Cara Upload Content Web Dinamis Ke Hosting

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How to add website files to your Cpanel hosting – website, For those who want to create a static or dynamic website and upload these files to your Cpanel hosting. These are the steps to take.

Cara Upload Content Web Dinamis Ke Hosting

Cara Upload Content Web Dinamis Ke Hosting

First, You are Domainesia, Idwebhost You must rent hosting and domains from web hosts or other service providers in Indonesia.

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Hosting includes databases, Data storage that we rent to store data such as images that can be accessed on the Internet.

A domain is a name given to a server computer to make it easier to describe compared to calling the computer’s Internet Protocol (IP) address.

Where can I find my cpanel account if someone asks me? The answer is when you make a payment to your host or domain provider. You will be given a username and password to add to cpanel along with a cpanel link.

4. Before uploading your folder/file to file manager in cpanel. You must prepare the upload folder.

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5. The folder you upload must be a ZIP file. You can use winzip software.

6. Then after all the folders and files in ZIP. You point to or click public_html (make sure you upload the folder to the public_html folder)

7. Click the Upload menu and wait for the folder to finish uploading. As shown below, For example, I added the Syafiqaharloji file: 8. Then right-click on the uploaded file and select the Extract menu.

Cara Upload Content Web Dinamis Ke Hosting

9. After successful withdrawal, Cut all the files in Syafiqaharloji folder and then paste them in folder B or basically delete the main folder of your website. Only the files in Folder B are in the main folder.

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A typical lecturer who is learning to blog writes about his experience as a lecturer or vice versa. I hope this simple article will be useful for readers. This blog Free static web hosting is a web hosting service that provides free web hosting without any monthly or annual fees and is willing to accept suggestions and criticisms for the improvement of this blog. In this service, the hosted Website does not require server-side processing; HTML, Only static files such as CSS and JavaScript are served directly to the user’s browser.

This is in contrast to dynamic web hosting, which requires server-side processing and is often more expensive. This service is simple; It is popular among web developers and bloggers because it is fast and free. Other popular services include GitHub Pages, Netify, Growing GitLab Pages and Firebase Hosting.

All of the above services are HTML, CSS, and offer free static hosting features, including the ability to host websites with JavaScript files. Some are domain specific; It offers additional features such as SSL certificates and support for custom programming languages ​​such as Jekyll or React. In most cases, free static web hosting also offers integration with other services such as content management systems (CMS) or website analytics.

Be sure to read the documentation for the service you choose to make sure you understand the hosting process and make the most of the features available. In addition, the amount of storage; Make sure you understand the limitations of free services, such as bandwidth and support. If your website is growing and needs more features; You may want to consider switching to a premium web hosting service that is more comprehensive and has better customer support.

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With all these advantages, this Service provides an attractive alternative to conventional web hosting, which requires monthly or annual fees and server-side processing.

Free Web Hosting provides users with HTML, Free web hosting that allows you to host static websites such as CSS and JavaScript files. This service is free; ease of use; speed standard Support for Git; and offers many benefits such as custom domains. A dynamic web is a type of web that contains a lot of information; Because a lot of information is built into each page. You can add, delete and change at any time without changing the code structure within the website. Unlike a static network that is very limited in its use.

PHP JavaScript; Dynamic Web is built using programming languages ​​that support web development, such as Java and Python. Meanwhile, Page Design still uses the HTML and CSS markup languages.

Cara Upload Content Web Dinamis Ke Hosting

In general, In a dynamic website we have a data storage feature that we call a database and its job is to store all data or information on the website. There are many types.

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In this article, We will discuss how to create a simple news website based on native PHP using MySQL database and CSS Bootstrap, and how to create a dynamic website using CSS Bootstrap.

Before uploading the website to the hosting later, it can be accessed by users on the Internet. Additionally, In the Xampp application package, MySQL Database is available which we can use to manage the database management in the web application created. Please refer to the article on how to install xampp for the installation guide.

A text editor is a program used to write each line of program syntax. There are many text editors available, but the ones I recommend are visual studio code plus notepad++ or advanced text. All three apps can be downloaded directly from their official websites. You can download the Visual Studio code here.

System design is a way to describe the system we are going to create with symbols that give it meaning. At a minimum they are created using relational images.

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A Context Diagram is a schematic overview of a system that includes a process and its many interactions.

There are two organizations: Visitors and Administrators. Visitors can view and comment on every published news article.

. Although moderators can review article data (including categories) comment and add other moderator data. In this case the website may have more than one administrator who will manage the data in the system. Admin is a list of articles; Incoming comments and reports will be received in the list of administrators in the system.

Cara Upload Content Web Dinamis Ke Hosting

) contained in each table. Information about the type of data used and the use of other attributes in each

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Each column (field) uses a different data type depending on the values ​​that will hold for both types of numbers.

The type table is of absolute type; Functions to store category data with 3 columns id_categories as primary keys for category names and category_images for category varchar.

The Comment table can be used to store comment data by having 6 fields (columns) as shown in the table below:

In this case, the administrator performs user table operations to store application user data. Another function is to authenticate application login, so only administrators stored in the user table can access the application.

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Relationships between tables provide information about the relationship of each table to each other.

The figure above shows the relationship of the individual tables and their dependencies on each other.

Id_categories in the categories table becomes the foreign key in the articles table as the primary key; Similarly, the primary key for each table in the Comments and Users table becomes the guest key in the Articles table.

Cara Upload Content Web Dinamis Ke Hosting

The profile table only serves to store website information, so it has no relationship or relationships with other tables.

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The login page is used for administrators to access the application dashboard. In the dashboard, the administrator can do important things on the site, such as the CRUD system (

On the login page, the administrator must enter a username and password to access the administrator page. If the username and password match, the system will verify the correctness by checking the user information in the database. The user will be redirected to the admin page.

Image, title, genre, Pages in the form of pages with publication date and whether the article has been published or not. An administrator can perform CRUD operations on each published article.

A user page is a page where administrators can add other administrators. Therefore, data management is possible not only from one person but also from many people.

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The home page is when the user accesses the website. This page displays a list of the latest articles published by the administrator.

When visitors click on one of the article thumbnails on the home page, they will be directed to the article page. The articles page contains complete information about the articles published on the site.

The implementation part written above is only part of the program because there are many files, but it is impossible to discuss every technical part in this article. So you can download it. Before you know how to upload Laravel to cpanel host. You need to know the system first. Framework is a popular and widely used framework by software developers to create websites or applications. To upload web documents created using laravel. The results will be slightly different from websites created using standard PHP scripts.

Cara Upload Content Web Dinamis Ke Hosting

There are many problems when using cPanel. One of them is the limited access you get compared to using a Private Server. A VPS is a server designed using virtualization technology and a dedicated operating system. The main advantage of a VPS server is that you can fully control and manage the resources and access of the super user, also called the root, without restrictions. This root is something you don’t see in cPanel hosting.

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It is used to build web applications. This framework was marketed in 2011 and is now widely known and used by various websites due to its very simple and dynamic nature. This framework is also very popular for its comprehensive and always up-to-date documentation. Laravel framework is not the only currently popular PHP framework, There are many other frameworks like CodeIgniter, Symfony, Phalcon.

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