Cara Upload File WordPress Di Jagoan Hosting

Cara Upload File WordPress Di Jagoan Hosting – WordPress is an open source application that is used to easily create websites. Apart from this, WordPress also provides other facilities, i.e. Multisite WordPress. This feature makes it easy for you if you need to manage dozens or hundreds of websites from a single dashboard.

Creating a WordPress multisite can be done the first time you install WordPress. But for those of you who are already WordPress active but want to convert it to Multisite WordPress, you don’t need to worry. There are many ways to get to Rome. Check out the guide this time. Come on!!!

Cara Upload File WordPress Di Jagoan Hosting

Cara Upload File WordPress Di Jagoan Hosting

Step 4: Multisite WordPress installed successfully. A Network Admin menu is featured for managing your website.

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This section is specifically for those of you who already have regular WordPress. Then it turns out that you need to convert your WordPress to Multisite WordPress. Let’s see the guide below,

First you need to change your WordPress wp-config.php file. The goal is to add scripts to your WordPress to enable multiple sites.

Step 3 : Search /* That’s it, stop editing! Nice blog. */ Then add this script above.

Step 3: Choose between subdomain or subdirectory. If you choose a subdomain, every time you create a new website, it will be a new subdomain, such as Meanwhile, if the subdirectories for each new website creation are under the root directory, for example

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Step 1: After selecting the WordPress multisite structure, you will get a display like below. In this scenario, you are instructed to change or add scripts to the wp-config.php and .htaccess files.

Step 2: Enter the file manager and edit the wp-config.php file. Add the script below to the top /* That’s it, stop editing! Nice blog. */

After completing the above 3 steps, your WordPress has successfully enabled multisite. You can check by going to your WordPress admin dashboard and then ticking the Network Admin menu at the top.

Cara Upload File WordPress Di Jagoan Hosting

Unlimited Cheap Web Hosting 9,000/month – Buy Free Domain, Premium Dev Theme (Page Builder), and SSL Hosting 9 thousand is one of the features provided in File Manager Direct Admin Panel. This feature will make it easy to manage files on your hosting. So you can manage your files without the hassle of using FTP or other applications. While the file manager in Directadmin is conceptually similar to Cpanel, it looks quite different. If you are used to using File Manager in Cpanel, then you will definitely have no problem using File Manager in Directadmin.

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Before knowing the features of Directadmin File Manager, you need to know how to enter Directadmin File Manager. First, of course, you must first log into your Directadmin panel. Please follow the Directadmin entry guide through the member area or through the first url.

With this file manager you can create new files or folders for your website needs. This feature is on the top left. You will find a button that says NEW. To create a new folder, you can immediately click on the folder button.

After that, if you want to create a new file, you can click on the Text File button. There you will find many file options that you can do. Examples include txt, javascript, css, php, etc.

In addition to being able to create new files or files in File Manager, you can also upload your own files through File Manager. There are times when you already have the files that will be used for your website, so it’s more convenient that you just need to download those files. The trick is to click the NEW button then click Upload File to continue. Continue by dragging or directly selecting the downloaded file.

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In the Directadmin file manager, you can also set permissions for your files and folders, similar to the cpanel file manager features. You just need to click on the permissions of the folder or file you want to change. After that, a pop-up will appear for you to set permissions.

Also if you want to make settings on a folder, you can click on the folder that will be placed, then three dots will appear at the top. Clicking on the three dots will bring up several options that can be used to set up your folder. Examples are open menu, rename, copy, move etc.

Like folder settings. You can also insert your file by clicking on file and three dots will appear at the top. Then after clicking on the three dots several menus will appear. Examples are edit, edit in new tab, upload, rename, copy, etc.

Cara Upload File WordPress Di Jagoan Hosting

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Installing WordPress on Hosting Indonesia can be completed quickly if done through Softaculous. But what if the available WordPress installer doesn’t provide it for the latest version?

Softaculous is an auto installer software that allows installation of web applications with a click of a button. A wide range of applications are available for easy installation, including web portals, e-commerce solutions, content management systems, blogs, polls, forums, and more. Soft scripts are run from the administration area of ​​a website’s control panel, typically through interface tools such as cPanel, Plesk, H-Sphere, ISPmanager, DirectAdmin, and InterWorx.

Please download the latest version of the WordPress installer. To make sure the installer you download is free of spyware, just visit the official website ( As of this writing, the latest version of WordPress is v5.1.1.

Step 1: Please login to your cPanel hosting page by logging in through ( or member area.

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Step 3: Upload the WordPress installation to your hosting server through the file manager, by clicking on the Upload menu. Then select the WordPress installation file (.zip format) that you downloaded earlier.

Step 4: Wait for the download process to complete, pay attention to where you download, if you want to install on the main domain, download the file to Home/Directory/public_html.

Step 5: After extracting the WordPress installer, click on the Extract menu. Specify the directory where the WordPress files will be placed. Make sure all installation files are under the public_html directory.

Cara Upload File WordPress Di Jagoan Hosting

Step 6: Create a database to accommodate the data table that the WordPress installer will automatically write. Please exit your file manager and return to your cPanel home page. Select the MySQL Database menu.

Control Panel Hosting

Step 7: On the MySQL Database page, complete the “Create New Database” section to create a new database. Fill in the database name according to your creativity.

Step 8: After creating the database, also create the database user. Just scroll down the MySQL database page until you find the “Add New User” section. Fill according to your preferences.

Step 9: Now use the “Add user to database” menu to connect the database to the user you created. For more details, see the instructions in the image

Step 11: Close the MySQL menu, and please go back to the file manager menu and navigate to the WordPress folder you created earlier. Create a new file using the Create New File menu. Name wp-config.php

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Step 12: Copy and paste everything from the wp-config-sample.php file into your wp-config.php. Change some fields, adjust the database name, user and password you created earlier in the MySQL menu.

Step 13: If the configuration is complete, please access your website according to the following format to start the installation process: .php, complete the following steps. .

Step 15: Your WordPress installation is successful! If the installation process is successful, the display that appears in your browser will look like this image.

Cara Upload File WordPress Di Jagoan Hosting

Oh yes, guys, through manual installation, you can learn about the connection between the database and your WordPress blog. It’s like hugging Oz, passing two or three islands at a time. Effective things like these are essential if you want to manage a WordPress blog in the long term.

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If you are still confused about the above tutorial, you can contact admin via live chat or open tickets, bro! Hello brother!

Unlimited Cheap Web Hosting 9,000 / Month – Free Domain, Premium Dev Theme (Page Builder), and SSL Buy Hosting 9,000 Hello, Friends! Here you are #CanBaget to find worldwide tutorials in VPS websites. So no more confusion guys! Don’t forget to give feedback for the tutorial so that we can provide the best one especially for you

Hey, Jagwan friends, as you know, websites that can work with databases and change content are also called dynamic websites. Examples are websites based on Joomla, WordPress, etc.

You can use these software for free and at no cost, except to add a large number of plugins and such. It is relatively easy to use for beginners.

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The way to build this type of website online seems quite ‘special’ because apart from uploading the website to your shared hosting, you also have to upload the database. So here are the steps you can take to upload the website: Upload the website files to the hosting server through the file manager.

Make sure the output is under the “public_html” directory. If it is still in another folder, move it to “Public_html” using Move File.

If you don’t have an FTP client yet, we’ve created Filezilla for you. Filezilla is a free FTP program but it has very powerful features. You can download it from the source website:, or from the BEON server with fast access. Please click here to download.

Cara Upload File WordPress Di Jagoan Hosting

This directory is the readable directory of your website. So please upload all your data to this directory.

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After downloading the website, in the example, the author downloads the blog directory to the author’s local disk, the next step is to change the write permissions of your script file.

The trick is to right-click the remote site in the directory that has the attributes you want to change, then select

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