Cara Menjadikan Github Sebagai Hosting

Cara Menjadikan Github Sebagai Hosting – Websites for you and your projects. Installed directly from your GitHub repository. Edit, drag, and your changes are live.

You can say that Github Pages is a free publishing provider for our site, Github Pages will publish the site from our repo. Of course, Github pages can only host static pages (html, css and javascript).

Cara Menjadikan Github Sebagai Hosting

Cara Menjadikan Github Sebagai Hosting

However, Github pages are easy to use for your repo and very useful for those who want to create free documentation.

Cara Mudah Upload Project Ke Github

Thus we will later create a special repo to host our website and it can be accessed through the url We will try to make it, of course you have a Github account.

First create a new repo by clicking the + button above, then select “New Repository”, then name the repo with and of course replace username with your Github account name, then click “Create Repository” click .

Since it’s so simple, I don’t use the git app in the terminal, to create a new file, click on the words “Create new file”.

Then you write some simple html code, since this is just an experiment, and then click below the words “Create a new file”.

Mudah! Begini Cara Hosting Di Github

And in my experience, sometimes the changes you make are not instant, it usually takes 1-5 minutes to change, so I suggest you make sure that the web page you print If desired, it is fixed, then print.

The project site refers to the website you specify based on your repo, usually this is used for the documentation page of your repo project because the resulting url is: . Unlike the previous method, you may notice that there is an additional url for your repo name.

The method is the same as above, you create a repo, but don’t add above, for example I created a repo, for example test

Cara Menjadikan Github Sebagai Hosting

You can also use your existing repo, no need to create another one. OK, then you click on the repo and click on the settings menu of the repo you want

Cara Membuat Hosting Gratis Di Github Pages

Next find the “github page” setting, change the source setting to “master-branch – use master-branch”. Assuming you have an index.html file in your repo.

So, you should create a folder named /docs and then put all the website files in that folder. Then select “gthub page settings with master branch/docs folder – use only docs…”

Therefore, you should create a new branch called gh-pages. Then submit your website to that affiliate.

You can choose from the three methods above, but if I build a site for documentation from a repo, I usually choose number 2, that is, using a special /docs/ folder.

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Well, these are 4 ways to publish a website on the internet using the free hosting provided by Github Pages, the above method uses Github. For more complex ones, use the git app from Terminal, or you can use a text editor with git support like Visual Studio Code to speed up the installation process.

My name is Alfian Dwi Nugraha, a kid with limited technical infrastructure but with a passion for continuous learning in the world of IT, all are welcome. In this post, I will cover how to upload web projects to Github pages. It’s easy, free and fast. Interested?, go ahead and follow along below.

Github Pages Github Pages is a Github feature that allows you to upload web projects and display them as your own web display. Unfortunately, github pages are only used for the frontend or only render static webviews, so php, java, python, ruby ​​or other backend files will not work in this feature.

Cara Menjadikan Github Sebagai Hosting

To install static files only. For those of you struggling in the frontline field, this feature is definitely useful. Web uploads are displayed on Github pages and displayed directly to clients, plus configuration is quick and easy. Besides having a design prototype that you can show others, you can use Github pages to host your portfolio without the hassle and expense.

Cara Menyimpan Javascript Secara Gratis Di Github

So, in this case we will try to create an online portfolio hosted on github pages. Let’s follow it completely below.

1. Create a new folder on your computer called Portfolio. Then create a file named index.html there. You can sign up for free folder space. Then open the following link and copy the script there.

Next, paste the previously copied script into the index.html file, and then run the index.html file in the browser. Then the result will look like the image below. It looks very nice and very modern.

Please edit and adjust your personal information accordingly. Or if you have your own design, you can use this design.

Cara Membuat Folder Di Github » Kompirasi

2. The next step is to create a new repository on GitHub. The method is to enter each of your Github accounts and then click the green New button on the left side of the screen.

3. Then please enter repository name, description name, select public, and add README file to the checklist. Then click the Create Backup button.

4. Next, you will be immediately redirected to the warehouse page you created. The next step is to upload the file we created and edited. Click Add file → Upload files → Select or drag your files → Edit

Cara Menjadikan Github Sebagai Hosting

5. Last step, please click on Settings → Select Page menu on the left side → In the Source section, click on one, then select Original → and then Save.

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Ok, by now your project portfolio is online. Please login using the provided url after the page is successfully created. Mine looks like below picture or you can see demo in below link

How easy is it? Well, now you can create another project and install it as described above. Have a great looking website but no hosting, don’t worry, upload it to Github!

This is the title this time for my short tutorial on how to upload a web site to free hosting with GitHub pages. Hope this is helpful, if you have any question, please ask directly in the comment column below. See you in another interesting lesson. 😀

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Cara Upload Website Ke Hosting Gratis Dengan Github Pages

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