Cara Mengonlinekan WordPress Offline Ke Hosting WordPress

Cara Mengonlinekan WordPress Offline Ke Hosting WordPress – Creating a website is easy, you know, it costs money and it can be free. It can now be done by anyone without any “coding” knowledge. If you can run an Android phone, you can definitely create your own free website. Because basically all apps both mobile and computer are designed to make our activities easier. Similarly, web applications are designed similarly so the installation process can easily be done from developer to developer.

So in this article I invite you to find out how to choose a website, create a website and optimize it. It’s really funny to me. Over the years I have made many website optimization tutorials but still haven’t done the first installation step, hehe πŸ˜† πŸ˜† So this time I’ll finish it even if it’s a little bit and not a piece. After reading this article you can create your own website in the future.

Cara Mengonlinekan WordPress Offline Ke Hosting WordPress

Cara Mengonlinekan WordPress Offline Ke Hosting WordPress

Site selection is one of the most important factors in determining the continuity of the site itself. If you make the wrong choice from the beginning, the bet will be a waste of time. This means you need to be sure of what kind of website, email, portal, online store or whatever you want to create first. By er in the martial arts world I mean a “site” has many types of website content management in the world. This content management CMS is called a content management system. Therefore, this CMS is classified according to the functions of the CMS, for example:

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Next, where do you set up your website? And what is the purpose of the site? Whether the need is for learning, just for curiosity, or just for fun, is limited to wanting to “be” on the Internet. So it is good and you can choose free web hosting services from free hosting. But if the goal is for more serious needs, especially for business websites, don’t use free hosting. In my experience, I got fired for using free hosting in 2011. Imagine hosting changes 13 times in just 9 months. At that time, hundreds of visitors came to my site a day, but it was removed because it was a load on the server.

Trust me, you won’t want to feel this bitterness. Free hosting is best for learning only, for business websites, of course you have to use capital. Of course, you can only choose cheap, you don’t need to post with great features. At least in paid hosting there is security and safety from the hosting service. In the paid service you can get data backup equipment, server maintenance responsible for contacting the hosting party if there is a problem.

After deciding the destination of the website you want to create, the next step is to set up the website creation service. There are basically two types of free websites that can be created, yes and no.

Meanwhile, if that’s not the only purpose of creating a website, you can opt for free hosting. You need to know the type of website, for example, online store, portal or platform using a separate CMS. Meanwhile, this CMS needs to be installed on the host for it to work. And you need a host (the server where the data is stored) to install it.

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Among the popular free hosting is Here you can install many types of websites for free, including webmasters. But unfortunately it doesn’t use CPanel, which is widely used by paid hosts. Free hosting options that use CPanel include, InfinityFree.Net or GoogieHost.Com.

But still I remind you to use free hosting only for learning. If you are good at creating websites, I suggest using paid hosting. Especially if the website you are creating is for business, commercial or other official purposes.

Do you know if there is an option to create a cheap website with Domain Capital? Yes, you only need to buy a domain. You may already have a niche website. Even if you use the free web services above, you can use your own domain. The trick is to use free DNS (Domain Name System) parking or domain parking, for example:

Cara Mengonlinekan WordPress Offline Ke Hosting WordPress

This means that the website address “” with the DNS pool can be accessed using “”. Many of these DNS parking services are provided free forever. These free DNS providers include,,, https://www.dnsexit. com and others included.

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So you have to buy the domain while removing the website content from the website for free. This trick is so common that many or germans use this DNS parking. Free hosting can also be included for users, but keep in mind that it is better to buy paid hosting if the visitors have started a lot. If not, you may be as doomed as I am.

To build a business website, of course, you need capital. His name is also business, of course, commercial interests, money flying. You need to set up an online store to make money. If you want to earn money from Google Adsense, the money will decrease. Even creating a portfolio website, the goal is fame and reputation or CV. CV for work and decorations? The last one is money…

But fear not, the capital you spend here is to ensure your safety and peace. By choosing a paid service, your investment will be saved. In addition, in my opinion, buying a paid website now is not expensive. Now I only spend Rp. You know only 283,800 per year. details:

Host price IDR 108,000 + 10% tax (IDR 10,800) = IDR 118,800 Domain price (.net) IDR 150,000 + 10% tax (IDR 15,000) = IDR 165,000 Total IDR 165,000 IDR 165,000 Total ID, 81

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Note: The hosting package I chose was Impressive D with 350 MB, unlimited bandwidth. With such allowance, I was able to live since 2012. And Alhamdulillah, one year of capital is covered and there is a bonus too πŸ˜€ If you are interested in buying the hosting package I am using, go to this post.

For other hosting providers, the price is really competitive and not much different. To be more free to create your website, I suggest buying a domain with hosting. The domain serves as your website address, for example While the hosting function saves the CMS data, images and other files.

Domain prices vary by TLD (Top Level Domain) domain type, usually higher than Rp. 100,000. However, it is Rs 9,000 to 10,000 for non-users of the cheapest TLD. Price range:

Cara Mengonlinekan WordPress Offline Ke Hosting WordPress

.site / .online / .xyx / / .space / .website Price Rp.9,000 ~ Rp.18,000 / / / Rp.45,000 ~ Rp. Rp. 60,000 .com / .net /.info / .org IDR 110,000 ~ IDR 175,000 / .id / .in / .club IDR 220,000 ~ IDR approx. 275,000 .news / .top / .email / .IDR 340,000 ~ Photos about IDR. 400,000

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Even this price varies depending on the hosting provider. To make it cheaper, look for when hosting offers discount packages. For more specific pricing, go to Domain Values ​​here.

Hosting prices usually vary based on storage space, bandwidth limits, number of websites, number of emails, etc. Prices start from Rp. 9000 / month (Rp. 108,000 / year) to hundreds of thousands per month. The purpose and type of website are the things to consider before you buy a hosting package.

350MB ~ 500MB storage space is sufficient for a website. But for an online store or gallery, for example, you need additional storage space. Because images and other data need to be uploaded. It’s like setting up a school e-learning website, except of course it requires a large container for students’ homework, photo files, and so on.

Another thing is that this bandwidth is the maximum data limit provided by the hosting during the data transfer process. Bandwidth is related to visitor traffic or number of visits to your website. Every time you open a page, for example, the data transfer process costs 1MB. So if your bandwidth is 1GB (1000MB), the maximum traffic is 1000 times.

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Is SSL provided or not? SSL (Secure Socker Layers) is a function of securing a website, as it can then be enabled via the https protocol. Email, subdomains, backups and other functions are usually standard for all hosting services. Details of the hosting price range can be seen here.

Now it’s time to create a website and you can do it even for beginners. For those who have purchased hosting or are using free hosting, please use Installer Soft, the easiest web installer. Softaculous is a tool integrated with Cpanel whose job is to install a website in a few clicks. The process of setting up a website with Softaculous is fast and automatic. In minutes, your website will be ready to go online and accessible from anywhere.

In Softaculous, there are many types of websites that can be installed. Most complete compared to other web development tools like Fantastico or Bitnami Softaculous. So use this tool for regular hosting. You can install CMS, online store, platform and other web applications. But in this case I will give an example of installing WordPress.

Cara Mengonlinekan WordPress Offline Ke Hosting WordPress

Do you know which CMS is most used to create websites around the world? Yes, nothing but WordPress. According to as of 2020, WordPress holds 60.5% “market share” of all websites worldwide. This means that 60% of all websites are WordPress.

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Total live website registered WordPress users: 24, 808, 990. Out of the million websites in the world, 318,828 are WordPress based websites (maybe I’m included and hey…). And the best thing is that WordPress is used by trusted and world famous brands.

So you’ve decided on WordPress? Yes me! Or is it more… Although Ging is called CMS, the truth is that WordPress is not only for nge. WordPress is dynamic and flexible, it can be used as an online store, portal, gallery and more. With the help of thousands of unique plugins, WordPress can become any website.

Install WordPress with Softaculous just like installing any other website. It only takes 3 minutes to have a website live and online instantly. For this stage, I have prepared the following video and script:

If you don’t have hosting yet, you can install WordPress.

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