Cara Upload Ke Web Hosting Gratis

Cara Upload Ke Web Hosting Gratis – Free web hosting and free domain to learn wordpress – To learn wordpress we need web hosting and domain. In this article, we will share how to get free web hosting and a free domain to learn WordPress.

If you want to learn how to create a website using WordPress, but you have a problem, and it is because the cost of hosting and the cost of the domain are too expensive for some people, so don’t you should worry because there is a solution for this, like , we can sign up and get the website for free with a free domain.

Cara Upload Ke Web Hosting Gratis

Cara Upload Ke Web Hosting Gratis

The fact is that we can build our own servers using a used computer or laptop we can also use an unused stb like the b860h stb as a mini server with a rasberry pi.

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However, to create your own service, you need a lot of costs, such as electricity, costs of an Internet that already has a public IP, to be able to access the service that we have built into the web site on the Internet. , etc.

Therefore, free web hosting can be a free part of a website that can be a solution. Yes, although there are some limitations that we must accept from the website that we get for free.

But that should be enough if we use it for learning, not for business or others dealing with large or high traffic. If you want to buy cloud hosting or unlimited hosting with a free plan, you can buy it from this page.

When I first learned WordPress in addition to localhost, I also tried to install WordPress using the free website and free domain from 000webhost.

Panduan Lengkap 000webhost & WordPress

The features provided by 000webhost can be considered sufficient even for those of us who are learning, its features include:

What about looks? yes, web hosting should be enough to learn WordPress. That’s enough for me hehe. For this 000webhost, you will find the subdomain

Just sign up for infinityfree, just like the free web hosting from 000webhost. The web hosting options provided by infinityfree are:

Cara Upload Ke Web Hosting Gratis

The features provided should be enough for you to learn WordPress on a free website with a free domain from InfinityFree. Infinityfree also has a subdomain, called, but if you have your own domain, you can create your own domain on this free webhost.

Cara Membuat Website Gratis Domain & Ssl

How can you get free hosting from 000webhost and infinityfree to learn wordpress? the method is quite simple, just register an account with 000webhost and infinityfree.

And you will be able to enjoy the free hosting and free domain provided by these two websites.

1. First you must register on 000webhost, if you want to register, go to this page.

Finally, a registration form will appear, fill in and you can register using your Google account and your Facebook account.

Cara Membuat Hosting Gratis Di Github Pages

2. After registration, a page will appear as shown below. You must verify your email on the page below.

If you open Gmail, you will see an email from 000webshot in the update section to verify your email as shown below.

Just click on the email confirmation button, if you click the button, a new tab will open and a notification will appear if you have Confirm your email. Then you can click the start button.

Cara Upload Ke Web Hosting Gratis

3. Next you will see an option that you have to choose. Like deciding to create an online store, web design, start a blog, or something similar to the image below.

Image Hosting Free Untuk Hemat Disk Space Hosting!

4. Next, you will be prompted to download and install the Google Chrome web browser as shown below. If you are already using the Google Chrome web browser, you can skip or skip this step.

5. Next, you will be asked to fill in the project name and password. If you have filled in the project name and password, you can immediately click the send button.

6. In the next step you will be given 3 options to use a website builder, install WordPress or install the website files you have.

When you choose to install wordpress, a popup window will appear where you need to fill in your admin username and password, which will later be used to log in to your wordpress.

Cara Hosting Di Infinityfree » Berbagi Informasi Teknologi Hari Ini

The password must be a combination of numbers, letters and hyphens. If you do not use any of them, a warning will appear as shown below.

7. After completing the admin username and password to log in to WordPress, the installation of WordPress has started, just wait for the installation of WordPress to complete.

8. Once the installation is complete, a button will appear to go to the configuration page. You can quickly go to the WordPress dashboard by clicking the button.

Cara Upload Ke Web Hosting Gratis

At the bottom of the login page for your WordPress dashboard, enter the admin username and admin password you created earlier.

Tutorial Bikin Web Gratis By Asnawi St.

1. To access the free website from infinityfree, you must register an account on the website.

3. After filling out the form on the registration page, you will be prompted to confirm your email. For email confirmation, it will be sent to the email you entered before, make sure your email is correct.

5. Next, you can click on the blue create story button, then a new page will appear to save the story as below.

On this page we are asked to fill in the domain name and there are many options for the group. You can use a free domain from infinityfree with available subdomains like:,, and more.

Cara Upload File Ke Hosting Dengan Cpanel

Or you can create your own domain if you have a specific domain like .com, .id, etc. So I choose the free subdomain.

Then you can search your domain and see if your domain is free or not, if your domain is free it will show that domain (your domain name) is available! like the picture below.

6. Next, in this second step, you enter the password and complete the captcha. Then click the green create account button.

Cara Upload Ke Web Hosting Gratis

7. Then you will see two buttons appear in the customer section and open the admin and username for later login.

Langkah Upload WordPress Ke Hosting Dengan Localhost

8. If you click on the button of the client area, you will see information such as ftp information, Mysql information, database information.

If you click the button open control panel, you will enter the control panel page. Yes, cpanel is right, infinityfree is one of the website that provides free cpanel with free.

Try free web hosting to learn this WordPress. Yes, there will be times when you will need the website to pay but there are reasonable costs.

I first learned how to use WordPress with free hosting and free domains, but I wanted to try to buy a paid website but cheap, I liked niagahoster.

Cara Upload Website Ke Hosting Gratis Dengan Github Pages

In Niagahoster, if you buy the website, you get a free domain like .com domain, how? Are you interested in trying to buy cheap web hosting and a free .com domain? Maybe you can try it on Niagahoster.

Use the coupon code to get a discount to buy cloud hosting or cheap unlimited hosting, free domain and SSL only at Or click this link to purchase the unlimited special edition at a discounted price.

Please leave suggestions, criticisms and ideas in the comments column or the contact page on this blog. All this is a way to support me and this blog, I hope we will always be healthy and prosperous. 000Webhost is a website that provides free hosting, which is often used in the world to create websites from scratch before entering a more serious stage of development.

Cara Upload Ke Web Hosting Gratis

However, recent .ZIP or .RAR files cannot be removed directly from the 000webhost ( FTP control panel, so they cannot be removed from the website project. To solve this, you need to submit each file to free hosting 000 webhosts.

Cara Membuat Website

The advantage of free hosting from 000Webhost is the provision of options for network security for encrypted data transmission called HTTPS or TLS.

It includes the installation of files from the AWS SDK PHP, which often have problems during the removal process due to exceeding the limitation when providing files provided by the free host.

In addition, it does not provide or facilitate the advertising campaign, which can help build their own websites using APIs or tools without installing support files through a test.

To solve the above problems, the author created his own unzip web application to extract the AWS SDK PHP file installed in the free hosting, so that you can learn to build your own websites through the reliance on the AWS SDK PHP is an API tool instead of Writer. You can find the unzip web app itself at the Github link. The name of the Unzipper application was created by the author himself PHP Frains.

Hosting Cwp Dan Cara Upload Website Ke Hosting Cwp Dengan Mudah

Because there are some free programs that facilitate secure communication such as HTTPS or SSL, it is a mandatory requirement before using the AWS SDK for PHP API Tools, so you don’t need setting to enable HTTPS or SSL on your host.

The author provides a tutorial on how to use the AWS SDK for PHP API tools on 000Webhost free hosting. It happens in parts that you can follow slowly according to the instructions.

Before joining this session, make sure you have created an account with the new free campaign. Then enter the File Manager section of 000Webhost and first install the unzip application.

Cara Upload Ke Web Hosting Gratis

Wait for a while until the main page of the file from 000Webhost appears. The public_html file will be populated by the unzipped application with the AWS SDK for PHP API Tools.

Cara Membuat Website Sederhana Untuk Pemula Dalam 5 Menit

In this course, you will prepare several things that are provided on free hosting at 000Webhost, namely the Unzipper application and the AWS SDK for PHP.

4. Download the AWS SDK for PHP API Tools according to the version of PHP currently running on the host.

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