Cara Mengonlinekan File Php Ke Hosting

Cara Mengonlinekan File Php Ke Hosting – Therefore, in this article we will explain how to upload a website using several tools, which are certainly familiar. The steps are:

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Cara Mengonlinekan File Php Ke Hosting

Cara Mengonlinekan File Php Ke Hosting

Creating a website with peak performance should not be taken lightly. One of the most important things is the quality of the web hosting service you choose, along with all the great features you need to start creating and getting your website online.

Cara Mudah Onlinekan Localhost Atau Project Web Dengan

The next step is to choose the right tools to bring the site to life. Here are the four most commonly used web upload tools:

This browser-based tool has all the great features for managing files and folders. If you choose, you will have access to this tool!

However, this device has a drawback, which is the load limit. We recommend using FTP if your website’s backup size is larger than 256MB.

Since every web host comes with FTP by default, you can use it to configure your own FTP application (for example, FileZilla). All the information needed to upload the site is stored in the FTP account under Files.

Langkah Upload WordPress Ke Hosting Dengan Localhost

There are no restrictions if you want to upload your website using FTP. This means you can export backup archives of any size.

In , there is a feature called Site Import. This feature can be used to export web archives up to 256 MB directly into the public_html directory.

As you know, WordPress is a platform known for its easy management. If you use WordPress, there are several ways to edit your website. One of the easiest ways is to use a plugin like All in One WP Migration, which will perform a website migration.

Cara Mengonlinekan File Php Ke Hosting

Unfortunately, the weak point of this plugin is the size limit of the website archives that can be uploaded, which is 256 MB. Actually, this weakness can be overcome by purchasing the premium version.

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If your website file size is larger than 256MB, your best option is to use FTP. For more information, read our article on WordPress migrations.

Let’s start with File Manager – the tool we created to make life easier for webmasters. Open the file manager and select the upload file icon in the top right menu.

If you want to upload your website using FTP and FileZilla, first extract the website archive to your computer (as FTP applications do not have an extraction function).

By extracting the site files first, you can transfer all the files directly to public_html without doing anything else. Otherwise, you will have to connect via SSH and extract the archive manually.

Cara Upload Website Ke Hosting Gratis Dengan Github Pages

You can move a website from a subfolder to the main domain using a file manager or FTP. Proceed as follows:

After all the website files are successfully uploaded, the next step is to check if the website is ready to go online. If the domain redirects, then all you have to do is open the domain in your browser.

One thing to remember, if the domain was only assigned to our servers, then you will need to wait 24 hours for the DNS to fully propagate.

Cara Mengonlinekan File Php Ke Hosting

However, if the domain points to another provider, there are several ways to check if the website and domain are accessible:

Cara Instalasi Moodle Di Cpanel Hosting

Follow all guidelines and procedures properly to ensure website content goes live successfully. However, if you encounter any problems, please contact us. We are here to help you 24/7! 😉

Joy! You just learned how to upload a website. As mentioned above, you can upload your website using an FTP client. However, files can only be uploaded one at a time and it takes a very long time.

If you want to start a blog or website online, everything you need to upload your project to the World Wide Web is clear!

Ariata loves writing and translating and is currently working as a translator in Indonesia. Through articles and tutorials published on the blog, Ariata hopes to share knowledge about websites, WordPress and other things related to hosting with readers. In this tutorial, I will show you the steps on how to install and configure MIKHMON for hosting so that it can be accessed online as well as publicly. MIKHMON is an application similar to MIKBOTAM. It is made in PHP programming language. The purpose is to make Mikrotik configuration and management easier. We can use MIKHMON application to create hotspot accounts, create credentials, etc. MIKHMON itself uses the Mikrotik API port, so MIKHMON and Mikrotik can connect to each other. Also Read: MIKBOTAM on Localhost Can Be Accessed Online Using Subdomains. Apart from that, in the lesson titled “Installing MIKHMON and MIKBOTAM on Localhost for Online Access Using Subdomains”, we can install MIKHMON and MIKBOTAM on the same computer and go online.

Tutorial Cara Menggunakan Xampp Untuk Menjalankan Php & Mysql

Since MIKHMON Api uses Mikrotik as access, we need to enable it by going to IP -> Services menu. Or use the following CLI commands:

Managed MIKHMON is successfully installed and has https access, so we can access MIKHMON from anywhere as long as the connection to Mikrotik is available (online).

In the tutorial titled “How to Setup Mikrotik hAP Lite RB941-2ND for Coupons Using Mikhmon”, the steps to generate hotspot coupons using Mikrotik hAP Lite RB941-2ND are explained. Also Read: How to Install Mikhmon Online on Free Hosting.

Cara Mengonlinekan File Php Ke Hosting

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Cara Upload Laravel Ke Hosting Jetorbit Dengan Mudah

Do you want to transfer your website database from your computer to web hosting so that you can access it online? You have come to the right place!

In this article, you will learn how to export database from localhost to virtual host. Keep it simple, this method is really beginner-friendly. Let’s discuss more!

Before migrating your XAMPP database to hosting, you must first prepare your localhost site files. To do this, go to XAMPP installation folder > htdocs > wordpress.

Next, extract all the contents of the wordpress folder into a .ZIP file. You can give any name to the ZIP. For example, we chose to use the name

File Transfer Upload Failed

After zipping the site files, it’s time to mount the localhost database via XAMPP. The trick is, open the XAMPP application and click Start Apache and MySQL.

Next, open a browser and type localhost/phpmyadmin. Select the database to be imported to the host, then select the Export menu and click Start. The database will be downloaded to your computer with a .SQL extension

Before uploading files to the host, make sure you already have a host and a domain, ok! If you don’t already have one, you can subscribe to a hosting package tailored to your website’s needs.

Cara Mengonlinekan File Php Ke Hosting

First, log into your cPanel at and select File Manager. Alternatively, if you are a user, go to the Members area and select the File Manager menu as shown below:

Tutorial Upload Aplikasi Laravel Ke Hosting

Next, go to the public_html folder and click Upload. Next, select the .ZIP file of your previous website to upload. After the upload process is complete, click “Back…” at the bottom to return to your file manager.

Finally, back in the file manager, right-click on the ZIP file now, and select Select. joy! All your localhost site files have been transferred to the host.

First, you must first create a MySQL database in cPanel. You can then add the database to the hosting. To do this, go back to the cPanel home page and click on phpMyAdmin.

Select the database you just created on the left and click Import. Click Choose File and select the local database you saved on your computer. After that, click Go.

Cara Upload Laravel Ke Hosting [cepat & Mudah!]

Joy! The localhost database has been successfully uploaded to your web host. However, if you try to open the website immediately, you will get an error. Wow, why is that?

This error occurs because you did not modify the wp-config.php file in the previously uploaded ZIP. In fact, the information in the file does not match the hosting account you have.

Therefore, you need to connect your PHP files to MySQL. To do this, you can create a new PHP file in the public_html directory. You can give it any name you want, for example databaseconnection.php.

Cara Mengonlinekan File Php Ke Hosting

For a complete explanation you can check out this guide → How to Connect a PHP Database to MySQL

Auto Login To Cpanel Online File Manager

Turns out, how to add a database from localhost to virtualhost is not that difficult, right? You will not be confused because only five steps are enough. From preparing files to uploading them to web hosting.

Also make sure you use a reliable hosting service so that your website is accessible 24 hours a day. One of them offers cheap Indonesian hosting starting at IDR 27,000 per month with a free domain name.

So, I hope the above guide is useful for you. If you have any questions or face any difficulty importing the database, please leave a comment below. good luck!

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Panduan Lengkap Instalasi Rdm Versi Instaler Vdi Dan Hosting

In the previous article, you learned how to install Laravel on your host machine. The next thing you need to learn is how to load Laravel on the host. With this guide, you can do it quickly and easily. If you have site files created with Laravel, please see the guide below.

There are two ways to upload Laravel to the host: (1) Merge the “public” folder with the “laravel” folder. (2) Separate the “public” folder from the “laravel” folder. For convenience, we use the first method.

In this guide, we will transfer files from localhost access to domain. How to install Laravel on your host consists of six steps, namely:

Cara Mengonlinekan File Php Ke Hosting

By default, Laravel will directly access the Laravel root folder instead of its public folder. So you need to create a path to directly access the index.php file in the “public” folder when accessing the domain.

Upload File Menggunakan File Manager Di Cpanel

Set free

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