Cara Pindahkan Akun Domain Ke Hosting Lain

Cara Pindahkan Akun Domain Ke Hosting Lain – Have you ever experienced a situation where you had to transfer a given website to another host/host? For those WordPress users, you don’t need to worry because it is very easy to move your WordPress CMS site to other hosting/domains. In this article we will explain how to move WordPress to another hosting and a new domain.

But before you follow this guide, it would be nice if you remember your first data sheet. This is done so that if something unexpected happens, you can still restore the data using the backup page.

Cara Pindahkan Akun Domain Ke Hosting Lain

Cara Pindahkan Akun Domain Ke Hosting Lain

There are four processes for moving WordPress to a new domain and hosting. There are four processes that must be followed in sequence to avoid mistakes. Below are the steps.

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The first thing you need to do when transferring WordPress data to another host/domain is to change the URL. The home address is the WordPress address and the website address, which change according to your new domain. This is the path to the URL of the word click.

The information backed up by this process, your WordPress data and database. There are several ways to backup WordPress data, here is a guide.

After backing up your WordPress data, the next step is to export the database and download it. You can follow this guide to export the database.

If you have downloaded your WordPress data and your old hosting database, the next step is to upload the data to the new hosting. You can send site data through third-party applications such as FileZilla or File Manager.

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In addition, the received data can also be imported. But before you can import the database, you must first create the database. After creating the database, you may want to follow the wizard to import the database.

After the data pages and database have been successfully redeployed to the new host, the next step is to adjust the configuration file. The configuration file is called wp-config.php which is read on the Internet (for example: public_html/wp-config.php). Please adjust the configuration script so that your site can run on the new hosting/domain. Since this is a technical topic, you need to understand about database configuration in CMS scripts.

If all processes are completed, please access your new domain. If the page still contains an error, clear your browser cache.

Cara Pindahkan Akun Domain Ke Hosting Lain

If you have any questions about the article Moving WordPress to different hosting and a new domain, please contact our team. Basically, the process of transferring all domains is the same. It’s just that each company always provides differently in each case. This guide provides information on how to transfer a domain from another site

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Basically, the price for a global domain is the same. As with other companies, each company has its own way of marketing its products. The main thing to include is to choose a domain and host in one package. Like in this country. This way you can save up to 50% more. Therefore, for this translation you must first fill in the following:

First, therefore, everything in the description above must be filled out, so that it will be easier and faster in the future process. If more are already required as detailed above, you can continue to combine;

The first thing you need to do is to be the first member in the area, or you can even enter the front page. If you want to choose the first product, of course ownership can be transferred at the same time. To log in simply click “Login to account” in the right corner.

If you are just starting out, then you can immediately choose the “domain transfer” service according to the service you have chosen. If you want to add more hosting, click “Book now” on the green button.

Begini Cara Mudah Transfer Domain .id

On this page you can also book a hosting offer at the same time. If you go through this method, make sure you choose the right and correct product so that no mistakes are made.

If you have entered the next page, all you have to do is type the domain name you want to transfer

Remember, while you are typing this domain name, you are not trying to make typos. and write the domain name in lowercase letters.

Cara Pindahkan Akun Domain Ke Hosting Lain

Once you are done typing the address name correctly, just click “Continue”. If the domain script is correct, a message will appear as shown in the image below.

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Well, first you need to complete this most important step. You can get this EPP code from our team here. If you need help or get confused, you can always ask us directly.

If you have completed the order, the next step is payment. You can come to the office in person or through a virtual account (transfer).

So little information on how to transfer ownership. Don’t forget to print the star sign as your enthusiasm for our work. If you need help, please contact our support team. You have a good job.

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