Cara Migrasi Hosting Cpanel

Cara Migrasi Hosting Cpanel – CPanel has a migration tool feature that can be used to transfer cPanel accounts between VPS. With this feature, the process of transferring cPanel accounts between VPSs becomes easier and faster.

In this guide, we will explain the features of migration tools and how to migrate cPanel accounts between VPS. Here is more information.

Cara Migrasi Hosting Cpanel

Cara Migrasi Hosting Cpanel

Migration Tools is a feature in WHM that you can use to migrate cPanel accounts and their settings from one VPS to another. Not only for migrating cPanel to cPanel accounts, these tools can also be used to migrate from Plesk to cPanel.

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The migration process can be done for one account or multiple cPanel accounts simultaneously. So, with these transfer tools, the migration process is done easily and quickly.

You need to know the VPS root username and password to use the upload tools feature. In addition to the root user, you can use a cPanel user with root privileges (su / sudo) for the migration process for some accounts, if you use the user with the su option, you need to fill in the old VPS root password. for the migration process to work.

In this guide, we will cover how to migrate cPanel to cPanel accounts. This means that both the old VPS and the new VPS use cPanel licenses. Here are the steps:

How easy is it to migrate a cPanel account to a VPS with the Migration Tools feature? We hope this article can help you to transfer cPanel to VPS from cPanel. Hope it is useful.

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Cara Migrasi Hosting Cpanel

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