Cara Setting Resseler Hosting Di Pascaldomain

Cara Setting Resseler Hosting Di Pascaldomain – Now buying and selling of goods is carried out via the Internet. Many people promote their products online. Not even a few also sell their products through online marketplaces and get lots of benefits.

For those of you who are interested in selling online, you can take advantage of the available platforms and CMS to create a free online store. Having your own online store will help your business have a good professionalism.

Cara Setting Resseler Hosting Di Pascaldomain

Cara Setting Resseler Hosting Di Pascaldomain

Moreover, there are many advantages that you will definitely get if you successfully set up an online store. Apart from not relying on third parties, of course you can design your store and sales transactions more freely.

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Not only that, shop owners can also communicate and get direct feedback from customers. Certainly, the experience of having your own online store will be more attractive to entrepreneurs.

The problem that is often encountered is that many people do not want to create an online store because they are afraid of large capital. However, you don’t need to worry, there are several free platforms that you can use to buy and sell online. This platform includes:

Some people also call it blogspot. The most used site in the world with the domain name This platform is owned exclusively by Google.

In addition, using the domain blog is also quite easy. You only need a google account capital, you can register and access the blogspot site. However, you should not use a personal email account, considering that the main need is to create an online store.

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After creating a Google account, you can directly visit After that, you can create an online store with this domain. Try to keep the domain name as simple as possible so it’s easy to remember.

The term WordPress is certainly no stranger to blog and website managers. This content management system (CMS) is well known to the general public. Even some official websites such as educational websites also use the word wordpress.

You could say WordPress is open source, so many developers are interested in developing a WordPress CMS. When wordpress is combined with WooCommerce, it will be the perfect unit for creating an online store.

Cara Setting Resseler Hosting Di Pascaldomain

The good news is that WordPress also includes a free plugin. So there is no need to worry about spending money to create an online store through WordPress. However, for some exceptions, such as privileged access, users must pay additional fees. So think before deciding.

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The next free platform is, it is a trending platform right now. One of the services offered is the provision of free online website creation services. This makes it easier for users because they don’t have to use the application, but just use the browser.

Another advantage is that users do not need to understand computer programming languages ​​such as PHP, JavaScript and others when they want to create a website through You can easily create a free online store.

Among other sites, this site is the easiest because users don’t need to know how to code if they want to develop their website. An important point is that not only does make website creation easy, it is also available for free.

So users don’t have to worry about spending a lot of money. However, the features provided will differ between free and paid ones.

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Just like, also functions as a website builder. The advantage of this site is that you can create and develop a website without having to know how to code first.

Therefore, users can create an online shop website using the free features of Like Wix, is very easy to access for users who don’t really understand programming languages.

For those of you who are just starting out with an online store, should be your first choice. It’s free, easy login access, of course, with useful features.

Cara Setting Resseler Hosting Di Pascaldomain

One of the following free platforms is, this platform also doesn’t want to be left behind in providing free online store creation services. Not only that, the features provided on Weebly have been designed with the needs of online transactions in mind.

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This is very beneficial for online shop owners because they don’t have to work hard to develop their shop. The biggest advantage of using Weebly is that it’s free.

Weebly does not charge a penny for its online store creation service. In this way, you will receive more benefits that multiply.

Another platform owned by Google for creating free online token services is This single site can help macro and micro business actors carry out promotions so they can build brand awareness in the community.

That way, you’ll get the Google site automatically when you add your business location to the map. Because Google Site has integration with Google My Business to help owners grow their business.

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It is also very useful for users as it helps them quickly find business locations. Some of the advantages above should make Google your referral platform.

A free platform for creating online stores is yukbisnis, also known as This platform is a local platform made by the nation’s children. The advantage of this site is that it is easy to use, anyone can create an online store at

This single site is also known to be user-friendly so that it can be accessed by all groups. Not only that, Yukbisnis (Yubimini.Com) also offers attractive features such as SMS messaging, dropshipping and others. Of course, this will further spoil the user in creating an online store.

Cara Setting Resseler Hosting Di Pascaldomain

Those are some platforms that can be used to create an online store. Of course, there will be a different service tone between free and paid platforms. So, which platform is the best for your build?

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3. After registering your email address, you will be logged in to your reseller account control panel. Then fill in the “Balance” column on the dashboard, which will function to buy domains that will become resellers.

6. In the Customers tab bar, you can check the number of customers who have signed up for the reseller domain from your account

8. Invoices > Pending Payments sub-menu panel, you can check pending payments and more specific customer payments

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9. Menu bar Settings, in the General sub-menu as shown below, you can set the currency for resellers, both nominal prices shown in IDR or other currencies, by selecting “Sales Currency”

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Cara Setting Resseler Hosting Di Pascaldomain

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