Cara Pindah Hosting Dengan File Cadangan

Cara Pindah Hosting Dengan File Cadangan – When you run a website, you of course expect the best in order for the website to function optimally. Every website admin will strive for fast access to their website, security of website data storage, ample space for data storage and so on. Web hosting is one of the most important things in website management guys!

Bad hosting will have a huge impact on the success of your website. For example, if the access is very slow, visitors will surely be lazy and leave. If this is the case, then this is a sign that you need to migrate your hosting.

Cara Pindah Hosting Dengan File Cadangan

Cara Pindah Hosting Dengan File Cadangan

Among the many hosting service providers, surely many will find it difficult to decide which hosting is most suitable for a website. As a result, the costs incurred will be in vain if you choose the wrong hosting. Maybe I often think of hosting migration, but you’re afraid the process can be difficult and dangerous on the site.

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Well, the article below will explain the important steps to follow when migrating your hosting. Let’s understand the article below!

Hosting migration is the activity of moving a website from an old hosting service provider to a new hosting service. Hosting migrations usually happen because the website owner has some problems or is not satisfied with their old hosting service. For example, lack of data storage space, lack of hosting security, expired subscription period, cost factors and more.

Webmasters need to pay attention to their site’s performance. So you need an evaluation to be able to determine the correct steps for your site, it is normal to find some problems on your site. But some of these issues can be caused by improper hosting, as you know. If this is the case, then you should move to a new, more reliable hosting.

Frequent server crashes are an issue that visitors take very seriously. Even if the server takes only a few seconds, visitors may lose confidence in the site. Visitors will feel that the website is of low quality and unsafe. This will also have an impact on website ranking drop and losses due to lost potential customers.

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In addition to being a busy server, the server’s location on the site also determines the data processing speed of visitors. Website speed affects website traffic growth. Visitors will be lazy to continue browsing your site if the process is slow. Slow websites will also be tracked by Google and will affect your search engine rankings.

When using the hosting service, some problems may occur on the website. You can request hosting services to solve the problem. If the hosting service does not provide a suitable solution and it is difficult to contact them, then it is time to look for a new hosting service. A good hosting provider will serve and deliver solutions to clients quickly and accurately.

With the growth of business, websites also need servers that can accommodate heavy traffic and more and more data. You can find suitable hosting that offers a lot of space. By upgrading your hosting, your site’s performance will be maximized.

Cara Pindah Hosting Dengan File Cadangan

When selecting hosting, you need to adapt to the needs of the site. Do not let yourself use packages that are not fully used on the site. This is very expensive. Find other hosting at an affordable price and package that suits you.

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Security is an important factor in choosing hosting. Don’t let important data get lost or leaked from the site. This makes your website lose customers’ trust.

Most hosting services already provide services for storing data backups regularly. However, it does not hurt to keep backup copies of your data in your personal memory just in case. This website storage file is intended to store data and transfer data to the new hosting.

Remember not to edit the content during the process to avoid damaging the file. You can download files using an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) service such as FileZilla.

This file will later be used as a place to store the uploaded website data. Right click > New > Folder > Create a file name > OK.

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It is recommended to download FileZilla Client instead of FileZilla Server. FileZilla client can work on all operating systems on which it is implemented.

Make settings on your hosting account so that it can be accessed by FileZilla. Some hosting services will provide a new username and account to keep the data safe.

Open FileZilla, enter your website’s domain name in the host section along with your username and password. Click on the Port section, then type in the number “21” and click on Quick Connect.

Cara Pindah Hosting Dengan File Cadangan

On the right side of the screen, you can see the data from the current hosting service. On the left side of the screen, used desktop folders will be displayed. Transfer the data from the hosting service to the Desktop folder created in the first step.

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At this point, find out in advance whether your site has a database. You can ask your previous hosting service for this. If the site has a database, then the database can be exported from the old hosting to the new one.

The most popular type of database is MySQL, which can be exported using the phpMyAdmin application. The way to do this is to open phpMyAdmin >> Click on Website Database >> Click on Export >> Click on Go >> Move the SQL file to the same folder.

The next step is that you need to create a new database. This empty database can be created on a new hosting account.

Next, import your previously saved website database. You can open phpMyAdmin application to import this database.

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Once you have completed the database import process, it is safe to move your database to the new hosting server of your choice. First you need to replace the file icon. This is done so that the files are more suitable for the new database. Change the username and password that will be used for files on the new hosting service. Use Joomla or Drupal to edit. For example, as follows:

After all of the above processes are completed, it’s time to upload your website files to the new hosting service of your choice. Follow the steps below to upload the file.

Check site functionality. Pay attention to some of the content or links on the site. Try doing a search with a few keywords that direct searches to your site. Pay attention to whether the website has access to old content or photos, videos, and more. So if there is damage during operation, you can find a solution in the new hosting service provider you chose.

Cara Pindah Hosting Dengan File Cadangan

DNS is a system that translates IP addresses into a domain name. Update DNS to the new hosting service server. This is done so that the domain’s DNS is pointed to the new server. Refresh the DNS when site traffic is quiet so as not to disturb incoming visitors.

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Migrations can be hosted if you feel you are not a good fit with your old hosting. The hosting migration must be done properly so that there are no problems or file corruption for your site.

Indonesia allows you to migrate your hosting easily and quickly. You just need to fill out the form provided, consult the hosting plan with an experienced team, and choose an attractive hosting offer. Immigration hosting will be very efficient and will not be a waste of time. They also offer attractive promotions for those looking to migrate hosting, which are:

The first step is to fill in the form for your personal data on the website as shown in the image above. You can also send messages to the team regarding personal data or hosting plan questions.

The next step is to consult the hosting plan that has been made so that it can be handled optimally. The team will help you choose the most suitable hosting plan. It will also discuss hosting migration to be implemented so that it runs smoothly without data corruption.

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Once confirmed, you can choose to get a 50% discount or add your remaining months from your previous hosting provider (up to 12 months). For example, if you have 6 months of hosting left, you will extend your hosting plan renewal date to get another 6 months for free.

This is more or less an explanation of the steps to be taken in hosting migration. Remember, the customer is everything. So, you need to provide the best service to your visitors, right? Pay attention to the hosting service used so that the site performs as optimally as possible.

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Cara Pindah Hosting Dengan File Cadangan

How to Backup Your Web Hosting on cPanel – Website data backup is an activity performed to secure website data. This is done so that the data on the site will not be lost due to unwanted things and make the site inaccessible.

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You can backup your data using the facilities in the control panel. This backup activity can be done periodically every day, week, month, etc. The goal is that the backup file can always be updated with the latest data.

This time we will discuss about full backup which in this discussion will backup home directory data, Mysql database, configure email forwarding and email filters. Here are easy steps to backup data in cpanel.

First step You can enter cPanel first. If you don’t have cpanel, you can buy hosting first. It is a recommendation of a cheap hosting provider with full facilities.

. Enter your username and password. Then select the File menu and click Backup, then click Download or create a full site backup.

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This partial backup can be used as an alternative if you only need certain parts to back up. For example, you only need database backups or home directory backups.

Then select the file you want to backup, for example root directory, mysql databases or email forwarding and filters.

This is a backup website hosting mod that you can follow. Use hosting

Cara Pindah Hosting Dengan File Cadangan

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