Cara Upload WordPress Hosting

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Have you built your WordPress site on localhost? Well, it’s time to go online so that more people can join But how do you upload WordPress to WordPress online?

Cara Upload WordPress Hosting

Cara Upload WordPress Hosting

Relax, there are options to install WordPress hosting with the help of plugins or manually Both are very easy, of course Do you want to know the complete steps?

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Eitss.. wait a minute. We recommend that you first know what you need to prepare before following the tutorial on moving WordPress from localhost to hosting.

So, after your website is accessible 24 hours a day and secure, use a good hosting service with good quality. Especially if the hosting service offers a free server, eg

The first thing you need to do is access the WordPress admin dashboard on localhost. Next, install and activate the backup plugin

Log in to your hosting cPanel Next, create a MySQL database in cPanel Enter your database name, username and password for your database users These three fields are required for the next step

Cara Install WordPress Di Localhost Dengan Xampp

If you want to upload it to the main directory, go to the public_html file You can save it in another directory, for example in the /public_html/tutorials folder like we did in this tutorial.

After entering the directory you want, click Upload Then, upload the archive and the installer file by clicking the File option button

In this step, you need to configure the database to be used. There are many things you need to do, such as:

Cara Upload WordPress Hosting

Until now, the Duplicator plugin will transfer the file from your WordPress database to a new folder on your cPanel hosting.

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In this step, you do not need to change anything because the URL and path to save the WordPress files on the host will be recognized by the system. So, just click on it

Cheers! Now you have successfully migrated WordPress from localhost to host Please go to the admin page by clicking on the login button

So, how to upload WordPress to WordPress online using a plugin. Then, let’s learn how to install WordPress hosting with manual steps!

In addition to using a plugin, uploading WordPress from the local host to the host can be done manually. Don’t worry, it’s easy too. Here are the steps:

Langkah Cara Install WordPress Di Hosting

Go to localhost/phpmyadmin on your computer Then, select your WordPress file and go to the Export tab Then, click Get File

You can transfer hosting to WordPress via an FTP connection or upload it manually according to this tutorial.

The trick is to zip all the WordPress files on localhost. Next, upload the WordPress zip file to the host In this tutorial, we’re uploading the public_html directory

Cara Upload WordPress Hosting

Create a new MySQL database in CPanel Save the username, username and password information This information is required to set up the database in WordPress

Upload WordPress Dari Localhost Ke Hosting

Next, go to the Import tab and click Choose File to select the file you downloaded earlier. Then, click Go to start the file manager.

Access the File Manager menu in CPanel and navigate to the public_html directory Locate the wp_config.php file, then right-click the file and select Edit

Configure the database in this step Replace the DB_NAME, DB_USER and DB_PASSWORD values ​​with the database name, username and password you created earlier.

Please log in to the WordPress admin page Go to the Settings menu > General Scroll down without making any changes, then click Save Changes This is done so that the full URL changes to your domain name

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After that, go to menu > Permalinks menu, scroll down and click Save Changes. This is done to ensure that all post links work properly

To fix this, go to the phpMyAdmin menu in cPanel Then, select your WordPress database and go to the SQL tab Then, run this query:

So, all the posts can be accessed in your WordPress website without any problem.

Cara Upload WordPress Hosting

So, the article about installing WordPress hosting from local host You can change WordPress hosting with the help of plugins or manually Both are easy, right?

Cara Upload Tema Di WordPress

Whatever you use, make sure the steps are correct, right? Don’t forget to choose a secure, fast and stable hosting for your website Basically, choose a special hosting service for WordPress

Specially designed for WordPress, this service offers advanced features to support the simplicity of WordPress management. One of them is thanks to the WordPress management feature

Not only is it full of features, the WordPress hosting security system with Imunify360 is also certified to protect you from attacks.

What is special, you can get these WordPress hosting features and services starting from IDR 27,000 / month, and you have a free domain and SSL, you know!

Cara Mudah Install WordPress Di Hosting

Get a variety of educational articles, interesting information and tips about the online world right through your inbox. Sign up now and win with us! If you have already developed your blog on localhost, now is the time to move WordPress from localhost to a web server. This should be done so that your website can be seen by all internet users

So, how? A way to use plugins In this article, we will talk about easy migration, here is how to use a WordPress plugin called Duplicator.

The first step you need to do is to access the WordPress admin dashboard on your localhost, then install the Duplicator plugin. Then turn it on

Cara Upload WordPress Hosting

Once activated, please open the backup plugin Then, click the Create New button on the right side of the duplicate plugin

Cara Menggunakan Ftp Untuk Mengupload File Ke WordPress Untuk Pemula

If so, you do not need to change any other settings in the next report. Then you are prompted to click Next and the copy will start to perform technical checks and show the results. Then click Create to start the creating a database

In the next step, you will create two files, an attached folder and an organizer. php file You need to download both by clicking on the file button

If all the steps of the first step are finished, then we go to the second First upload the file you downloaded to the hosting server To install WordPress in this hosting, you can use the FTP client or file manager on your host control panel.

If you have already created the archive and installed the two files, please access the installer.php file through the browser. This means that you enter through the link In the next step you need to fill in the information about the file

Langkah Upload WordPress Ke Hosting Dengan Localhost

Make sure you attach and remove all the data, because hosting services do not allow you to process data through documents.

This process will delete the tables and data in the database, so make sure you create a new database. If you have, you can click on the section

On the next page, you need to fill in some details about your WordPress site such as URL, path and title.

Cara Upload WordPress Hosting

Make sure everything is as you want, then you can confirm, and your website is ready to be published After the process is finished, you can access your website But there is one The last step you need to do is to save permalinks, site settings, and clean up security.

Cara Install WordPress Di Cyberpanel

Congratulations, your site is now in the Internet! You can install WordPress for hosting from localhost So, if you want to do more specific migrations, required by websites with complex structures, you can check WordPress Codex. Good luck! After we are satisfied with the look of the WordPress-based site created on localhost (you can view the tutorial for creating WordPress on localhost here), we can quickly change to web hosting and database hosting. Here are the steps:

If you haven’t created a database on the server, please do it first A MySql database can be created in cPanel > MySql Database From there you can find: • Database name, for example: ‘cerita35_wordpress’ • Username, for example: ‘cerita35_admin’ • Password, for example: ‘b4l1b0′

Prepare the WordPress application file that you created externally Secure your file, if you use phpMyAdmin please access phpMyAdmin from your browser (http://localhost/phpmyadmin)

Select the WordPress database you want to load from the “Database” menu. After the file is selected and the tables are displayed, click the button “Export” then select all and check the box “Add Drop Tables” if you don’t know what to do now. Select “Save as file” and click the “Go” button on the right side of the browser The browser will send a save confirmation to the local computer

Cara Upload File Ke Hosting Dengan Mudah

After creating the folder and users (step 1) and transferring the folder to your local computer (step 2). Please open the phpMyAdmin menu in cPanel Select the file with the name (_wordpress) you created before the first step After the file is selected, click the “Import” button and check the file folder to enter and “Go”.

Before you upload the WordPress files to the server via FTP, you must first compress them into a ZIP file that contains the files and directories of the WordPress installation on your local computer. Use a standard (standard) zip to zip WordPress files and directories

Upload the .zip file using ftp/filezilla to speed up the download process and avoid uploading. If you want to make the WordPress application your main website, please upload the WordPress zip file to the /public_html directory so that the WordPress document can be accessed via After the upload is complete, go to cPanel > File Manager, find the file you uploaded (in the public_html directory), right click on the file and open it.

Cara Upload WordPress Hosting

Until step 4, you may get an error/error message when you try to access the website. This is because the wp-config.php file from your local server does not have any information about your hosting account details. The wp-config.php file stores information about the database name, db user and password created in the database. You need to change the details as follows:

Step By Step) Cara Migrasi Artikel Dari Blogspot Ke WordPress

Go to your cPanel > File Manager Locate the wp-config.php file in your WordPress root directory Right click on the file and click “Edit Code”, change the line of code

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