Cara Upload Vue Ke Hosting

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Cara Upload Vue Ke Hosting

Cara Upload Vue Ke Hosting

Discussions about Web Development are certainly wide and endless, yes, because web development must be studied in depth and in depth. If it is not accessible online it means it cannot be called web, now in some way our web projects are in html, css, javascript, php or front and back framework is accessible online on the internet, that is called “Hosting” it.

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Discussions about Web Development are certainly wide and endless, yes, because web development must be studied in depth and in depth. If it is not accessible online it means it cannot be called web, now in some way our web projects are in html, css, javascript, php or front and back framework is accessible online on the internet, that is called “Hosting” it,

So in this discussion we will discuss how to host a web project using vue.js framework At a glance, this framework is a framework provided to help web developers create projects web easier, ie. Frameworks have different types and names, yes on the front end there are frameworks like react js, vue.js, angular, semantic UI, Ember.js and others.

FrontEnd Framework is a framework that focuses on the front view or front screen, including its ui/ux. So FrontEnd Framework is more focused on designing interfaces that are seen by many people or users often and surely.

The BackEnd Framework is a framework that focuses on data, database, and backend coding, so on the backend framework developers focus more on the database and web backend without worrying about the interface. front view. design.

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Now, this time we are going to discuss FrontEnd framework, specifically Vue.js framework, that is how to access project output from finished vue.js online through internet? best way is to host with 000Webhost.

000Webhost is a web hosting service that offers offers ranging from free or free to paid hosting. But this time, we are going to discuss how to get free hosting using 000webhost.

Here Mimin has uploaded the vue.js project result, you need to upload it to hosting later. First you go to 000webhost web, type the 000webhost url or click on the following 000webhost link.

Cara Upload Vue Ke Hosting

After accessing 000webhost website you can check the important information on this website first or you can scroll down below Note if you want to use 000webhost’s free hosting, you need 1 account for 1 website you want to host Yes, because hosting is free, but if you want to use 1 account that can hold many websites, you have to buy or pay for hosting, quite simple, right? So if yes, you can click sign in in the upper right corner and then log in or register, but if you want to make it easier, you can log in normally with your Google account, then continue to sign up and follow the next steps. or then click create magic > learn web development or whatever doesn’t really work > continue.

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After you press the continue button and select the web post you want, you can fill in the site name and password name, for the password name you have to remember it, don’t forget or don’t remember. , because the password will be needed later to store it for later.

After entering your web name and password you can choose our user website builder or you can also upload your website.

Because we want to upload our project file then select upload to your site and it will be redirected to file upload view then you can upload the file to this upload site with drag and drop in there, open public_html and drag and drop in files.

After uploading the file to public_html, you can return to the website listing page, then point the cursor at the image in the left corner with the link, and then click manage website.

Cara Mudah Upload Project Ke Github

Then for example if you want to upload a database you can click tools on the left tab then click on database manager then click on new database.

Then here is the database name, database username and database password, for username and password, the password we entered earlier so enter the name again user and password at first, after db user appear, copy db and db username into previously uploaded file, then manage > phpmyadmin, select import and import generated zip file, then that’s ok and your website is hosted, now your website can be used and accessed online anywhere.

Then to check site or domain you can go to site settings then go to general and see site name where domain or site is hosted and congrats you can host my site, I hope this helps! Hello everyone, back again in . Well, this time, we are going to learn together how to upload projects that we make locally, by uploading directly or by using git cli. Curious?, continue with the instructions below.

Cara Upload Vue Ke Hosting

Github is a hosting service for developing software using VCS (version control system) technology, where changes to a project can be tracked and collaborated with other developers. Developers should understand how to use git, as the work of the application can be split using this service to make it easier to develop.

Create And Deploy A Vue.js App To Github Pages

I have also mentioned other articles on how to use github. Open the following link to read the detailed article https:///2020/10/cara-clone-project-laravel-dari-github.html

As I mentioned in the post title above, we will discuss how to upload projects to GitHub. So first prepare your project and create a new Git account if you haven’t signed up yet.

Sign in to your respective GitHub account. Then create a new store by clicking the + button next to your profile picture then click new store

Then enter the name of the repository you want, fill in a short description of your request, then decide whether you want to make the repository public or private. For this article, we’ll make the repo public, tick “start this repository with a README” and finally click create repository.

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The result will look like the image below. You can upload your project directly by clicking the Add File button and then selecting Upload File.

You can drag your file or click the “choose your file” button. then scroll down and add description then click commit changes to save the file you uploaded

The above method is the easiest way to upload your project to Github. In addition to the above method, you can use git to upload your project. Using git makes it easier to upload project files every time there are changes. You can see how in the steps below.

Cara Upload Vue Ke Hosting

First download git at the following link and adjust your architecture version, 64 bit or 32 bit. Once downloaded, install git. You can read how to install Git in the following article

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Once your Git installation and configuration is complete, we’ll start uploading the project. Right click on the ready to upload project folder and select gitbash here to bring up the git window as shown below

Type and run alternately the following commands in Gitbash. Also make sure you are in the project folder or the folder to be uploaded.

Git push -u origin uploads local files to github, usually requires a github username and password

The link for each repo is different you can find it in front of the repository then click the code button and clone https

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If you execute the above command correctly, your project is now integrated with the Github repository you created earlier. If you reopen the repository on Github, the project folder on our local share will automatically be added to the repository.

Lots of tutorials on how to easily upload projects to Github. I’m more or less sorry, hope this is useful to you, if you have any explanation, please ask in the comment column below and let’s discuss. See you in another great tutorial 😁Cloudflare Pages is a hosting service from Cloudflare for static web hosting. At Cloudflare Pages, you can host websites created with React, Vue, Gatsby, Hugo, and other static websites.

This is unlike other hosting services that only offer 100GB/month bandwidth. But of course the price of this plan may change from time to time, depending on the terms of Cloudflare.

Cara Upload Vue Ke Hosting

If you already have a Cloudflare account, you can sign up or sign in with that account. Just click Sign In to enter.

Host Vue.js App On Iis

On this dashboard, I have archived before

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