Cara Ubah Name Server Hosting Ke Domain Sendiri

Cara Ubah Name Server Hosting Ke Domain Sendiri – Say hi guys! here #CanBaget you get tutorials around the world of VPS websites. So, no more confusion, my friend! Don’t forget to give feedback for the tutorial so we can provide the best one especially for you

In this guide, Jagoaan Hosting will share how to create Child Name Servers on domains and VHM in your Cloud VPS package, friends! Before we go into the steps to do this, let’s take a look at what is a baby name server?

Cara Ubah Name Server Hosting Ke Domain Sendiri

Cara Ubah Name Server Hosting Ke Domain Sendiri

Creating child nameservers or private nameservers means creating a nameserver with its own domain. In effect, this means that you replace the name servers of your current domain provider with the domain name you have. Or it can be called Child Nameserver is an alias of your domain name.

Cara Menghubungkan Domain Dengan Web Hosting

STEP 1: First login to your VHM my friend. After successfully logging in, click on Home Menu > Server Configuration > Basic cPanel and VHM Setup. In the Nameservers section, you can enter new nameservers to be used in the VPS, such as and which will be used in the following tutorial.

STEP 4: To verify that adding a name server via the “Add A-entry for this name server” button is successful, you can access the menu Home > DNS Features > Edit DNS Zone. If there is a DNS record with the name server name, the name server has been successfully added to the VPS side.

As an additional information, you can also manually add DNS records for name servers via menu Home > DNS Features > Edit DNS Zone > select a domain, then add new DNS records according to the name servers used on the Basic cPanel & VHM Setup page.

For example, your domain name is:, and the name servers are: and, you can add a DNS record with these details, my friend:

Cara Menghubungkan Domain Dengan Server Hosting

STEP 5: After you have established the child nameservers in your domain, you need to make sure that the NS child in the domain is also established. To install a child NS on a domain, you need to ask for help from the place of registration of your domain (provider), a friend. If you register a domain with Jagoan Hosting, you can contact our support team via Livechat or Open Tickets from the members area.

So if for example you still have problems with the guide above, you can contact the friends of Jagoan Hosting to get help via Live Chat or Open Ticket! Good luck!

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Cara Ubah Name Server Hosting Ke Domain Sendiri

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