Cara Pindah Hosting Rumahweb

Cara Pindah Hosting Rumahweb – CodeIgniter is one of the most popular PHP frameworks currently. Many RW residents use CodeIgniter to build their web applications. There are often limitations when a new website goes online. So we will tell you how to download CodeIgniter 3 on cpanel hosting

This guide is for RW residents who have created a CI 3 based website on localhost and then want to upload their website files to the hosting. For those using CodeIgniter 4, see the guide in the article: Upload CodeIgniter 4 to your hosting.

Cara Pindah Hosting Rumahweb

Cara Pindah Hosting Rumahweb

In addition to uploading website files, you will definitely need a database for your website. The first step is to create a database from the Creating a Database in cPanel Hosting article.

Website Vs Marketplace, Mana Yang Lebih Menguntungkan?

Next, you need to export and import the SQL database to localhost on your hosting. You can follow the detailed steps in the article How to import a MySQL database through phpMyAdmin.

Next, enter the Websites folder on your computer’s localhost. Save all uploaded CodeIgniter 3 site files and folders to your hosting.

Log in to cPanel on your hosting, then go to the File Manager menu. If the website is on the main domain, click the public_html directory. However, if the website is on a subdomain or addon domain, click on the subdomain/addon domain directory.

The .htaccess file is located in the root directory of the website. Make sure you enable the Show hidden files option in the file manager first.

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If the .htaccess file does not already exist, create the file first by clicking the +File button. But if it already exists, you can directly edit the .htaccess file.

If so, continue by adjusting the configuration in the database.php file. You can see the configuration details in the Codeigniter database connection setup article.

Here’s how to download CodeIgniter 3 on cPanel hosting. If you have any problems after downloading, you can contact the technical team via chat or open a support ticket.

Cara Pindah Hosting Rumahweb

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Cara Migrasi Account Cpanel Antar Vps

Macromedia Flash is a tool that you can use to create websites. But most people mistakenly suspect that updating websites that use Flash will be very difficult. wrong…

Please note that VirtueMart is an open source e-commerce application developed for Joomla CMS. Built in PHP format, it can be integrated into any Joomla eCommerce website. This article…

If you are a loyal Joomla user who has installed Joomla version 1.5.13 or updated the Joomla patch to this version and received an error message when accessing the Media Manager menu on the admin page… cPanel has a migration tool feature that you can use Can migrate cPanel accounts between VPS. This feature will make the process of moving cPanel accounts between VPS easier and faster.

In this guide, we will explain the functionality of the migration tool and how to migrate cPanel accounts between VPS. Here is more information.

Cara Dapatkan 3 Bulan Hosting Untuk WordPress Gratis Dari Rumahweb

The Transfer Tool is a feature of WHM that you can use to move cPanel accounts and their settings from one VPS to another. These tools are used not only to migrate cPanel to cPanel accounts, but also to migrate Plesk to cPanel.

The migration process can be done for one account in multiple cPanel accounts at the same time. So, with the help of this migration tool, the migration process can be done easily and quickly.

You must know the old VPS root username and password to use the migration tools. In addition to the root user, you can also use a cPanel user that has root (su/sudo) privileges for the migration process for specific accounts. If you are using a user with the su option, you will need to fill in the old VPS root password to start the migration process.

Cara Pindah Hosting Rumahweb

In this guide, we will provide a way to migrate cPanel to cPanel account. This means that both old and new VPS use cPanel licenses. Here are the steps:

Cara Mengatasi Outlook Selalu Minta Password

How easy is it to migrate a cPanel account to VPS using the migration tool? I hope this article helps you to migrate from cPanel to cPanel to VPS. May be useful.

CodeIgniter, or CI for short, is a PHP framework with an MVC (Model, View, Controller) pattern that can be used to build simpler and more structured web applications. In this paragraph…

You can do this in two ways: Install php version on cPanel VPS. The first method can be done through the WHM interface and the second through the command line. In this guide, we…

The PHP version is very important to run the web application you are building. Often websites cannot be accessed due to differences between the PHP version of the hosting and the PHP version of the script. Thanks to this it is necessary to call Access to WordPress with the installation folder. For example, or

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To call by main domain name, it is necessary to transfer data from the previous installation folder to the main domain. Here we offer a guide:

After all the transfers are done, adjust the database to be used. Find the PHPMyAdmin menu > select the database you are using > the “wp-options” table. Make sure the siteURL and home section say “” (without /wp).

After configuring the database, check the .htaccess section being used. Make sure the WordPress htaccess file points only to the /index.php file.

Cara Pindah Hosting Rumahweb

Below is a guide to change your DNS settings using “DNS Only” in Cloudflare: 1. Sign in 2. Select the domain name you want to change settings 3. Sign in to the “DNS” menu 4. Your DNS settings Change it ..

Cara Membuat Email Di Plesk Panel

In the previous article, the image used in the YM status is Yahoo! So what if you want to change it with an image of your own creation? Here are the steps that (of course)…

Favicon stands for “favorite icon”, which is a website or blog image/logo that appears in browser tabs. Below are the instructions to change the existing logo favicon… Plesk panel is used to manage hosting on WordPress hosting service in Control Panel. You can access the Plesk panel in two ways. Here is more information on how to login to Plesk on WordPress hosting.

Plesk is a control panel used to manage hosting or servers. Plesk was developed by American company Plesk Inc.

Overall there is not much difference between plesk and cPanel. But for wordpress hosting services, the choice of using plesk panel is due to several advantages. One of them is the WordPress Toolkit feature, which allows you to manage multiple WordPress websites from a single dashboard.

Panduan Membuat Database Di WordPress Hosting Rumahweb Step 3

With WordPress Toolkit, you can manage multiple websites in one dashboard. Not only that, you can clone WordPress by installing plugins and themes for this feature.

There are 2 ways to login to plesk panel, namely client area and direct URL. Here is more information.

1. Sign in to the Customer Region Zone page using the account email address and password at the following URL

Cara Pindah Hosting Rumahweb

2. If you get an error message “Your connection is not secure” after following the link, you can click Advanced > Dangerous link. See the image below.

Cara Login Plesk Panel Pada WordPress Hosting

So where can I get my login and password information? You can check your Plesk username and password information on the ClientZone page under Services > My Service > WordPress Hosting Service > Click the Activate button in Account Information.

How to login to your WordPress hosting plesk panel If you have any questions about how to login here, contact our support team via chat on the website page.

Hello! My name is Rudy, I work in technical support. I love WordPress, Sitepro, Blogspot and write tutorials regularly. I will help you understand some technical stuff 🙂

By default, the time zone setting on the server uses UTC/GMT. This time we will provide tips on how to change the default time zone on a VPS enabled with Plesk. Here are the steps to change your time zone…

WordPress Hosting Gratis Dari Rumahweb Indonesia

WordPress hosting has features that make it easy to change the PHP version to your liking. Here are the steps to change the PHP version in your WordPress hosting account: 1…

A database is a collection of data that is managed and stored in a system on a computer or server. In this guide, we will tell you how to create a database in the Plesk panel. The hosting database uses… Microsoft Outlook or often called Microsoft Office Outlook is an email client program that enables you to send and receive email messages, manage calendars, manage store names and contact numbers, and track tasks.

In short, Microsoft Outlook’s job is to create an easy-to-use e-mail program with several helpful functions.

Cara Pindah Hosting Rumahweb

As an Outlook user, have you ever noticed that the email address you set always asks for a password? It is definitely annoying and even boring because you have to enter the password again and again.

Melihat Penggunaan Resource Di Layanan WordPress Hosting

Normally, Outlook always shows a login popup because the password is really invalid. Or it could be a valid password, but the password you entered is too weak Therefore, we recommend you to change your email password first

After changing your new password, update your password in the Outlook program you’re using. In Outlook 2007-2013, password updates are done via the File menu > Account Options > double-click the email account for which you want to update the password.

Then the following image will appear. Be sure to check the “Remember my password” or “Remember my password” option in your account settings as shown below:

Meanwhile, in Outlook 2016-2019, you can double-click File > Information > Account Settings > Server Settings > the email account you want to reset password.

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Then check again. Whether the password popup will appear again or not. If so, follow the “Other ways to deal with Outlook login pop-ups” guide below

Sign in to your account

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