Cara Sewa Domain Amazon Hosting

Cara Sewa Domain Amazon Hosting – In this guide, you will register a new domain name for your website. You associate that domain name via Domain Name System (DNS) with a running EC2 instance (such as a WebApp or website running WordPress, Apache, NGINX, IIS, or another web platform). If the domain name is already registered, skip to step 1 and refer to the domain registrar’s documentation on setting up DNS records for your new site.

Domain registration costs an annual fee, from $9 to several hundred dollars, depending on the top-level domain, such as .com. For more information, see Amazon Route 53 Domain Registration Fees. This fee is non-refundable.

Cara Sewa Domain Amazon Hosting

Cara Sewa Domain Amazon Hosting

When you register a domain, we automatically create a hosting domain with the same name as the domain. You use the host zone to define where you want Amazon Route 53 to route for your region. Domain hosting costs $0.50 per month. You can download a hosting domain if you want to avoid these fees.

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Get twelve months of access to the free tier and enjoy basic support features that include 24x7x365 customer service, a support forum and more.

Note: If you are using Elastic Load Balancing (Elastic Load Balancing is done automatically if you run your application with Amazon Elastic Beanstalk), you do not need to get a real IP address and can go directly to step 2.

A. Click here to open the Elastic IP as part of the EC2 console in a new window and click on Assign New Address.

Note: There is no charge for the Elastic IP (EIP) address associated with the running instance. If you delete a template (ie, the EIP is no longer associated with the running template), there is a $0.005 hourly fee for the EIP.

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Now that we have the IP address associated with your instance, we need to configure the Domain Name System (DNS) to point to this address so people can find your website.

Note: In this example we will get a new domain name and associate it with our newly created elastic IP address (attached to your instance). If you already have a domain name, or if you have chosen another domain registrar to receive the domain name, see their DNS configuration documentation for your example.

A. Click here to open the Route 53 console in a new window (Route 53 is a DNS service). You can register new domain names with Route 53 and manage DNS records for your domains.

Cara Sewa Domain Amazon Hosting

B. Press the Register Domain button. On the next screen, enter your desired domain in the Select Domain box (clouds will be displayed on the image and again select a Top Level Domain (TLD) (eg .com, .org, .co .uk, etc.) click the Check button to see if region available If the region is available, click the Add to Cart button and scroll down the page to the Continue button.

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Note: The sites are part of the free tier, so you will be charged for each domain you register.

C. Enter your contact information. Here is information related to your domain name. When you’re done, click Continue at the bottom of the page.

D. Review the information provided and, if necessary, check the I have read and accept the Domain Name Registration Agreement box. Then click the Finish Shopping button.

E. If you register a domain with a generic top-level domain (such as .com), you will receive an email asking you to verify your email address. (We will not send an email unless there is confirmation that the email address is correct.)

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Our last step is to configure DNS so that the new domain we created in step 2 can point to an address on the server. This can be a static IP address (from step 1) or an automatically qualified domain name (FQDN) if you are using Amazon Elastic Beanstalk.

A. Click here on the Hosted Zones section of Guide 53. Click the domain name you created in step 2 (in this example we’re using, but yours may vary).

If you have an IP address for your website, virtual server or service; select a static IP address below.

Cara Sewa Domain Amazon Hosting

If you have a fully qualified domain name (FQDN) for your resource (this is common for applications powered by Elastic Beanstalk, Lambda functions, S3 static sites, and advanced deployments using elastic load balancing), select the fully qualified domain name ( FQDN ) below.

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D. Verify that your website is available on your new domain by typing the new website address into your web browser.

Happy! Users can access your website through the web address you provide. In the next section, you’ll learn how to set up tracking and notifications for your model.

Support for Internet Explorer ended on 7/31/2022. Supported browsers include Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari. Learn more » For some people, having a personal website is a matter of pride or convenience. This is because having a personal website can increase a personal brand or a high level of trust. Personal websites, especially paid websites, really show that you are a well-written and professional person. Giving money to pay the domain rental fee and remember the website shows that it is important to ‘save’ personal documents, regardless of whether the web content is highly profitable, a real website, not or fruit.

In addition to renting a domain, the owner of a personal website must have a ‘home’ to store all data or manage the website. Usually the owner of a personal website allocates memory or storage or so called. hosting in the form of shared hosting, dedicated server, cloud hosting, vps etc. so that website management. The rental price for each of these deposits is different, but each has its own advantages and disadvantages. There is a lot of information on the internet about the differences and pros and cons between hosting for personal written and published websites, just type in the keywords types of hosting and looking at them will bring up two things. However, in this article we will talk about the newcomers when it comes to hosting or hosting our websites. It is Cloud Computing from Amazon Web Services, also known as AWS.

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If you say that you are a beginner, AWS is not a new hosting provider, but very few personal website owners use this service as hosting, most of them use hosting, such as web hosting or vps. So let’s look at the AWS features that can ‘command’ our personal website. Building is possible if we choose a free service for new members for a while (AWS Free Trial). In addition, you don’t have to worry about how Cloud Computing works, AWS has provided clear and complete documentation so that beginners can use this facility properly.

After using the free trial period, we have to pay. The pricing system offered by AWS is different from most hosting in general. The three slogans of this AWS payment system are “Pay-as-you-go”, “Pay less by using more” and “Save when you reserve” really provide a different payment system, i.e. users pay only when they use as well as capacity depends about the needs that are all being done and can be found here. This is in contrast to most hosting providers who require upfront payment in full monthly or annually with a choice of packages and capacity set up, although at this point it is uncertain whether they will be used. . For this reason, using AWS makes a lot of sense to run a personal website.

AWS is not just one product or option. Various products selected according to your needs can be found and studied here. Each of its features is equipped with a detailed explanation, so we don’t have to worry about choosing the wrong product. In addition, a calculator is available to calculate the approximate price based on the usage plan, which makes it easier for us to estimate and design the appropriate costs for renting hosting in AWS. So what are you waiting for, make a personal website or improve your personal website 😊.

Cara Sewa Domain Amazon Hosting

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