Cara Pasang Proteksi Code Php Di Hosting

Cara Pasang Proteksi Code Php Di Hosting – After learning about the history and evolution of PHP, you will learn how to build PHP using XAMPP in this PHP tutorial. The version of XAMPP you are using may be different, but this time install version 7.3.7 of XAMPP

Unlike HTML code, which can be run directly in a web browser, web pages written in PHP must be served by a program called a web server. This web server converts the PHP code into HTML and sends it to the web browser for display.

Cara Pasang Proteksi Code Php Di Hosting

Cara Pasang Proteksi Code Php Di Hosting

In the “real world”, you would need to rent a web server to run and access your PHP code over the internet. However, this web server application can be installed on your local computer. This is what you will build in this tutorial.

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There are several options in web server software. Popular web servers today are Apache, Nginx, and Microsoft IIS. Apache and Nginx are open source software and free to use. However, Apache is still the most widely used web server application, so this time we will use Apache to run PHP. Official Apache website

The next program is PHP itself. PHP acts as an “interpreter” on the web server. You can find PHP on its official website (

However, the process of setting up Apache and PHP web servers separately is time-consuming and requires configuration knowledge.

The ultimate web browser. If you can access this page, it means you already have a web browser :). This PHP tutorial uses a web browser.

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, which means it can be used on a variety of operating systems), Apache Web Server, MySQL/MariaDB, PHP, and Perl. We installed four programs indirectly by installing XAMPP.

Starting with XAMPP version 5.6.14, the database used is now MariDB instead of MySQL. MariaDB can be called a “clone” of MySQL. Almost all the commands you normally use with MySQL can be used without modification with MariaDB.

The latest version of XAMPP is available at At the time this guide was updated (July 2019), the latest version of XAMPP was XAMPP 7.3.7.

Cara Pasang Proteksi Code Php Di Hosting

The XAMPP version name follows the PHP version it contains. So, XAMPP 7.3.7 includes PHP 7.3.7 and Apache 2.4 web server application and MariaDB 10.3 database server.

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Download XAMPP from to start the installation process. The file name you receive is xampp-windows-x64-7.3.7-1-VC15-installer.exe and its size is 152 MB.

Especially if you are using Windows XP, you cannot use XAMPP 7.3. Or download XAMPP 1.8.2 (115 MB) with PHP version 5.5.36.

After successfully downloading the XAMPP installer, the next step is to install XAMPP. Double-click the Xampp-windows-x64-7.3.7-1-VC15-installer.exe file (the XAMPP file name may vary slightly).

If you are using Windows Vista or later (including Windows 10), you will see a warning window advising you not to install XAMPP in the C:Program Files folder. This is because Windows Security is blocking some XAMPP features. This doesn’t really matter because the default folder for XAMPP is C:Program Files instead of C:xampp. Just click.

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The next screen is Select component where you can select the apps you want to install. We recommend leaving the option checked. In this case, all programs will be installed. But if you have a problem with limited hard drive, you can choose only essential programs like Apache, MySQL, PHP and phpmyadmin. Click Next to continue.

The next “Installation folder” screen allows you to change XAMPP’s default installation folder to another folder. For example, set the default to C:xampp. Click Next to continue.

The “Bitnami for XAMPP” screenshot is an advertisement for Bintami’s (XAMPP sponsor) CMS installer product. If you don’t need it, check the “Learn more about BitNami” option and click “Next”.

Cara Pasang Proteksi Code Php Di Hosting

The installation process will continue for a while until the screen says “Completing XAMPP”. Check the “Do you want to start Control Panel now?” Because I will try XAMPP soon after that.

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After successfully installing XAMPP, you will see the XAMPP Dashboard screen. In this window we will run all XAMPP applications including Apache Web Server and MySQL.

For a test drive from XAMPP, click the Get Started button in the Apache Actions section. After a few seconds, the Apache module will turn green, indicating that the Apache web server application is running.

If you have a firewall installed on your computer, a warning window will appear that allows the Apache web server to bypass the firewall. Check the available control list and click Access Permissions to access the Apache web server.

And press Enter. If you see the XAMPP page, it means that your XAMPP installation was successful and your Apache web server is working properly.

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If you’re having trouble running Apache, port 80 may be conflicting with another program. The solution can go here: How to fix XAMPP error: port 80 “cannot open process”.

At this point, you have successfully installed XAMPP and are ready to start learning PHP. Learn How to Use XAMPP, PHP Tutorials 1 Branch 9 Cloudflare and Railgun 7 Database 1 Data Center 19 Data Center 19 Dedicated Server 14 DirectAdmin 18 Domain and DNS Settings 6 SMTP Email 2 Firewall 5 FTP and Email Email Accounts 1 Laravel 5 11 Linux 3 Malware/Maldet/Virus 10 Mikrotik 4 Update 5 Node.JS & ExpressJS 25 Miscellaneous 6 Payment 10 PHP Ver. 1 Suhosin 2 Consulting Reseller Hosting 1 IP 3 Virtualizer 15 VPN 34 VPS 43 WHM & Cpanel 7 WordPress

Users of WordPress and other popular CMSs often encounter php injections such as viruses and malware. Both plugin versions and WordPress core itself, especially if you update regularly. CPanel web hosting can already be won with Immunify360 software.

Cara Pasang Proteksi Code Php Di Hosting

In general, users do not need to worry about how to use Immunify360, the operation and all operations are done through the GUI. The instructions are very complete and you can check the website for malware here. If not, the next step is to confirm whether you want to clean up the malware script or leave it alone. This Imunify360 software helps to avoid various external attacks like brute force attacks, DoS, malware/viruses and other threats. The system automatically blocks suspicious IP addresses.

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