Casual Wedding Invitations

Not every wedding is a lavish black tie affair held in a grand ballroom. For some couples, a backyard bash, a reception in a state park, or a small gathering in a restaurant is their idea of the perfect wedding. When your wedding style is relaxed, your invitations should also be informal. These are some great ideas for casual wedding invitations.

If your wedding is going to be casual, the first thing to consider is choosing less formal wording for your invitations. Instead of “”Mr. and Mrs. John Howard III request the honour of your presence at the marriage of their daughter Elizabeth Leigh…””, you might wish to use wording which is closer to everyday language. “”Elizabeth Howard and Ryan Jones invite you to join them for their wedding…”” or even “”Liz and Ryan are getting married! Join us on Saturday, October 15…””.

When the wedding is to be a very small group of close friends and family, a personal note would be a nice alternative to a printed invitation. Simply get a box of pretty stationery and hand write a message along the lines of “”Dear Sally, John and I are getting married on Saturday, October 15th at our place. The ceremony is at 4:30 and we will have dinner afterward. We hope you can join us! Love, Liz””. No matter how informal your wedding will be, however, never send an invitation via email, evite service, or fax. They simply lack the personal touch.

Informal wedding invitations offer all sorts of possibilities in terms of color, style, and details. For instance, if you were having a very formal wedding, wearing a ballgown and your mother’s pearl necklace, what but an engraved invitation (black on white or black on cream, usually) would do? But when your wedding runs more towards a funky vintage gown and a unique keshi pearl necklace, there are fewer “”shoulds””. By all means, choose a fuchsia stationery with brown lettering or a black invitation with white type. You can also play around with fonts. Avoid the very ornate script fonts which look very traditional. A casual invitation gives you the chance to experiment with sans-serif, whimsical, and even mixed fonts.

You can have fun designing creative invitations when your wedding is informal. For a backyard wedding in the summer, print your invitations on a paper fan. Or send out invitations which are printed on puzzles – your guests will have to assemble them before reading the message. A die cut piece of cardstock in the shape of a bluebird would be sweet for a garden wedding. Your invitations could feature a photo, be made to resemble theater tickets, or be printed on an unusual material such as plexiglass. There are really no rules for casual invites, which means the sky is the limit.

The style, materials, and lettering should all work together to create invitations which give your guests a hint as to the relaxed nature of your wedding. It will help them know what to expect and what to wear, and also sets the tone for the event. A casual wedding invitation offers the chance to create something really offbeat and unique.

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