to access cpanel.

When you enter the webalizer website, domains and subdomains will be available in the webalizer list. Please select the one you want to see the number of visitors, then click “view”

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The second step is to use guest mode, but for this method you need to activate guest mode first. Here are the steps:

As usual Access cpanel easily You can follow the procedure to access your Cpanel how to access cpanel.

Finally, you can go back to the Dashboard page from cpanel, then you can access the guest information by clicking on the search field.

Cek Statistik Pengunjung Di Hosting

After clicking this, you need to select the domain or website you want to view visitors to, then click Logo View.

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In Webalizer and Visitor Metrics you can see all the statistics of visitors or visitors, all you need to do is change what you want to See visitors by hours, days, weeks and months.

(PT Technology Indonesia) is a low cost provider for Indonesia and the world with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. CMS. Because this will increase the load on the website you have. By simply using one of the menus in cPanel, you can see the numbers of visitors and traffic of the site without adding a heavy load to the host.

There are many visitor numbers that you will find on this list. Here are the web addresses you can see in cPanel.

In this annual report, you can see the number of visitors in a year. What is shown is monthly data over a year.

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In this month’s statistics, you can see the number of visitors in a month. What is shown is the data for each day in a month.

In the weekly statistics, you can see the number of visitors in a week. The data shown is data for each day of the week.

For hourly statistics, you can see the number of visitors in a single day. What is shown is hourly data for the day.

Cek Statistik Pengunjung Di Hosting

From this statistics you can see where visitors are visiting your website. This location indicates the country from which the visitor accesses your website.

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This statistical report shows the IP used by visitors to access your website. From here you can see the traffic from each IP. If there is a suspicious traffic coming from an IP, you can block that IP.

Robots/Spiders is a script that can access every page of your website. Usually the robot script is used for crawling, scanning, etc.

These statistics can provide information about how long visitors stay on your website. The longer visitors can reach your site, the higher your site will rank in search engines.

From here you can see the types of files/types most frequently accessed by visitors. In this section, it is clear what the .php file is.

Cara Melihat Statistik Pengunjung Website Orang Lain

This is one of the most important statistics to understand. Because from here you can see how visitors are interested in your website. You can see which pages/articles are getting the most traffic.

You can see what visitors use to find your site. So you can check the programs available on this website that are developed for many operating systems.

The Awstats menu function can be used, apart from monitoring the numbers of website visitors (visitors), to monitor security. You can see IPs with suspicious traffic, so you can block those IPs. Because IPs are often flooded with unknown traffic. That’s the only explanation, if you have any questions about the article How to see visitors through cPanel, please contact the staff.

Cek Statistik Pengunjung Di Hosting

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