Cara Setting Database Localhost Ke Hosting 000webhost

Cara Setting Database Localhost Ke Hosting 000webhost – For the Website File Download Tutorial, you must have hosting first, for example here I will use 000webhost free hosting, actually there are many other free hosting providers, but in this example I will use 000webhost.

If you want to know more information about free hosting or free web hosting, you can read the first article Free Web Hosting, Create a Website Without Costing Rupiah.

Cara Setting Database Localhost Ke Hosting 000webhost

Cara Setting Database Localhost Ke Hosting 000webhost

If you don’t have an account yet, click REGISTER FOR FREE, then fill in the content according to your email, but if you already have a 000webhost ACCOUNT, just log in…

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Even if in the example of using free hosting, I still advise you to buy hosting because basically free hosting is only for testing / it is not good for website competition problems, websites are also prone to hack, but it doesn’t matter if you already use it and want to buy hosting without money from the beginning again, please buy here, because all the products are the same

Now you need to export your website data, for example, I have a website that has been accessed through localhost, I will do it online, by opening it on localhost, enter PhpMyAdmin, export the SQL data to you. website.

You already have SQL data… go back to 000webhost, then go to PhpMyAdmin in 000webhost, later we will move our website SQL data to 000webhost.

In the image below, import/insert the website SQL file data that you saved earlier, then click GO / SEND

Cara Import Database Dari Localhost Ke Web Hosting [terbaru]

After that, usually some scripts will change because the SQL data that was previously on localhost is now moved to 000webhost hosting.

So, connecting the previous SQL data, we changed the first time for me in SYSCONFIG.INC maybe it’s the same bit, it’s in the script that connects the data.

The code is more or less like this, which should be modified according to the database in 000webhost that was previously created in the database creation step, it is the same. Then save…

Cara Setting Database Localhost Ke Hosting 000webhost

The last step is to upload the website, the way to 000webhost is to type FILE MANAGER ==> SCROLL DOWN ==> UPLOAD FILE NOW.

Tutorial Upload File Website Ke Hosting ( Mengonlinekan Website Di Localhost Ke Hosting )

After clicking on file download, wait for it to finish, you will be directed to the 000webhost file manager, this is where the website files will be saved.

Then open the folder you extracted in 000webhost before… then move all the files in the website folder to public_html

Then when it’s done, click on the public_html file above, then click on SELECT FILE, then just delete the folder that is on my website because it was empty before all the files were moved to public_html, it’s … 000Webhost is one. on site services that provide free hosting managed by Hostinger. 000Webhost has quite an interesting facility, which is 2 databases that you can use for free. The database provided by oooWebhost is MySQL / MariaDB.

Each account that uses free hosting from 000Webhost will provide 2 MySQL database units for the purpose of building a web-based application system (website) placed on the same hosting.

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It’s not bad, you can build or create your own website using 000Webhost free hosting with full installation, you can even use a mail server service.

MySQL is the world’s most widely used relational database for building small and medium-scale application systems.

Recently, MySQL has been replaced by MariaDB which can be an alternative. The problem is that MySQL is going to be the company’s relational database system. The usage of MySQL and MariaDB is very similar.

Cara Setting Database Localhost Ke Hosting 000webhost

This database itself has the function of storing data for a period of time while managing the data required to display the data on the website.

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The table and data capacity for the database is decent, 1,000 tables and 1 GB of storage for the database.

For those of you who want to test your website using free hosting, you need to import the database first, then you can test your website on hosting.

With MySQL database, you can create or create your own CRUD website including website system information, member website registration, website portal, website news, website that implements REST API that will retrieve data when using JSON, etc. .

8. Enter the database, username and password according to the rules of 000Webhost. For passwords, try to use symbols before characters, not after characters. For example, the password is Anatasari8877_, entering a password like this will definitely be rejected, you can change the password, which is _Anatasari8877. Next, click Create.

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After creating a new database, you can access the database through PHPMyAdmin to create new tables, import databases from other locations.

You can create a new MySQL database with up to 2 databases provided by 000Webhost so that you can create your own website using a MySQL database to store data for a certain period of time.

From a MySQL database on 000Webhost hosting, you can connect to a website using PHP on the same hosting.

Cara Setting Database Localhost Ke Hosting 000webhost

I’m not an expert on anything. I just want to share with you the knowledge that I have learned before. It can be useful. 🙂Is your CodeIgniter application still running on localhost? You want to be accessible online but not ready to pay for hosting? You can install CodeIgniter application on 000webhost for free. Want to know how? see how to install CodeIgniter application on 000webhost below.

Cara Menggunakan Phpmyadmin Di Web Hosting is a hosting service provider that can be used for PHP-based applications. 000webhost has a free hosting plan with 300MB storage capacity and 3GB bandwidth. You can use this free package to test your application to see if it works when stored on the server. Apart from free hosting packages, 000webhost also provides several paid packages with different storage capacity and bandwidth.

Make sure you have created a 000webhost account. Otherwise, visit the website and create an account, follow the steps provided until the account creation process is complete.

After logging in, you will be taken to the website listing page. Create a new website by clicking the create new website button in the right corner of the page. Look at this picture.

After that, a website creation form pop-up will appear. Enter the desired website name and password and press the create button. (that website name may not be available or already used by someone else).

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After creating the website, you will be directed to the website dashboard page. On the left side, click menu tools -> database manager. Then, on the database manager page, create a new database by clicking the new database button. You will be presented with a database creation form, enter your desired database name, username and password and press the create button. Do not forget to write the password.

Once saved, the database information will be displayed on the database manager page. Note the username, database name and database host. Look at this picture.

After creating the database, we will import the database from our CodeIgniter application. Click the manage button on the database, then select PhpMyAdmin. You will now be redirected to the PhpMyAdmin page.

Cara Setting Database Localhost Ke Hosting 000webhost

In PhpMyAdmin a list of databases will appear on the left. Select the database you created, then enter the import menu. Select the database file exported to localhost, and click go. If the import process is successful, it will look like this.

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In the root of the application folder (the folder containing the index.php file and the application folder), archive all files in ZIP format.

Go to 000webhost website, go to menu tools -> file manager and click on download file button. You will now be redirected to the file manager page.

There are two files here, public_html, and tmp. Please enter the public_html folder, and delete the file called .htaccess if it exists. After you can download app zip file in this folder. Using the download menu on the top toolbar, select a file and press the download button.

After the download is complete, it’s time to extract the zip file of our application. Unfortunately, after several attempts, I was unable to extract the file using the file manager tool. As a solution, we will use the unzip file help that you can download here. The file contains the unzipper.php file, please upload the unzipper.php file to the file manager in the public_html folder, the method is the same as the previous upload. After that, please access the unzipped file using the website link.

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On the page that displays unzipper.php, select your application’s zip file, leave the extracted path field, and click the unzip archive button. Look at this picture.

Wait for the unzip process to finish, then you can delete the unzipper.php file in the public_html folder. In the public_html folder you will also see a collection of extracted application files.

Once the files have been successfully extracted, it’s time to do the configuration. Still remember the database information from earlier? not lost, we will use it here.

Cara Setting Database Localhost Ke Hosting 000webhost

In the file manager, go to the application -> configuration folder, and edit the config.php file. (use the edit menu in the toolbar)

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When done, save the file and continue editing the database.php file in the same folder (application->config).

Once done, save the file and our application is ready to access. Please open the application according to your application url.

Tip: By default, CodeIgniter applications run in development mode. In this mode, all errors that occur will be displayed in detail on the website page. Once your application is complete and ready to use, you can switch this development mode to production by changing it via the index.php file in the root folder of the application.

If you have difficulty following this tutorial, please comment directly on this post. See you in the next post.

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