Cara Password Database Mysql Hosting

Cara Password Database Mysql Hosting – When uploading a website to web hosting, one of the preparations should be the database, because if the website is already complex, then the database is very different if the website has several static pages, maybe only html. is enough

One database that is often relied upon to build websites is the MySQL database, as this database is quite reliable for managing small to mid-range websites.

Cara Password Database Mysql Hosting

Cara Password Database Mysql Hosting

If you have ever created a website on your computer, localhost, you probably know phpMyAdmin, a scripting program that helps programmers create or manage databases, especially MySQL, using phpMyAdmin, it is very convenient for us. You need to work with cmd terminal to create databases.

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However, based on the experience of two hosting providers in Indonesia who often use cPanel, the database cannot use phpMyAdmin alone, but it requires steps first,

The purpose of writing this article is to supplement other tutorials related to website programming. Instead of writing many tutorials, I’d rather make a dedicated topic. Below I explain how to create a MySQL database in CPanel Hosting

This is a tutorial to create cpanel hosting database, it’s very easy. It is really difficult to design the structure of the database in such a way that it is efficient and accessible and not slow, and you also need a good website or application to use the data in the database. . That’s it, see you in other articles, thanks. remoteMySQL makes it easy to host another server remotely. In this way, you can of course allow multiple applications, such as shopping tables or guestbooks on other servers, to access your main site’s databases. In some cases, of course, you have to do this.

It’s not as difficult to implement as you might think. Below are some remote MySQL methods that you can implement with simple methods and concepts.

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The remote MySQL method also requires significant preparation, one of which is that you must have access to cPanel hosting. Then the IP address or domain name used to access the MySQL database will match what you need.

This makes it easier to perform the more advanced actions you need. Are you ready to make it work? First, check out some of the methods below.

The first remote MySQL method is to first access your cPanel menu. Then all you have to do is open a feature called Remote MySQL on the database page you are using.

Cara Password Database Mysql Hosting

Here you can get more benefits from this app. On the database page, you will find some special features that you can easily use.

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These features include phpMyAdmin, MySQL databases, and MySQL DatabaseWizard. This time, select the Remote Control menu according to the requirements above. Then, as a next step, you can allow the remote server to access the database you are using.

This remote MySQL application method is also very simple, that is, you need to enter the IP address and hostname that you access from the web or other servers in the host column. You also need to enter your public IP address to get even more benefits. If you want to pre-check access to your host, there is status

To use or not to use, you can first enter whatismyipaddress. Here you will be asked to enter your host number. After that, select Add host for more advanced notifications.

An advanced notification will then say that the host you entered has been added to the access list. Here it’s symbolized by a green bar and there’s a tick that you can find there. One important thing to understand when entering your server’s IP address is that you can use any special characters. For example, you want to add a % sign to it. Then add a character. You can customize it all to your liking. So you don’t have to be confused anymore when choosing it.

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You can easily deploy a remote MySQL using a program called Navicat. Surely you already know this program. This program makes the remote process easier, faster and easier for you. After installation, immediately install this one program on your desktop. Wait for the installation process to finish and open one of these programs. When you open it, you will find a menu called MySQL Connection. This menu makes it easy for you to find the best solution you need.

The next MySQL remote method is to enter the Password column and the desired username. In the general section, you will see some important columns like connection name, hostname or IP address, port and then you will also have the required username and password. Don’t forget to save the important information you need in a notebook so you can easily get all the benefits. One thing is certain, you should not forget to check the connection there first. The trick is to use the test connection button there. If the relationship is successful, you will get everything you want.

To test the connection, all you have to do is select the test connection indicated at the bottom. Then, if successful, a pop-up will appear with the words Connection Successful. That way, you get more out of it. You will surely get this comfort quickly and surely. So you should not be confused and don’t bother to apply it. After that, you can enter the next step, that is, entering the data table settings into your database.

Cara Password Database Mysql Hosting

Then you just need to enter the name of the connection there. Then select Test. After that, the Remote MySQL method can be done easily.

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No less important for the remote MySQL method is not to forget to delete the remote access server from the database. This way you can earn more. Why should you do this? This is because you definitely want to prevent any other unknown access to your host, right? If so, you should follow the steps below.

First, you only need to enter the Access Host Management section. Then all you have to do here is select the Delete option in the IP address section and select the hostname from which you want to remove remote access rights. Here you can implement MySQL remote method. This will surely facilitate the easy use of all the important benefits. Then all you have to do is select the Remove Access Host button there.

If this method seems to work, congratulations, a pop-up message will appear saying that the IP you entered has been removed from the list of available accesses. Now you know and understand how to remotely manage MySQL. It’s time to take advantage of all the great conveniences and benefits you can freely get with it. By following the correct steps of this MySQL remote method, you will definitely benefit more and more easily than before. I want to share with you a small experience about changing MYSQL password, because that time I forgot the password unexpectedly. Many times the MYSQL password changes unexpectedly so I find it difficult to access the database.

Now I will discuss how to solve the above problem, at first I was confused how to access MYSQL and I forgot the password myself, which is a bit sad, because this is not the only reason for my sadness, there are many. The internet connection is also quite slow, so the process is long and tedious.

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Actually, this method can be used outside of Ubuntu server, it was just a coincidence that I experienced it on Ubuntu server at the time. Sometimes this method is similar and can be applied to Ubuntu or Debian based OS. Ok, let’s get straight to the discussion.

Second step, add the following code to the bottom line and then save. The code below works as a bypass when entering MYSQL. After we can insert later, we update the users table and update the MYSQL root user password.

At this point I got an error saying that MYSQL could not be restarted, the error message was something like this:

Cara Password Database Mysql Hosting

Sixth step, run the following command and then check there whether the password field contains password or authentication_string:

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If so, in step 7 we update the password of the root user, run the following command, but before that change the word “your_new_password” to the desired password.

In the ninth step, delete the By Pass code that you originally added in step 2, if you saved it again, run this command to open the file.

Ok, maybe I’ll end this discussion here first, I hope you understand what I’m describing, if you still don’t understand, you can ask in the comment column, thanks 🙂

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