Cara Merubah Website Worlpress Menjadi Blospot Di Hosting

Cara Merubah Website Worlpress Menjadi Blospot Di Hosting – In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to migrate Blogger to WordPress and how to redirect from your old site to your new WordPress site without making any changes.

Now, migrate all users, posts and comments from Blogger to WordPress. However, all your traffic will still go to Blogger’s site. The solution is to redirect from your old site to the new site.

Cara Merubah Website Worlpress Menjadi Blospot Di Hosting

Cara Merubah Website Worlpress Menjadi Blospot Di Hosting

There are different ways to repost Blogger to WordPress. Using a plugin is the easiest and fastest way. There are many plugins that can be used for this purpose. This plugin is one of them.

Panduan Langkah Cara Install WordPress Via Cpanel Hosting

Now you know how to migrate from Blogger to WordPress. You’ve learned not to lose all your traffic even if your website is moved to WordPress. Fortunately, thanks to one of WordPress’ advantages, namely ease of use, you can make this process effortless.

If you still don’t understand how to use WordPress, visit our tutorials page and read other articles we’ve prepared for you.

Ariata loves writing and translating and currently works as a translator in Indonesia. With articles and tutorials posted on the blog, Ariata likes to share information about websites, WordPress and other things related to hosting with students. Blogspot is a blog site from Google that you can use for free. Besides being very easy to use, creating a blog on Blogspot is also very fast. You just need to have a gmail account to create it. However, some users regret the lack of functionality in Blogspot. Finally, many users switched from Blogspot to WordPress.

Despite its lack of features, Blogspot is considered less useful for branding information. Therefore, WordPress is one of the solutions chosen by users to increase brand awareness and full functionality on the website.

Cara Custom Domain Blogspot Nusantarahost

So, can content from Blogspot be migrated to WordPress? The answer is yes. Blogspot makes it easy for you to post content. You can find this feature in the Settings or Settings menu on your Blogspot page.

In this guide, we will share how to migrate from Blogspot to WordPress. Follow these steps so that your migration process goes smoothly.

First, we need to export the content first. This export process can be done through your Blogspot account. These steps are:

Cara Merubah Website Worlpress Menjadi Blospot Di Hosting

After receiving the .xml file, you can proceed with installing the WordPress Importer plugin. Make sure you have WordPress installed first. If not, you can read about it through the following articles:

Setting Custom Domain Ke Blogspot/blogger Dari Klien Area

After the Blogspot Import plugin is installed in WordPress, the next step is to import the .xml file you downloaded earlier into WordPress. Here are the steps:

* The larger the xml file, the longer the export process will take and the export will fail. If the Blogspot .xml file is large, we recommend that you split it. You can read this split guide manually in the WordPress XML Splitter article or Blogger’s Split File Export article.

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Cara Membuat Blog Gratis Blogspot Dan WordPress

The previous article [Changing MX Domains in Clientzone] explained how to configure MX records from a client’s client. Because the appearance is a little different, some customers will find it difficult… We know that wordpress is a blog building service like blogspot, there is a difference between blogspot and wordpress, with wordpress we can build premium blogs, professional names must be paid monthly, free wordpress You can create a blog, if we have a blogspot service you can create a free blog or a free service.

You can’t have much in the package to create a free blog on wordpress, just look at because you won’t be able to enjoy other articles. . Such as selecting domain names, plugins, ads and limited templates if you don’t update your WordPress account.

1. You can create a blog directly on as above without having to pay for hosting, hosting management, etc. Although it’s hosted on a website, the idea is the same as a blog site using just a host.

Cara Merubah Website Worlpress Menjadi Blospot Di Hosting

2. You can create a wordpress blog with your hosting using wordpress cms, which you can get for free at, but since you are self-hosting using wordpress cms, you need to think about hosting and domain, which you have. Pay annually for hosting and domain. This version is often referred to as wordpress self-hosting.

Cara Migrasi Blogger Blogspot Ke WordPress

So this article provides a tutorial on how to create a free WordPress blog using 000webhost and self-hosting (wordpress hosting).

Create a blog address, because in this tutorial you will create a free wordpress blog, then you can find the last address through, add the name, not too long, do not use numbers, so that your blog readers remember your blog address, if the articles are interesting and of good quality, they will Always have access to your blog

Then choose free, use a WordPress subdomain, and you can change your domain/blog address, but you need to upgrade to premium/private first, or you can transfer your purchased domain to another web provider.

Then choose a wordpress package and use it for free based on your blog theme. In the free version you can only use subsites, templates/themes, you can’t change your domain unless you upgrade to the personal/premium/business package, maybe you should learn how to manage WordPress first before using the paid ones for beginners.

Cara Custom Domain Blogspot Di Member Area Niagahoster

Then enter the email address, the username will then become the profile in WordPress and the password, you can immediately login to your Google account ==> click continue

Once email verification is complete, WordPress will send an email to the email address registered to your WordPress account above.

Then all you have to do is enter your email/gmail, if there is a notification to activate your wordpress account, press ==> confirm ==> and if you are prompted, it will be sent to your wordpress account immediately. Log in to wordpress and just fill in the wordpress account created earlier with the same email and password. you are done

Cara Merubah Website Worlpress Menjadi Blospot Di Hosting

To enter wordpress admin panel for other wordpress settings via wp-admin at, it is better to use wp-admin admin panel because it is simple to display and we can manage wordpress easily.

Cara Migrasi Blogger Ke WordPress Dengan Aman

A new WordPress will be created in the member list, then enter the WordPress website, the subdomain name is 000webhost, for example, you will create the website name blgobr. subdomain blgobr.000webhostapp .com

But don’t worry, you can change your domain name at any time, as you can see in the article: How to change your website domain name at 000webhost with a free domain.

I have a tutorial on how to create a wordpress website with free hosting, and for unlimited free hosting, I’ve put a file on wordpress cms that I found directly from

1. Manually, that is, you upload the cms from, in the article you can see 10 steps to create your website with unlimited wordpress cms,

Cara Mengganti Blogspot Dengan Nama Domain Pribadi

2. It’s worth mentioning that there are many hosts, including 000webhost, which add functionality to create a WordPress website with one click. In this tutorial, I will only use this automatic method, because the manual method is already above, the manual method. 000webhost is similar to the tutorial above.

Consider the following, features for creating a WordPress blog already exist, and not just free hosting, but paid ones certainly offer. For those who have installed their own WordPress cms, you can choose 3.

Install wordpress in the middle, then don’t forget wp-admin to fill username and password, select url, and language ==> install

Cara Merubah Website Worlpress Menjadi Blospot Di Hosting

This way you can create a free high-quality wordpress blog with 000webhost, easy to install, click, 000webhost automatically prepares the database and other wordpress files, compared to us uploading them manually.

Cara Membuat Website Dengan WordPress Gratis, 100% Mudah!

Next, enter the username and password entered at the beginning of the WordPress installation to access the WordPress dashboard.

Successful login is like creating a non-smelling, but you feel like using premium wordpress when you use your own hosting (self-hosted), however, we don’t pay for hosting because it’s free hosting.

This self-hosted WordPress feature is fully controlled, allowing you to edit content, change themes, focus, change domains, install plugins, make your website completely your own, and create an online store with WordPress in addition to easy-to-use SEO. etc.

But in my opinion, if you want to host 000webhost for free, do not use it if you are doing it for a business website, because SEO is not good, especially in the case of servers, it is also called free hosting, but don’t. Don’t worry, you can upgrade to premium hosting because this free hosting belongs to, of course if you upgrade to a higher price our website will be linked back to

Cara Mengubah Blogspot Menjadi Custom Domain (2)

If you want to customize content, widget layout, font, amp version etc. .

This setting must be set because it’s your profile, so if someone comments on a post and then you reply, your profile name will be visible so others can know.

Set a title for the post, then the content of the post is completed with a word plan or writing plan and adding media such as images.

Cara Merubah Website Worlpress Menjadi Blospot Di Hosting

You can adjust on the right when a post is published, use the amp version of the blog or preview it (see the post before publishing/publishing)

Cara Mengubah Blogspot Menjadi Domain Sendiri

Category to find out which category the article is most popular

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