Cara Setting Domain Di Jagoan Hosting Dengan WordPress

Cara Setting Domain Di Jagoan Hosting Dengan WordPress – Jagoanhosting is one of Indonesia’s leading cloud hosting services founded in 2007 by PT. Beon Intermedia. Provide and sell web hosting and domain services. Because website owners and administrators, both bloggers and wordpress and others, can purchase hosting and domain packages according to their individual needs.

This is my first time buying a domain for one of my blogs with English content. Initially I planned to create a new blog with English content targeting visitors from foreign countries like United States, England, Canada and European countries which have higher CPC value compared to local CPC of Indonesia. . Since my Blogger Knowledge blog is automatically targeted to visitors from other countries, I’m trying to see how my blog can actually bring up search results for European countries, one of which is to use foreign domain I want, ie .US. If I’m using an internal domain, of course, this isn’t true.

Cara Setting Domain Di Jagoan Hosting Dengan WordPress

Cara Setting Domain Di Jagoan Hosting Dengan WordPress

Since the domain I want to extend is in a foreign country, I think I should buy it from a foreign domain provider. Every time I try to register and make a purchase, the default payment method has to use a credit card and I’ve never owned or used a credit card, so this must be a problem.

Perpanjangan Hosting Domain Di Jagoan Hosting? Begini Sob!

Then I tried to find a .US domain in a local Indonesian domain, most of these domains are not available and finally I found it in Jagoanhosting. Now that I have successfully purchased and deployed the TLD domain I purchased from Jagoan Hosting, I would like to share my experience on how to install or set up the Jagoan Hosting TLD domain on Blogspot.

If you have purchased a domain from Jagoanhosting and the payment has been confirmed, just go straight to the Jagoan Hosting home page, select the Domain menu.

Enter the URL of your blog address with the end of the TLD domain to be installed from Jagoan Hosting in text format: http://www.—blog domain name— then click Save.

A unique address and destination code will appear from Blogspot, this code will be copied and pasted into the Addresses and Destinations field for the Jagoan Hosting domain setting.

Cara Menghubungkan Domain Dengan Server Hosting

Return to the Jagoan Hosting domain settings page, enter the unique Address and Startup code according to the screenshot below, you can also see a tutorial on how to set the code on the display of the Hosting and Startup Information Guide.

When setting up Bloggerseoscience TLD domain, it takes 30 minutes for the notification to appear, congratulations, blogspot domain setup successful.

Return to the Blogger Dashboard page, click Save to apply the TLD domain settings after waiting between 1 – 2 hours above.

Cara Setting Domain Di Jagoan Hosting Dengan WordPress

To access the blog without adding www to the blog url, click the Edit menu on the blog address again in the Basic Settings menu.

Jagoan Hosting Gelar Lomba Bikin Artikel Hingga Web Design

At this point the TLD Domain Setup Process from Jagoan Hosting is complete and successful, the proof is that My Blogger Knowledge already has a TLD domain when accessed by visitors.

It can be concluded that the setup process for setting up a TLD domain from Jagoan Hosting is very easy, almost similar to the process for setting up a TLD domain from DomaiNesia. But Jagoan Hosting is easy and simple in terms of domain setup settings, which is different from other domain providers, which are quite complicated. The process of setting up a TLD domain requires copying code here and there, just like my experience when I bought a domain from RumahWeb Indonesia.

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