Cara Upload WordPress Di Hosting

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Historically, WordPress was first launched in 2003 by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little.

Cara Upload WordPress Di Hosting

Cara Upload WordPress Di Hosting

Over the years, WordPress has grown rapidly with more features, a more attractive look, and strong community support, all of which are indispensable because WordPress is open source.

Langkah Cara Install WordPress Di Hosting

Even for the number of CMS (Content Management System) users, WordPress can dominate with a percentage of 60.8%, which means that WordPress has the largest user base ever.

If not, buy it from an Indonesian domain hosting provider and make sure the panel you buy uses cPanel.

Yes, just knowing that cPanel license prices have increased significantly has affected the cost of hosting using cPanel.

The solution is for hosting service providers to provide other panel options, such as providing options that DirectAdmin uses, see How to install WordPress with DirectAdmin.

Cara Install Dan Mengatasi Gagal Install Tema WordPress

The rental prices that DirectAdmin uses are very cheap to host, about 27%, see the price comparison below.

The first step is to login to your existing cPanel account. Username and password are usually provided by your hosting provider.

If you purchase domain hosting, you will receive username and password information for cPanel login after completing the payment process.

Cara Upload WordPress Di Hosting

Especially for those who buy a domain and get hosting at different locations, they must first point the domain to the hosting name server.

Cara Meningkatkan Maximum Upload WordPress (untuk Pemula)

If you have successfully logged in to your cPanel hosting control panel, search for Softacolous, if you have problems, you can search from the search button above.

Once you reach the Softacolous dashboard, there will be many settings like software settings, site settings, admin account, language selection, plugins, advanced features and themes selection.

The page title is usually filled with the name or domain name and the page description is usually filled with the website description or website keywords.

Enter ‘administrator username’ and ‘administrator password’ in the admin account, don’t forget to remember the username and password you created earlier. You can also configure the domain administrator’s email address.

Cara Install WordPress Ke Hosting

Select Language Select the language according to your requirements, this language will then affect the dashboard settings in WordPress.

Once done, you can log in to your WordPress dashboard via com/wp-admin and enter the username and password you entered earlier during the WordPress installation process in cPanel.

Once your website is ready, the next step is to install plugins and develop your WordPress website, here are the best WordPress plugins you should know.

Cara Upload WordPress Di Hosting

We provide 24/7 customer service and technical support via live chat, call center and 7 days a week support ticket. Once we’re satisfied with the appearance of our WordPress-based website that we’ve created on localhost (you can check out our guide to creating WordPress on a localhost here ), we can immediately transfer the website and database to hosting. Here are the steps:

Cara Install Theme Di WordPress •

If you have not created a database on the server, create one first. Creating a MySql database can be done in cPanel > MySql Database. From there you can get: • Database name, for example: ‘cerita35_wordpress’ • Database username, for example: ‘cerita35_admin’ • Database password, for example: ‘b4l1b0′

Create an offline WordPress application database. Back up the database If you are using phpMyAdmin, please login to phpMyAdmin from your web browser (http://localhost/phpmyadmin)

Select the WordPress database you want to upload from the Database drop-down menu. Once the database is selected and the table is displayed, click the Export button and select Select All and check the Add drop table box, don’t change anything else unless you know what you’re doing. Click “Save as file” and click “go” in the lower right corner of the browser. The browser will provide secure authentication on the local computer.

After deleting the database and user (step 1) and exporting the database to your local computer (step 2). Please open the phpMyAdmin menu in CPanel. Select the database with the name (_wordpress) you created in the first step. After the database is selected, click Import and browse to the database backup file and click Go to import.

Tutorial Cara Memindahkan Hosting WordPress Ke Hosting Baru

Before uploading the WordPress files to the server via FTP, you must zip all the files and directories of the WordPress installation on your local computer. Use normal (default) compression to zip WordPress files and directories.

Upload the .zip file using ftp/filezilla to speed up the upload process and avoid upload failures. If you want to host the WordPress application on your main website, upload the WordPress zip file to the /public_html directory so that the WordPress application can be accessed from Once the upload is complete, go to cPanel > File Manager, locate the file you uploaded (in the public_html directory), right-click the file, and extract it.

Until step 4, you may get an error/error message if you try to access the website. This is because the wp-config.php file on your local server does not contain any information related to your hosting account details. The wp-config.php file stores information about the database name, userDB, and password created in the hosting account. You need to change the following information:

Cara Upload WordPress Di Hosting

Go to cPanel > File Manager. Locate the wp-config.php file in your WordPress root directory. Right-click on the file and click “Edit Code”, replace the following line of code we did in step 1:

Panduan Upload File Ke Hosting Dengan Metode Ftp Menggunakan Filezilla • Blog

[PHP] // ** MySQL settings – you can get this information from your web host ** // /** Database name wordpress */ define(‘DB_NAME’, ‘wordpress284′); replace (‘DB_NAME’, ‘cerita35_wordpress”);

This is the last and most important step. In the example above, we need to edit the database, which is the cerita35_wordpress database, to connect to our WordPress files. You just need to change the URL, in this example from ‘http://localhost/wordpress284/’ to ‘’.

If this step is not followed, your site will not be displayed because WordPress files with database are like two inseparable lovebirds. Steps to edit the database: Run phpMyAdmin in the control panel. Click on the database name, in this example “cerita35_wordpress”. Select the wp_options tab and click Click the [Browse] button on the displayed screen. The modified table contains 2 items:

Edit the “siteurl” entry in the “option_name” column. Click or draw with the pen to edit. Replace ‘option_value’ with (set to the directory where the wordpress file is located and your domain name). b. Edit the “Home” entry in that column. If you don’t find it, click the arrow below the table. The way to edit it is the same as the siteurl entry above.

Cara Duplikat Halaman Di WordPress Dengan Mudah

7. Enter your domain name through the browser. If you can’t access it or have problems, please contact the person in charge of CS.WordPress is a free and popular open source content management system (CMS). You must install it to use it. First, WordPress. Don’t worry, there are many ways to install WordPress that you can easily do.

There are a number of ways to install WordPress, including the one provided by your hosting provider, and using an FTP client manually.

For beginners, installing WordPress can seem daunting. So, we have prepared this article to help you install WordPress easily. We’ll also discuss some common problems you may encounter and how to fix them.

Cara Upload WordPress Di Hosting

First, remember that this article covers how to install WordPress on shared hosting and on-premise and on Windows and macOS systems.

Paduan Lengkap Cara Install WordPress

For quick and easy WordPress installation, find a web hosting provider that provides an automated installation process. Some hosting packages, such as our WordPress hosting, offer a quick and easy setup method with automatic installation.

Quick! If you can’t see any changes to your WordPress website after following these instructions, try clearing your browser cache.

Another quick and easy way to install WordPress is to use Softaculous, the popular automatic installer for cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, InterWorx, and H-Sphere.

If the options above don’t work, your hosting provider doesn’t provide automatic installation, or you have the option to install WordPress manually if you want to do it yourself. This process takes a lot of time, but even if you are a beginner, you can easily follow it.

Cara Upload Tema Di WordPress

Filewp-config.php allows WordPress to know the database configuration. This file is created especially for you. Follow these instructions to organize your WordPress files:

Type your domain name into your browser to continue with how to install WordPress manually. After that, the WordPress installation page will open:

Sometimes, after you select your language, WordPress may ask for MySQL information. Since you already created it, Let’s!

Cara Upload WordPress Di Hosting

In addition to installing and testing WordPress on your web hosting account, you can also install WordPress on your computer. This method is useful for checking your changes before applying them to a website that is already online.

Deploy WordPress Pada Panel Plesk Atau Dedicated Hosting

So, next we will discuss how to install WordPress using MAMP for Mac users and WampServer for Windows users.

This tool helps you create a PHP and MySQL server on your device. This means it provides everything you need to run a local WordPress environment for testing.

While following this guide, you may face some problems. So, there are some common problems that arise when installing WordPress.

Instead of viewing a web page, visitors can see a list of files and directories on your website. This problem occurs when the web server does not see the index.php file. When this problem occurs, your website is vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Tutorial Upload WordPress Ke Hosting Dari Localhost Dengan Lengkap

To fix this, download filewp-config.php again. Open the file in a text editor and type the first line free. Save the file, reload the page, and reload.

To fix this, check that PHP is installed correctly and that no errors are encountered during configuration. Go to PHP Configuration -> PHP Options and disable zlib.output_compression.

If you get an error creating a database connection, it means that your website is unable to get the information it needs to render the page.

Cara Upload WordPress Di Hosting

If you believe it is correct, try resetting your MySQL password. Open the MySQL database, then click the three-dot icon and select Change password.

Tutorial Upload Gambar Dan Video Di WordPress

It’s over! Through this guide, you have learned different ways to install WordPress automatically and manually on your web hosting service. We have it too

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