Cara Mengupload Database Ke Web Hosting

Cara Mengupload Database Ke Web Hosting – Once we’re happy with the look of the WordPress-based website we’ve built on Localhost (you can check out the WordPress setup tutorial here), we can immediately move the web data and database to the host. Here are the steps.

If you haven’t created a database on your server yet, create one first. You can create a MySql database in cPanel > MySql Database. From there you can get:

Cara Mengupload Database Ke Web Hosting

Cara Mengupload Database Ke Web Hosting

Prepare the wordpress application database you created offline. Back up your database If you are using phpMyAdmin, access phpMyAdmin from your web browser (http://localhost/phpmyadmin)

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From the Database drop-down menu, select the WordPress database you want to upload. After the database is selected and the tables are displayed, click the export button, then select all and check the Add dropdown table box. Don’t substitute anything else unless you know what you’re doing. Select “Save as file” and click the “go” button in the lower right corner of the browser. The browser will issue a save confirmation to the local computer.

After creating the database and user (step 1) and exporting the database to the local computer (step 2). Open the phpMyAdmin menu in cPanel. Select the database named ( _wordpress) that you created earlier in the first step. After the database is selected, click the import button and view the backup database file and Go to import.

Before uploading the wordpress files to the server via FTP, first zip them into a single Zip file in all the files and directories of the wordpress installation on your local computer. Use normal (standard) compression to compress WordPress files and directories.

Upload the .zip file from ftp/filezilla to speed up the upload process and avoid upload errors. To make the wordpress plugin your main site, upload the wordpress zip file to the /public_html directory so that the wordpress plugin is accessible via Once the upload is complete, go to cPanel > File Manager, locate the file you uploaded (in the public_html directory), right-click the file, and extract it.

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Before step 4, if you try to access the website, you may encounter an error/error message. This is because your local server’s wp-config.php file does not contain any information related to your hosting account details. The wp-config.php file stores the database name, user database, and password information created in the hosting account. In it, you need to change the details as follows:

Go to cPanel > File Manager. Place the wp-config.php file in your wordpress root directory. Right-click the file and click “Code Edit”, change the below line of code according to the information we created in step 1:

[PHP]. change     to set ( ‘ DB_NAME ‘ , ‘ ‘cerita35_wordpress’ ‘);

Cara Mengupload Database Ke Web Hosting

This is the last and most important step. We need to edit the database, which in the example above is the “cerita35_wordpress” database, so that it can connect to our WordPress files. All we need to do is change the URL, which in this case is from “http://localhost/wordpress284/” to “”.

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If you don’t do this step, your site won’t show up because WordPress files with their database are like two love birds that can’t be separated. Steps to edit the database: Start phpMyAdmin in the control panel. Click on the database name, in this case “cerita35_wordpress”. Select and click the wp_options table. Click [Browse] on the screen that appears. There are 2 things in an ordered table.

A. Edit the “siteurl” entry in the “option_name” column. Click edit or pen the picture to edit. Replace “option_value” with (set the path directory where the wordpress file is located and your domain name). b. Edit the Home entry in the same column. If you can’t find it, click the arrow below the table. The editing method is the same as for the siteurl entry above.

7. Access your domain name through a browser. If you can’t log in or have problems, please contact CS on duty. For file upload tutorial website must have hosting first, for example here I will use 000webhost free hosting, actually there are many other free hosting providers but in this example I will use 000webhost.

If you want to know more information about free web hosting or free web hosting, you can first read the article free web hosting, create a website with zero rupees.

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If you don’t have an account yet, click “SIGN UP FOR FREE”, then fill in the content according to your email address. address, or if you already have a 000webhost ACCOUNT, just sign up…

Although if using free hosting I still recommend to buy hosting because free hosting is mostly trial / not good for website competition issues, website is also vulnerable to hacked hosting but it doesn’t matter if you already use it and want to again buy hosting. initially without money please buy here because it is actually the same product

Now you just need to export your website data, for example, I have a website that you previously accessed via localhost, I will bring it online by opening it on localhost, enter PhpMyAdmin, export your website SQL data.

Cara Mengupload Database Ke Web Hosting

You already have the SQL data… go back to 000webhost and then in PhpMyAdmin to 000webhost so we will move our website SQL data to 000webhost later.

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In the image below, import/enter your website’s previously saved SQL file data, then scroll down Click GO / SUBMIT

After this, there will usually be some script changes as the SQL data that was previously on localhost is now moved to 000webhost.

So to connect the SQL data before, we first changed this to SYSCONFIG.INC for me, it might be a little bit the same, this is the script that connects the data.

The code is more or less like this, just change it according to the 000webhost database we created earlier in the database creation phase, it’s the same. then save…

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The last step is to upload your website, in 000webhost you go to File manager ==> Scroll down ==> upload file now

After clicking file upload, wait for it to finish, you will be redirected to 000webhost file manager where the website files will be saved.

Then first unzip the extracted folder in 000webhost…then move all the files in the site folder to public_html.

Cara Mengupload Database Ke Web Hosting

Then if its done click on the public_html file above then click on CHOOSE FILE then just delete the folder which was on my site because the content was empty before all the files were moved to public_html that’s it… Mirza M. Haekal Follow Mirzan Member is At the SEO team. He likes to learn something new every day.

Cara Upload Database Website Ke Hosting

Want to move your website database from your computer to a web host so you can access it online? You have come to the right place.

In this article, you will learn how to import a database from local hosting to web hosting. Relax, the method is really very suitable for beginners. Let’s continue the discussion.

Before moving your XAMPP database to a host, you must first prepare the localhost site file. To do this, go to your XAMPP > htdocs > wordpress installation folder.

Then extract the entire contents of the wordpress folder into a .ZIP. You can give the ZIP any name you want. For example, we decided to use the name

Upload Database Mysql

Once your website files are compressed, it’s time to retrieve your localhost database using XAMPP. The trick is to open the XAMPP application and click Start on Apache and MySQL.

Then open your browser and type localhost/phpmyadmin. Select the database you want to import to the host, then select the Export menu and click Go. The database will be downloaded to your computer with a .SQL extension

Before taking steps to upload files to hosting, make sure you already have hosting and domain, ok. If you don’t already have it, you can subscribe to a hosting package based on your site’s needs.

Cara Mengupload Database Ke Web Hosting

First, login to your cPanel and select File Manager. However, if you are a user, go to the members area and select the File Manager menu as shown below:

Cara Import Database Mysql Di Cpanel Via Phpmyadmin

Then go to the public_html folder and click “Upload”. Then select your site’s .ZIP file to upload earlier. When the upload process is complete, click Back… below it to return to the file manager.

Finally, when you’re back in the file manager, first right-click on the ZIP file and select Extract. Good luck! All your localhost site files have been moved to the host.

First, you need to create a MySQL database in cPanel. You can then import the database to the host. To do this, go back to the cPanel homepage and click on phpMyAdmin.

On the left, select your newly created database, then click Import. Click “Choose File” and select the “localhost” database you saved on your computer. After that click Go.

Cara Upload Website Ke Hosting

Good luck! The Localhost database has been successfully imported to your web hosting. However, if you try to open the site immediately, you will get an error. Wow, why is that?

This error occurs because you haven’t changed the wp-config.php file in the previously uploaded ZIP file. In fact, the data in the file does not match the hosting you have.

Therefore, you need to connect the PHP file to MySQL. To do this, you can create a new PHP file in the public_html directory. You can specify any name, for example databaseconnection.php.

Cara Mengupload Database Ke Web Hosting

For a more complete explanation, you can refer to this guide → How to connect a PHP database to MySQL

Import Dan Eksport Database Localhost Ke Hosting

It turns out that importing a database from a local host to a web hosting is not that difficult, right? You will not get confused because only five steps are enough. From preparing files to uploading them to web hosting.

Also, make sure you use a reliable hosting service so that your website is available 24 hours a day. One of them that offers cheap Indonesian hosting services from IDR 27,000 per month and a free domain.

So, I hope you find the above guide helpful. If you have any questions or problems with the database import, please leave a comment below. Best of luck!

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