Cara Mengurangi Kuota Hosting

Cara Mengurangi Kuota Hosting – A powerful way that will help you save your internet quota. Do you often run out of internet quota? Don’t worry as there are several ways that will help you save your internet fee.

There is no denying that using the internet share is now an essential need in addition to the pandemic age that requires many to meet and socialize virtually.

Cara Mengurangi Kuota Hosting

Cara Mengurangi Kuota Hosting

However, for those of you who want to go cheaper using the internet share, keep following the following review. Now that the internet fee is also inversely proportional to the price, the more and faster connections are offered, the higher the price.

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But don’t worry because the sophistication of the current smartphone operating system can also help you do a number of things that can help you save your internet quota so that you can use it longer.

For those of you using the Chrome browser, you can use this data saving feature to save height.

The trick is you can go to Settings > Data saver > ON menu. This feature will compress the data up to 50% so that you can reduce the data usage on your android phone.

This method is also a powerful method, you deactivate your account with a choice of sync options and you do not use it regularly.

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The method is very simple, that is, you can access the menu Settings> Accounts> Select the account that you do not want to synchronize. This method will help you save your internet quota because this program will not connect to the internet automatically.

For those of you who want to save money using internet quota, you can use this method as well. Especially if you are an Android user, of course you are already familiar with the data usage warning and system prompting features that already exist on an Android phone.

You can take advantage of this feature to get an alert when your data usage has exceeded the limit. The way you do this is to go to settings > Data usage > Cellular data > Set cellular data limit and tap to turn it on.

Cara Mengurangi Kuota Hosting

You can also use this method in order not to waste your quota, this application was created to make it easier for us to connect to the Internet, but sometimes this can mean that it takes a lot of quota.

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You can try using this method to find out which applications are using a large part of your data quota, by going to the menu Settings > Data usage > Scroll down and find a list of your applications that are use a lot of your data.

Later you can uninstall the program and replace it with a new program that saves more on your data quota.

If you use applications from the Google Play Store, your mobile phone usually updates installed applications automatically. So, usually this can use a large part of your quota, so for this you can use this method, ie. just turn on wifi.

> Auto-update apps > Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only. The number of program updates varies, so using this method makes your Internet quota more effective and cheaper.

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This is all Anugrah Pratama’s discussion on effective ways that will help you save your internet fee. Hopefully, the following review can help you provide a solution so that using your Internet data quota can be more efficient for exploring cyberspace. Without a data or internet quota, you will not be able to access the internet.

Yes, even if you don’t have a quota, there is still a solution, and that is by using wifi. The quota can be used for various things from browsing, watching Youtube videos, downloading music or anime, and much more.

Of these many tasks, you need to pay attention to how much data quota you have. Because if you can’t, your quota will run out. In addition to active activities such as browsing and watching YouTube, which use a significant amount of quota, there are also passive activities.

Cara Mengurangi Kuota Hosting

Passive activities such as receiving messages from WhatsApp, Line, BBM or other communications. When you receive a message and the video will download automatically and this will use the quota you have.

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So, for those of you who like to use 3 prepaid cards, you obviously know about the promotions that are often announced. This promotion often provides quite a large portion of the Internet, so you can be satisfied with surfing the Internet.

Browsing too often can make your quota costly or deplete quickly. Obviously, you need a way to save quota 3 so that your quota lasts. If this is your problem, here are some ways to save your Internet 3.1 card quota. Take advantage of Chrome’s data saving feature

If you are a person who likes to browse using Google Chrome then you have to go through this method. A feature of Chrome is to save data while browsing. This way you won’t run out of quota significantly and you can save a small fee from the surfing activities you do. Now to activate this feature, try the following steps.

The next feature that can help you save your internet quota is to turn on the data limit feature. Using this function you can control your data usage according to your wishes.

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If you have used data that is almost over the limit, a warning will appear automatically. The data usage warning is a kind of warning against excessive data usage. To activate this feature, follow these steps.

There’s nothing wrong with syncing an account linked to a smartphone. However, if you want to save data or internet quota, you should disable this feature for unnecessary accounts. This synchronization is done with a small quota, although this method is very effective for saving existing data. To do this, you can go through the following steps.

This feature is rarely known in general. This feature works to prevent background data usage, so it can help your program save data. If there is an application running in the background, it will end automatically and as a result, the notification you will receive will be slightly later than before. To activate this method, here’s how.

Cara Mengurangi Kuota Hosting

Many applications installed on your mobile phone are updated frequently, be it system or features. This requires an update to be performed, which can be done automatically or even set to do so. Automatic updating of applications is one of the activities that drains a large enough share. So, to turn off the auto update feature in this application, here’s how.

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For the next method, you can also search for different applications that use a lot of internet data and delete them. But this is not mandatory, it also depends on the importance or lack of importance of the request. If it’s really important, you don’t need to delete it, and if it’s not important, you can delete it. For those of you who want to know which applications use a lot of data, you can see it from:

So, here are some ways to save 3 shares that you can do. The above methods have been effective in controlling your internet data usage so that it becomes more efficient. For those of you who are considered crazy when it comes to using your internet quota, this may be the solution to your current problem.

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Cara Mengurangi Kuota Hosting

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