Cara Upload Web Localhost Ke Hosting Rumahweb

Cara Upload Web Localhost Ke Hosting Rumahweb – CodeIgniter is one of the most used PHP frameworks today. Some RW residents can build web applications using CodeIgniter. When it comes to new websites, limitations often arise. So, let’s share how to upload CodeIgniter 3 to cPanel server.

We aim this guide for RW residents who have created a CI 3 based website on localhost and then want to upload the website files to the host. For those using CodeIgniter 4, learn the article: Upload CodeIgniter 4 to your host.

Cara Upload Web Localhost Ke Hosting Rumahweb

Cara Upload Web Localhost Ke Hosting Rumahweb

In addition to uploading website files, you will definitely need a database for your website. The first step is to first create a database on your cPanel server by creating a database entry.

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Next you need to export and import the SQL database on the hosthost. You can see detailed steps in this article on how to import a MySQL database using phpMyAdmin.

Next, enter the Websites folder on your computer’s localhost. Paste all the files and folders of the CodeIgniter 3 website that will be uploaded to the host.

Log in to cPanel in your guest, then enter the File Manager menu. If the site is on the main domain, click the public_html directory. However, if the website is on a subdomain or addon domain, click the subdomain/addon web directory.

The .htaccess file is located in the main directory of the website. First, make sure you have enabled the “Show hidden files” setting in the file manager

File .htaccess WordPress Default

If the .htaccess file does not already exist, click the + File button first. But you can directly edit the .htaccess file if it already exists.

If so, continue by configuring the configuration in the database.php file. Configuration details can be found in the Codeigniter Database Connection Settings article.

How to Upload CodeIgniter 3 to cPanel Server If you have problems after uploading, you can contact the technical team via live or open ticket support.

Cara Upload Web Localhost Ke Hosting Rumahweb

6 years of PHP programming career, then moved to QA customer support. Do not fill in “Cat” in the subject column.

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CMS Joomla 1.0.x does not support PHP version 5.3, which is shown in the following error message: Warning: The 2nd parameter may contain a reference to the homepage() value, the expected value… VestaCP is a free panel you can use. Can manage website and database usage on VPS. In this guide, we will share how to upload website files to VestaCP using file manager. Here is more information.

VestaCP is a free server that can be used to manage databases on your web server, email, DNS and VPS. Managing website files on a VPS using VestaCP is much easier than using a command prompt via SSH.

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By default, site file management in VestaCP is done via SSH. However, you can install a file manager on VestaCP so that you can manage your website files with a better interface.

In this guide, we provide a method for uploading site files to VestaCP. But before you jump into the submission process, there are a number of things you need to prepare first.

5. A popup will appear specifying where to extract the file. If the extracted file location is correct, select Continue Extract.

Cara Upload Web Localhost Ke Hosting Rumahweb

If you have a database on your website, you can create the database and upload the database file to the server first. Here’s how to create a database and upload it to VestaCP.

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2. After successfully login to VestaCP, select DB to create database and + sign as per image below.

1. First, login to phpMyAdmin via the URL https://IPVPS/phpmyadmin and enter the username and password previously set while creating the database.

4. When the database upload process is complete, the following notification will appear and the database is ready for use.

Besides using Putty, you can also access VPS using an Android phone. In this article, we will discuss how to use SSH to VPS from Android. Was this article helpful? Click…

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With KVM VPS service, you get a virtualization panel to manage your ordered VPS. You can start/stop services, restart VPS, install OS through Virtualizer dashboard page… Now we invite you to learn how to import MySQL database in phpMyAdmin. The first step is to log into your host board.

Or used to move the database to another server. The easiest way to drop a MySQL database is to use phpMyAdmin.

Cara Upload Web Localhost Ke Hosting Rumahweb

PhpMyAdmin is a PHP-based tool used to simplify the administration of MySQL databases. Following are the steps to import database from localhost to host.

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3. If you have selected a database, phpMyAdmin will display the database tables, then select the Export menu.

Before importing a database from cPanel’s “phpMyAdmin” menu, you must first create a database name from the “MySQL Database” menu. To learn the process of creating a database on the server, click on How to Create a Database.

3. Below is the display of “Import” menu Select the exported SQL file from phpMyAdmin on localhost, for example “wordpress.sql” and click the “Go” button.

For the record, phpmyadmin databases can be imported as long as the .sql size does not exceed 50MB. If it’s more than 50MB, you’ll need to import the database via Terminal or SSH. Here’s a guide: How to import a database using SSH

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How to Import a Database in PhpMyAdmin If you have problems or problems loading the database, contact technical support.

A symbolic link, or what we commonly know as a symlink, is a technique for naming files or folders. In this guide, we will share how to make a wired connection

Earlier we discussed how to create connection using SSH and CronJob, now we will share how to create connection using PHP script. Before we discuss how to create a link script, we first…

Cara Upload Web Localhost Ke Hosting Rumahweb

There are files that cannot be seen or hidden on the cPanel server. This file usually has a name that begins with a dot (period). How to show hidden files or hidden files… 1 1 P a g e Several ways to upload a website to a hosting server, here we will explain how to upload a website to the host, after designing and creating a website, the next step is to your account. Upload the website. Uploading is the process of transferring files from your computer to a server where they can be accessed by many people around the world. There are different methods for website uploading techniques, here are 2 common ways to upload website files to your host server: 1. Upload using file manager (or legacy file manager). The advantage of uploading files using File Manager is that you don’t need to install anything on the server, just use a browser to access CPanel. Meanwhile, the downside is that folders cannot be uploaded, so you have to create folders manually. Also, you can say that submission process is done one by one. File Manager can upload up to 15 files at a time and they must be in the same folder 2. Upload using FTP software Uploading files using FTP software is quite easy and fun. In addition to being able to upload multiple files (including folders) at once, you can continue at any time if the connection is lost and the upload process stops. Additionally, uploading via FTP is more reliable when uploading large files. Widely used FTP software includes FileZilla and CuteFTP, and we recommend using FileZilla because it’s free and easy to use. Generally speaking, we want to upload website files to server using FTP software. How to Upload Website Files with File Manager File Manager is a cpanel site that is useful for uploading your website files to the server. Let’s take a look at the steps to upload a file using your shell’s file manager.

Cara Upload Codeigniter 3 Ke Hosting

2 2 P a g e Important Note: All uploaded website files must be placed in the public_html directory. Follow carefully to avoid making mistakes while uploading. 1. Log in to cpanel and click on file manager menu/icon. A pop-up will automatically appear as follows: If you want to edit hidden files like htaccess, select “Show hidden files” and then click “Go”. Your browser automatically displays one. tab or window. Brand new with screen as below picture.

3 3 P a g e 1. File manager main menu 2. Your directory location (now you are in the public_html directory) menu will open in a new window or browser tab as shown below: Click on browser and select your files you want to upload to your computer, preferably you Combines the files you want to upload first so you can upload everything at once

4 4 P a g e After selecting the .zip file you want to upload all the website files, a progress bar will automatically appear as shown in the image below. If the progress bar is full, it means your file has been uploaded completely. Once done, right-click and extract the file,

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