Cara Upload Localhost Tanpa Beli Hosting

Cara Upload Localhost Tanpa Beli Hosting – Have you ever wondered how to make our web projects that we work on on your local host available remotely or online to other people, like your boss, clients or teachers? How without using roaming

But there are pros and cons.

Cara Upload Localhost Tanpa Beli Hosting

Cara Upload Localhost Tanpa Beli Hosting

The plus is that we can present the project we are working on to the boss, the client, the teacher without upgrading to free hosting, of course it is temporary, if the project is permanent, it is better to buy hosting with a domain. , but it has really helped me so far.

Membuat Website Gratis & Bisnis WordPress

Copy and extract to the htdocs folder (it’s actually free wherever you want to save it but it’s easy to find lol)

Go back to the htdocs folder, double click ngrok.exe and then paste the right click token directly into ngrok cmd

Blabla saved after authtoken… (this method is enough to use once, you don’t need more)

Select Open PowerShell window here / Open CMD here (if it doesn’t work, try the method as in the YouTube video)

Adakah Cara ‘hosting Web’ WordPress Secara Gratis?

Let’s set the port to 8080 / is free, if you want something 8000, you can also type this command:

Enter again and you will get the latest link. Run it in your browser and it will immediately display your (Localhost RUN) project, which is a web service that provides free SSH tunneling to remote desktops or servers via SSH tunnel connection. There is no need to register as a member for this service and it is easy to use with just CLI or Terminal. (Localhost RUN) only needs configuration to create an SSH key to add to the SSH agent, so that website projects on local servers can connect through an SSH tunnel to connect to the web, giving random name subdomains of localhost .run. .

This is appropriate for areas that may be accessible to the public and/or are not available for a limited time, such as new student registration at ABCD schools. This link can be accessed by people who want to register as a new online student at ABCD schools.

Cara Upload Localhost Tanpa Beli Hosting

To run a remote desktop or server through an SSH tunnel connection, you must have an SSH key on the desktop or server, specifically the SSH Agent section. You can do this using the CLI or Terminal for Linux users, PowerShell for Windows users, or Git Bash for Git CLI users.

Cara Xampp Menjadi Online Dengan Localhost Run Di Windows

So you no longer need router and access to get XAMPP online. This seems easier than using the router and access point, as it requires reconfiguring the router section.

The author will provide a tutorial on testing a website from XAMPP to the web using on Windows. For terminal or CLI applications, use Git Bash because the author couldn’t use PowerShell until now. This tutorial is specifically for XAMPP users to build or create web applications that will connect via an SSH tunnel to the service.

Whenever you enable an SSH Tunnel connection from, you must change the subdomain that ends in so that the site and/or local server are protected from unintended cyber-attacks that cause loss.

7. Type “ssh -R 80:localhost:80”, press Enter. Wait a few moments for the link to the given website from to appear.

Cara Memasang Object Storage (s3) Pada Codeigniter

This tutorial is suitable for those who want to test the website project to connect to the web from a computer or laptop without using a router, but an SSH tunnel on This service is very free, so it is suitable for students who want to publish their final semester thesis or website project online without using hosting.

Now you cannot create or build web applications. However, you can also test the web application online for access by multiple users or devices through an SSH tunnel on, as long as you have a stable internet connection. So you don’t have to worry about cables anymore.

If connecting to a remote PC or laptop via an SSH tunnel in encounters an error caused by the public key (rejected), you can generate a new SSH key in the Git Bash terminal and then add it to the SSH agent. For a tutorial, you can visit the tutorial on how to add a new SSH key with Git Bash.

Cara Upload Localhost Tanpa Beli Hosting

The author recommends buying a special computer server device if this local server is connected for a long time or runs continuously for 24 hours without stopping.

Cara Upload Website Codeigniter Ke Hosting

XAMPP website projects can be tested or published online, without hosting, using an SSH Tunnel connection from For example, you are creating a small website project, such as registering a new student at ABCD School, and using an SSH Tunnel connection should use a local server that can be accessed by anyone from So you don’t have to spend your budget to buy hosting again if the site only works during certain hours.

With this service, you no longer have to think about hosting or server and/or domain costs because localhost RUN has provided free subdomains where websites on local servers can be accessed over the Internet without using DDNS.

I’m not an expert. I want to share the knowledge I learned earlier. I hope it is useful. 🙂Mirza M. Haekal Follow Mirza is a member of the SEO team. He likes to learn something new every day.

Do you want to move your website database from your computer to web hosting so that you can access it online? You’ve come to the right place!

Cara Login Hosting Cpanel Menggunakan Kata Sandi

In this article, you will learn how to import a database from local hosting to web hosting. Don’t worry, the method is very beginner friendly. Let’s continue the discussion!

Before moving your XAMPP database to hosting, you must first prepare the localhost site file. To do this, go to your XAMPP > htdocs > wordpress installation folder.

Then compress the entire contents of the wordpress folder into a .ZIP. You can name the ZIP anything you want. For example, we decided to use the name

Cara Upload Localhost Tanpa Beli Hosting

Once your website files are zipped, it’s time to restore your localhost database via XAMPP. The trick is to open the XAMPP application and then click Start on Apache and MySQL.

Cara Hosting Web Di Cpanel Yang Paling Mudah

Then open your browser and type localhost/phpmyadmin. Select the database you want to import into hosting, then select the Export menu and click Go. The database will be downloaded to your computer with a .SQL extension

Before going through the steps to upload files to hosting, make sure you have hosting and domain, OK! If you haven’t already, you can subscribe to a hosting package based on your website needs.

First, login to your cPanel at and select File Manager. However, if you are a user, go to the member area and select the File Manager menu as shown below:

Then navigate to the public_html folder and click Upload. Then select your website’s .ZIP file to upload earlier. When the upload process is complete, click Back… below to return to the file manager.

Cara Install WordPress Di Localhost Dengan Xampp

Finally, when you return to the file manager, right-click on the ZIP file and then select Extract. Good luck! All files on your localhost site have been moved to the host.

First, you need to create a MySQL database in cPanel. You can then import the database to your host. To do this, go back to your cPanel home page and click on phpMyAdmin.

On the left, select the database you just created, and click Import. Click Choose File and select the localhost database you saved on your computer. After that click Go.

Cara Upload Localhost Tanpa Beli Hosting

Good luck! The localhost database has been successfully imported to your web hosting. However, if you try to open the website immediately, you will receive an error. Wow, why is that?

Contoh Crud Php 7 Mysqli Terbaru Dengan Upload Gambar Part 2

This error occurs because you did not modify the wp-config.php file in the ZIP file that was uploaded first. In fact, the data in the file does not match the hosting account you have.

Therefore, you need to connect the PHP file to MySQL. To do this, you can create a new PHP file in the public_html directory. You can specify any name, for example databaseconnection.php.

For a more complete explanation, you can check this guide → How to connect a PHP database to MySQL

It turns out that importing a database from local hosting to web hosting isn’t too difficult, right? You won’t get confused because only five steps are enough. From preparing files to uploading to web hosting.

Cara Import Database Dari Localhost Ke Web Hosting [terbaru]

Also, make sure you use a reliable hosting service so that your website is available 24 hours a day. One of those that offers cheap hosting services in Indonesia that offers 27,000 IDR/month and a free domain.

So I hope the above guide is useful. If you have any questions or problems importing the database, please leave a comment below. Best of luck!

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Cara Upload Localhost Tanpa Beli Hosting

Some website developers build their websites using a local server called localhost. Finally, when the site is ready, they also need to transfer the domain from the local server to the host after purchasing it. Of course, there’s no point in building a website if it’s not available in cyberspace, right? In general, it is very easy to get a website online. In principle, it is enough to buy hosting and a domain and upload the website files. Check out the reviews!

Cara Menonaktifkan Plugin WordPress Tanpa Login

Before you start uploading files to your website, the first step you can take is to set up your database. You have to adapt

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