Cara Upload File Web Di Hosting

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How to upload files to hosting – After creating a website, the next step is to publish our website so that it can be accessed by other people over the Internet, one of which is to upload the website to the public. cPanel.

Cara Upload File Web Di Hosting

Cara Upload File Web Di Hosting

Uploading a website for hosting is one of the methods that should be done if you want to put your website online. In this article, I will explain how to upload website files using various tools/software that are known and used by many people.

Panduan Cara Upload File Di File Manager

There are many ways to upload your website files to hosting, here are the methods you can use:

It should be noted that in this article I will only explain the first method, i.e. using cPanel as an example this time with File Manager. Uploading files to cPanel is relatively easy as we can simply drag and drop it.

The first step you need to do is log in to the host panel. For example, I use cPanel. Login to cPanel via http://domainname:2083, then enter your username and password according to the email sent by your hosting provider regarding your hosting account information.

The next step is to specify a directory where you will upload the files. If you want to upload the main files of your website, you can click on the public_html directory.

Cara Upload File Melalui Cpanel Hosting

Prepare the website files to upload, if you have them, you can click Choose File or drag and drop the files into the web browser. As a tip before uploading, it is best to combine all files in .zip or .tar.gz form.

Make sure the uploaded website files are marked with 100% status and no error messages. Then click on rollback

Your website file has been uploaded successfully, but cannot be accessed because it is still in .zip format. Extract all files first so they can be accessed. Right click on the uploaded file and select extract and extract it to the public_html directory.

Cara Upload File Web Di Hosting

Make sure all your website files have been extracted successfully. If so, you can access your website by typing the domain name into your browser’s address bar.

Cara Upload File Ke Hosting Dengan Mudah

How easy is it to upload your website files to the host? Using the file manager in the hosting panel makes it easy for you to upload files to your host. Moreover, you can also manage files and folders, starting from creation, editing and deletion. Websites are one of the things that people can feel the benefits from. For example information systems, sales websites, company profiles and other websites. Most of the developers build and develop their websites with local servers or you can say localhost. Once the website is ready, you need to move the website from localhost to host and buy the domain. Why build a website if it’s not online? Relax, you can easily do it online on your website. You can easily buy a domain and host and then upload your website files there. This guide will explain the easiest way of web hosting, namely through file manager hosting. Let’s follow step by step how to upload website files for hosting!

Want to upload WordPress files for hosting? Follow the guide on how to upload WordPress files to host MySQL database setup

Before uploading files to the website, you must first configure the database. Adjust the type of database you are using. Within cPanel, you can create MySQL and PostgreSQL databases. To create a new MySQL database, you can read the guide to creating a MySQL database in cPanel. If the MySQL database was created through cPanel, import the database you are using on a local server or local host through phpMyAdmin. To import a database through phpMyAdmin, all you need to do is,

Then log in according to the email sent regarding the hosting account information. If you are confused, please read How to login to cPanel hosting.

Cara Upload File Dan Download Pada Google Drive

Then the process of uploading the database from the local server to the host is successful. You can read How to import a MySQL database for more details.

After setting up the database, you only need to upload the website files to the host so that your website is online and accessible to many people. The point is that this time you will move your website from localhost to online hosting! The steps are:

. Public_html has several folders. A folder is a child folder or subdomain of the parent domain. If you want this website file to be on the main domain, please upload it to the public_html directory. To load the localhost website files on the server, please select

Cara Upload File Web Di Hosting

Then select the file folder to upload. Or you can also drag and drop. Drag the Websites folder from Local to this page. Make sure the folder you want to upload to is

Panduan Upload File Ke Hosting Dengan Metode Ftp Menggunakan Filezilla • Blog

Once everything is uploaded, all you have to do is synchronize the database configuration on the host with the settings on the website. Change your database settings. It is usually found in the file

Then fix it in the new database you created earlier in the first step. If you forget, you can reopen it in the MySQL database. Fix it

After completing all the steps, your website is ready. How to host a website from localhost to hosting is complete. Please login by domain. If the website does not automatically redirect, then delete the default.html file.

To make the website accessible to the general public, you need to make your website online. How to get a website online from localhost is very easy. There are several ways to upload website files for hosting. One of them is with a file manager as before in the guide. Of course you can also follow how to upload files to host with filezilla. Just reading this guide but still not expecting? Still confused about where to buy quality cheap hosting? Just go! We have different types of hosting, both business hosting and a simple cheap hosting that can be tailored to your needs. Come contact us now!

Cara Hosting Web Di Cpanel Yang Paling Mudah

Hello! I’m a data analyst and technical writer at I like Linux, Python, servers, WordPress, data analytics and artificial intelligence. I’ll help you make some technical stuff easy to understand 🙂 How to Upload a Website to DirectAdmin Hosting – Hosting is a new product in the DirectAdmin service. This is an alternative hosting option from cpanel hosting. This is because the DirectAdmin control panel has the same appearance and features as cpanel.

Previously, we explained how to install WordPress on DirectAdmin Hosting, which can be understood from the easy way to install WordPress on DirectAdmin Hosting site.

So, this time we will discuss information on how to upload a website to Direct Admin Hosting. So for those of you who use DirectAdmin hosting, especially new users, you can easily use DirectAdmin from this tutorial.

Cara Upload File Web Di Hosting

DirectAdmin hosting is the host that can be used as an alternative to cpanel hosting as it offers user-friendly facilities and features.

Cara Upload WordPress Ke Plesk Panel Melalui Ftp Filezilla

This host works well for Linux operating system, so it is the best option for those of you who use Linux OS.

More complete information about DirectAdmin hosting and its features can be understood in this DirectAdmin Indonesia hosting review.

Here are some steps to upload a website to DirectAdmin hosting. For those of you who do not have a DirectAdmin domain and hosting, you can order a domain directly with DirectAdmin hosting.

To order DirectAdmin Hosting, you can go directly to Website >> Hosting >> Next DirectAdmin Hosting, just select the hosting package you want and follow the next registration step.

Langkah Mudah Cara Upload Website Ke Hosting

Please login to your DirectAdmin host, those of you who have ordered hosting will be notified by email with access information. For those of you using the service, a login shortcut for Direct Admin can be logged in directly through

Well, when we go into the file manager, many folders/directories will appear. In which folder should we put our website project files? No more confusion, now you can only view the public_html folder/disport. It is in this folder that we will later house our website project files.

But before we upload, we can first archive our project files in an archive format like .zip. To make it easier for us to upload it.

Cara Upload File Web Di Hosting

Drag all the files, right click and then click “Add to archive” >> select .zip format. If you do not have the archiver app/software, please download it here

Tutorial Hosting: Cara Upload Website Di 000webhost

If the upload process is successful, then proceed with extracting the file. The trick is to right click on File >> Extract

For web files you want to use for the first time, name them “index”. Because the default on this host will automatically read a file called index.

Example: The project above has an index.html file and several assets folders. So when we access our internet domain name, this index.html file will be read immediately.

If you want to make changes to the files, you can also edit them in the file manager. You do this by right clicking on the file >> fill in what you want to change.

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So there is a way to upload a web page for live admin hosting. Pretty easy right? So you can only upload a website you own to Direct Admin Hosting.

Confused about where to buy Direct Admin Hosting? You can easily get this hosting service. Starting from 10k, you can get the best host.

So it is quite cheap to buy hosting and also has 100% 30 days guarantee. This host is also suitable for new users looking for the convenience and comfort of hosting management.

Cara Upload File Web Di Hosting

Uploading a website to DirectAdmin hosting can be done in a simple way, you just need to choose a directory to configure DirectAdmin hosting, enter the panel, upload files and follow the above description more easily.

Upload File Di Hosting Plesk

This is an explanation of DirectAdmin Hosting and how to upload a website to DirectAdmin Hosting. Stay tuned for more complete tutorials on hosting, websites, domains and digital marketing. That’s all for today’s review, hope it’s helpful!

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