Cara Pindahan Hosting

Cara Pindahan Hosting – Sometimes we want to move a website from an old hosting to a new hosting either for upgrade or to get better offers and services than the old hosting we were using. However, moving hosting is neither an easy nor a very complicated task if you are careful and pay attention to the step-by-step steps I will explain later.

I often make cheap hosting moves not for my own site, but to help friends. Sometimes I even forget the steps because I underestimate myself and run. The sites I move most often use WordPress and CPanel, so I’ll make a tutorial on how to move old hosting to new WordPress-based hosting.

Cara Pindahan Hosting

Cara Pindahan Hosting

The first step you should take is to log into your CPanel to backup your important content and data. What important content and data should you back up? as I explained above, i.e. wp-content and the MySQL database, I would also suggest backing up the .htaccess file and the robots.txt file if it exists.

Cara Memindahkan Website Ke Hosting Baru

An. Login to CPanel ==> select File Manager ==> find public_html or the page you want to backup, select and zip the wp-content folder and don’t forget to download it. Yes, although don’t forget to note the table prefix here as well, the file name is wp-config.php, edit it and it will look like the image I explained below.

Below is an example of a table prefix that you should watch out for (wp_domain) as it is an IMPORTANT one that will be used when installing new WordPress later.

/** * WordPress database table prefixes. * * You can have multiple installations in the database if you give each * a unique prefix. Only numbers, letters and underscores please! */ $table_prefix = ‘wp_domain’;

After you have finished backing up all your important data, now install WordPress on your new hosting and remember to enter the table prefix name you noted down earlier. As an example below:

Bisakah Memindahkan Hosting Antar Cpanel?

We’ve also backed up and installed the new WordPress, now it’s our turn to restore the files we backed up in step #1, wp-content and MySQL. If you want to know how to restore data from the old hosting to the new hosting, pay attention to the following steps:

An. Enter CPanel ==> select File Manager ==> search for public_html or which page you want to restore, select and delete the wp-content folder, after successful deletion, upload the zip wp-content folder you backed up in step number 1 earlier and don’t forget it to extract. If successful, just delete the zip file.

B. Login to CPanel ==> select phpMyAdmin ==> find the database name you created before or the database you want to update and then drop/delete the table. Then select the Import menu and select the database file that you previously backed up in step number 1.

Cara Pindahan Hosting

After completing the above steps, you have done it right and proper, now all you have to do is change the domain name servers to the new hosting. Changing domain name servers will go through a propagation period, which means your domain needs time to recognize or connect to the new host server. The time required for the reproduction period is not the same, it can be fast, sometimes very slow, up to one day.

Inilah Cara Membuat Web Hosting Yang Baik Dan Benar

If you forgot to specify the table prefix when installing WordPress CMS, the solution is to change the table prefix name in the wp-config.php file on the new host to the table prefix name on the old host.

I hope there are no problems in this change and success with the new hosting, if anyone has any problems moving the old hosting to the new hosting, you can comment below or contact me at contact. Moving a website from one hosting to another, or what is known as hosting migration, is an activity that any website owner can do to get a better hosting service (or more within the budget). For example, you can switch from WordPress hosting to PHP hosting.

The way to do this is not really complicated, but there are still many website owners (webmasters) who are just starting out and are confused and maybe worried that their website will be really problematic when moving to a new hosting.

So I want to help you explain how to do it, especially for owners of widely used WordPress-based sites.

Cara Pindah Hosting WordPress Dari Hosting Lama Ke Baru

Above all, there are still many people who only see certain specifications, or are even tempted by marketing jargon such as “UNLIMITED disk space” and “UNLIMITED bandwidth”, which sometimes do not always determine quality.

For example, your website with Type A Shared Hosting is slow because the number of visitors has increased, do not fix it by changing to a new hosting with unlimited quota and bandwidth, as this will not necessarily solve the problem, especially if the other specifications are even lower.

In case the increased number of visitors slows down the site, switch to a hosting provider with higher CPU and RAM specifications, which are generally more predictable when using a Cloud Hosting package, VPS or Cloud VPS instead of shared hosting (even if disk space and bandwidth are unlimited ).

Cara Pindahan Hosting

See the video above for a full explanation, but in summary, the steps to migrate to WordPress-based web hosting are as follows:

Dampak Pindah Hosting Terhadap Ranking Situs

The promotion process can also be speeded up and the site can even work when you use Cloudflare, which will be discussed in the following tutorial.

For recommendations of a quality web hosting provider, you can try Hostinger, a professional web hosting company trusted by thousands of customers, including those who have already used web hosting.

Enter the promo code when placing your order on Hostinger to get a huge discount compared to the regular price.

We hope you find this tutorial useful and please leave comments or questions in the comment column on this website or YouTube channel.

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