Cara Menjalankan Web Angular Di Server Hosting

Cara Menjalankan Web Angular Di Server Hosting – In this coding lab, we’ll build an online Kanban board using Angular and Firebase! Our final application has three categories of tasks: Backlog, In Progress, and Completed. We can create, delete tasks and move them from one category to another using drag and drop.

We will develop the UI using Angular and use Firestore as our permanent store. At the end of the coding lab, we deploy the app to Firebase Hosting using the Angular CLI.

Cara Menjalankan Web Angular Di Server Hosting

Cara Menjalankan Web Angular Di Server Hosting

This code lab assumes you have a Google account and basic knowledge of Angular and the Angular CLI.

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This step may take several minutes. Angular CLI creates the project structure and installs all dependencies. After the installation process is complete, go to

Is a Component Development Kit or CDK. The CDK provides primitives such as universal tools, drag and drop, and overlay. We divide the CDK

This command prompts you to select a theme if you want to use global material typography styles and if you want to configure browser animations for Angular materials. Select “Indigo/Pink” for the same result as in this cheat lab and answer “Yes” to the last two questions.

Here we add a toolbar with the primary color of our material design theme, and within that we use

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Next to the ‘Kanban Fire’ label. Now if you look at your console, you’ll see Angular throwing some errors. To solve them, you need to add the following imports to

In the next step, let’s create a component that we can use to visualize tasks on a kanban board.

. We will use this file to define the Kanban board task interface. Each task has an option

Cara Menjalankan Web Angular Di Server Hosting

But we have not imported the corresponding module into the app. To fix the error ahead of time, we need to import the file

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Now we’re ready for the fun part! Let’s create three lanes for the three different states that tasks can be in, and use the Angular CDK to implement the drag and drop functionality.

A lot is happening here. Let’s take a step-by-step look at each part of this passage. Here is the top-level structure of the template:

Method, we first check if we end up on the same list where the task came from. If so, we’ll be right back. Otherwise, we move the current job to the target lane.

Please note that we do not re-arrange missions in the same orbit. For simplicity, we skip this feature in the coding lab, but you can implement it yourself using the CDK documentation.

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Material icon next to the “Add task” label. We need an extra wrapper to put the button at the top of the track list, which we’ll later put next to each other using flexbox. Since this button uses the material button component, we have to import the appropriate module into the file

. We will use the material dialogue. In the dialog we have a form with two fields: title and description. When the user clicks the “Add task” button, a dialog opens, and when the user submits the form, we add a newly created task

. We use two-way data binding to update the job title and description when the user changes the content of the relevant fields

Cara Menjalankan Web Angular Di Server Hosting

We inject a reference to the dialog so we can close it and also inject the value of the provider associated with

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The last thing to do before preparing the functionality is to import a few modules

To make the app more visually appealing, we’re going to improve the layout by tweaking the styles a bit. We want to put the tracks next to each other. We also want to make some minor changes to the “Add Task” button and the empty list label.

In the snippet above, we customize the layout of the toolbar and its labels. We also ensure that the content is aligned horizontally by setting the width to

. Then we put the tracks next to each other using flexbox, and finally we adjust the visualization of tasks and empty lists.

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While we’ve greatly improved our app’s styles, we still have an annoying task transfer issue:

When we start dragging the “Buy Milk” quest, we see two cards from the same quest – the one we’re dragging and the one on the track. The Angular CDK gives us CSS class names that we can use to solve this problem.

When dragging an item, the drag and drop function of the Angular CDK clones it and inserts it where we should drop the original. To ensure that this element is not visible, we set the opacity property in the file

Cara Menjalankan Web Angular Di Server Hosting

Class. To render a smooth animation instead of directly snapping the element, we define a transition with a duration

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To edit and delete existing vacancies, we use most of the features we have already implemented! When the user double-clicks on the task, we open the file

We will also add a delete button. When the user clicks on it, we pass a delete statement that goes into a file

This button shows the material removal icon. When the user clicks on it, we close the dialog and pass the object verbatim

, set the color based on and show it only when data clearing is enabled in the dialog.

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We pass a literal object specifying the task we want to edit and also enable the edit button on the form by setting

, which provides integration between the two technologies. To add Firebase support to your app, open the root of your workspace and run:

In the meantime, the installation opens a browser window for you to authenticate with your Firebase account. Finally, you will be prompted to select a Firebase project and some files will be created on disk.

Cara Menjalankan Web Angular Di Server Hosting

All you need to do is add the Firebase configuration to your environment. You can find the project configuration in the Firebase console.

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Returns an observable instead of an array, and also that we specify that the id field for the documents in this collection must be named

Since we’re working with observable data rather than arrays, we need to update the way we add, delete, and edit tasks, and the functionality to move tasks between lanes. Instead of mutating our arrays in memory, we use the Firebase SDK to update the data in the database.

In the snippet above, the new code is highlighted. To move a task from the current row to the target row, we remove it from the first collection and add it to the second. Since we are performing two operations that we want to look like one (i.e. make the operation atomic), we are performing them in a Firestore transaction.

Method to Firestore! Within the procedure for closing the dialog we need to change the following lines of code:

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We open the target document that corresponds to the task we are manipulating with the Firestore SDK and delete or update it.

Note that our collections are now not arrays but observable objects. In order to visualize them, we need to update the file template

The asynchronous pipeline automatically subscribes to observable data related to collections. When observable values ​​broadcast a new value, Angular automatically triggers change detection and processes the broadcast array.

Cara Menjalankan Web Angular Di Server Hosting

Directive, but note that we use optional concatenation there too (aka the safe navigation operator in Angular), when accessing

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Now when you create a new task in the UI and open Firestore, you should see something like this:

We are currently making optimistic updates in the application. We have our source of truth in Firestore, but at the same time we have local copies of quests; when any of the observable data associated with the collections is broadcast, we get a series of jobs. When a user action changes state, we first update the local values ​​and then push the change to Firestore.

Which runs on local instances of arrays representing tasks in each row. The Firebase SDK treats these arrays as immutable, which means the next time Angular runs change detection, we’ll get new instances of them, reflecting the previous state before the job moves.

At the same time, we run the Firestore update and Firebase SDK runs the update with the correct values, so within a few milliseconds the UI goes to the correct state. This will jump the task we just moved from the first list to the next. This can be seen in the GIF below:

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The correct way to resolve this issue varies from application to application, but in all cases we must ensure that we maintain a consistent state until the data is updated.

It reuses the array in change detection calls and only updates when we get a new value from Firestore.

You have created a user interface with three columns that display the status of different tasks. Using the Angular CDK, you have implemented drag and drop tasks in columns. Then, using the Angular material, you built a form for creating new tasks and

Cara Menjalankan Web Angular Di Server Hosting

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