Cara Upload Data WordPress Ke Hosting

Cara Upload Data WordPress Ke Hosting – Hello! Before you get started, you should know what WordPress is. WordPress is a very popular CMS in the world. In fact, 30% of bloggers worldwide use WordPress to simplify the process of creating and managing a website.

However, WordPress should also be balanced with the capabilities of the host being used. Therefore, few people want to switch from the old host to the new host. When this happens, you can use the guide below to migrate WordPress from the old server to the new host.

Cara Upload Data WordPress Ke Hosting

Cara Upload Data WordPress Ke Hosting

First, you need to download the wordpress file from your server. The way is, you can enter the file manager menu by typing cpanel. After that, go to the public_html directory.

Upload WordPress Dari Localhost Ke Hosting

You will then be prompted to select a compression type. Choose the Zip archive option and give it a name, and your backup data can be found easily. If so, press the Compress Files button and we have to wait until the compression process is complete.

If the compression process is complete, you should download the backup file. Right-click the backup file and then click Download.

Continue the process by entering the database to back up, clicking the Export button, selecting Quick Method, SQL Format, and then clicking GO.

First, you need to go to the cpanel of the new host and go to the file manager menu. Upload your compressed file to the public_html directory by clicking the Upload button. You can then select the previously downloaded compressed file. Wait for the upload process to complete.

Cara Import Database Mysql Di Cpanel Via Phpmyadmin

Before this you need to create a new database first. Follow the instructions below to create a new database.

If option 1 is difficult to use, you can use option 2 as an alternative, friend. Option 2 is technically easier than option 1.

First, you need to install the plugin by going to WordPress > Add New in the plugin menu.

Cara Upload Data WordPress Ke Hosting

Next, you will switch to a new host. Make sure you have installed WordPress and the Universal WP Migration plugin on the new server. If so, go to Everyone’s WP Migration menu and go to Import > File menu. After that, select the data you downloaded earlier.

Cara Mengubah Ukuran Maksimal Upload File Di WordPress

If the old host and the new host are on different providers, then you need to configure your domain name. This is enabled and the domain also results in new hosting at the new provider. Follow this guide to change your domain name, friends.

So, you have now moved WordPress from your old host to your new host. In this guide, you will learn how to transfer them in two ways: manually and using the automatic plugin. That’s it, hope this helps, my friend!

Unlimited Cheap Web Hosting 9000/Month – Free Domain, Premium Divi Theme (Page Builder) & SSL Hosting How to Host 9000 Websites on Directadmin Server – New Product in Directadmin Hosting Service. This is an alternative service to cpanel hosting. Because the DirectAdmin control panel looks and works like cpanel.

Previously, we explained how to install WordApress on the DirectAdmin server, which can be seen in the easy way to install WordApress on the DirectAdmin hosting page.

Moving WordPress From Localhost To Server

So, this time we will discuss information on how to submit a website to DirectAdmin. So for those who use DirectAdmin service, especially for new users, you can use DirectAdmin easily from this tutorial.

The DirectAdmin service is hosted and used as an alternative to cpanel hosting because it provides convenience and features that suit the user.

This server works well for Linux operating system, so it is the best choice for those who use Linux operating system.

Cara Upload Data WordPress Ke Hosting

More complete information about DirectAdmin hosting and its features can be understood in this DirectAdmin Hosting Indonesia review.

Cara Install WordPress Dengan Mudah Untuk Pemula, Lengkap!

Here are some steps to upload website to DirectAdmin server. For those who do not have a domain name or DirectAdmin service, you can order a domain name directly with the DirectAdmin server.

To order DirectAdmin hosting, you can go to Website >> Hosting >> Next DirectAdmin Hosting, select the desired hosting package and follow the next registration steps.

Log in to your DirectAdmin server and access information will be emailed to those who ordered hosting. For users of this service, you can log in directly through the DirectAdmin login shortcut

Well, after we access the file manager, many folders/directories will appear. In which folder should we put the website project files? Don’t get confused, for now you can focus on the public_html folder/directory. This folder will then store the website project files.

How To Create A File Upload Form In WordPress [full Guide]

But before uploading, we can first save our project file to an archive format like .zip. To make it easier for us to load it.

Drag and drop all the files, right-click on them, then click “Add to archive” and select the .zip format. If you don’t have the profiler program/software, download it here

If the upload process is successful, continue exporting the file. The trick is to right click on File >> Extract

Cara Upload Data WordPress Ke Hosting

For the web file you want to access for the first time, name it “pointer”. This is because the default index on the server will automatically read a file called index.

Cara Upload File Di Cpanel Menggunakan File Manager

Example: The project above has an index.html file and some assets folders. So when we visit our website, this index.html file is read immediately.

If you want to make changes to the file, you can also edit it in the file manager. You can right click on this file >> fill in what you want to change.

So how to upload website to DirectAdmin server. is it beautiful? So you can upload the website to your existing DirectAdmin server.

Where did you purchase the DirectAdmin service? You can easily get this service on the service. Starting at 10,000, you can get the best hosting.

Cara Upload File Website Ke Hosting Lewat Cpanel

So it’s quite cheap to buy a host and also has a 30% day guarantee. This hosting is also suitable for new users looking for the ease and comfort of web hosting management.

Uploading a website to a DirectAdmin server can be done in a simple way, you just need to create a DirectAdmin server, go to the group, upload a file, choose a directory and follow the instructions above more easily.

This is an explanation of DirectAdmin hosting and how to submit a website to DirectAdmin. Stay tuned for other comprehensive tutorials on hosting, websites, domains and digital marketing. That’s it for today’s review, hope it’s useful! Follow SEO Technical Writer Nida Regita F. An Aquarius girl who loves music, watching movies and writing.

Cara Upload Data WordPress Ke Hosting

Have you finished developing your WordPress site on localhost? Well, now is the time to go online so that more people can access it. But how do you upload WordPress to WordPress online?

Tutorial Upload WordPress Ke Hosting Dari Localhost Dengan Lengkap

Rest assured, there are options to host WordPress with the help of plugins or manually. Both are equally easy. Want to know the full steps?

Please wait a moment. Before following the tutorial on how to move WordPress from localhost to a host, we recommend that you know what you need to prepare first.

So, you can access your website 24 hours a day, safe and secure, and use cheap hosting services with good quality. Especially if the hosting service also offers a free domain name.

The first thing you need to do is log into your WordPress admin dashboard on your localhost. Then install and run the Duplicator plugin.

Cara Upload Tema Di WordPress

Log in to your guest cPanel. Next, create a MySQL database in cPanel. Note your database name, username and password for database users. These three pieces of information will be needed in the next step.

If you want to upload it to the main directory, go to the public_html folder. You can save it in another directory, for example in the /public_html/tutorials folder like we did in this tutorial.

After entering the desired directory, click “Send”. Then click the file selection button for the profile file and installation file.

Cara Upload Data WordPress Ke Hosting

In this step, you need to configure the database to use. There are several things you need to fill in, namely:

Bagaimana Cara Mengaktifkan Sertifikat Ssl Untuk Domain WordPress Saya?

At this point, the duplicate plugin will move the database from the WordPress profile file to the new database on your cPanel server.

At this stage, you do not need to change anything, because the URL and path to save the WordPress file on the server will be automatically detected by the system. So click Next.

Happy! So far, you have successfully migrated WordPress from localhost to host. Access the administration page by clicking the “Administrator Login” button.

So, plugins are the way to go from WordPress to WordPress online. Next, let’s learn how to host WordPress with manual steps!

Cara Import Database Dari Localhost Ke Web Hosting [terbaru]

In addition to using plugins, you can also deploy WordPress manually from localhost to your host. Don’t worry, that’s easy too. These steps are:

Visit localhost/phpmyadmin on your computer. Then select your WordPress database and go to the Export tab. Then click Go to download the database.

You can transfer WordPress to your hosting using an FTP connection or upload it manually as we did in this tutorial.

Cara Upload Data WordPress Ke Hosting

The trick is to zip all the WordPress files on your local WordPress site. Then upload the WordPress zip file to your host. In this tutorial we upload it to the main public_html directory.

Panduan Lengkap 000webhost & WordPress

Create a new MySQL database in CPanel. Store detailed database name information, database user username and password. This information is required when configuring the database in WordPress.

Then go to the Import tab, click Choose File, and select the database you downloaded earlier. Then click Go to start importing the database.

Go to the file manager menu in cPanel and navigate to the public_html directory. Locate the wp_config.php file, then right-click on the file and select Edit.

Run the database configuration in this step. Change the DB_NAME, DB_USER and DB_PASSWORD values ​​with the database name, username and password of the database user you created earlier.

Cara Upload Laravel Ke Hosting Jetorbit Dengan Mudah

Go to your WordPress admin page. Menu Settings > General. Move down without changing anything

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