Cara Mengkoneksikan Database Mysql Di Hosting

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Do you want to move your website’s database from your computer to a web host to access it online? You’ve come to the right place!

Cara Mengkoneksikan Database Mysql Di Hosting

Cara Mengkoneksikan Database Mysql Di Hosting

In this article, you will learn how to import a database from localhost to hosting. Relax, the method is really beginner friendly. Let’s continue the discussion!

Cara Memperbaiki Kesalahan Saat Membuat Koneksi Database Di WordPress

Before moving the XAMPP database to hosting, you must first prepare the localhost site file. To do this, go to your XAMPP > htdocs > wordpress installation folder.

Then compress the entire contents of the wordpress folder into a .ZIP file. You can give the zip any name you want. For example, we decided to use the name

Now that you’ve compressed your website files, it’s time to download your localhost database via XAMPP. The trick is to open the XAMPP application and then click Start on Apache and MySQL.

Then open your browser and type localhost/phpmyadmin. Select the database you want to import into your hosting, then select the Export menu and click Go. The database will be downloaded to your computer with the .SQL extension

Cara Upload File Ke Hosting Dengan Cpanel

Before you follow the steps of uploading files to the hosting, make sure you already have a hosting and domain, ok! If you don’t already have one, you can purchase a hosting package tailored to your website’s needs.

First, log into your cPanel at and select File Manager. However, if you are a user, go to the members area and select the File Manager menu as shown below:

Then go to the public_html folder and click Upload. Then select your site’s .ZIP file to upload in advance. Once the upload process is complete, click Return to… below to return to the file manager.

Cara Mengkoneksikan Database Mysql Di Hosting

Finally, when you return to the file manager, first right-click on the ZIP file and then select Extract. Good luck! All your localhost site files have been migrated to hosting.

Tutorial Esp32 Water Level Database Mysql Dan Notifikasi Telegram

First, you need to create a MySQL database in cPanel. Then you can import the database into your hosting. To do this, go back to the cPanel home page and click on phpMyAdmin.

On the left, select the database you just created, then click Import. Click Select File and select the localhost database saved on your computer. Then click Go.

Good luck! The Localhost database has been successfully imported to your hosting. However, if you try to open the site immediately, you’ll get an error. Wow, why is that?

This error occurs because you have not modified the wp-config.php file in the zip file that was previously uploaded. In fact, the data in the file does not match your hosting account.

Cara Membuat Database Mysql

So you need to link the PHP file with MySQL. To do this, you can create a new PHP file in the public_html directory. You can give any name, for example databaseconnection.php.

For a fuller explanation, you can refer to this guide → How to Connect a PHP Database to MySQL

Turns out importing a database from localhost to hosting isn’t too hard, right? You won’t go wrong because it only takes five steps. From preparing files to uploading them to hosting.

Cara Mengkoneksikan Database Mysql Di Hosting

Also, make sure you use a reliable web hosting service to keep your website up and running 24/7. One of them that offers cheap Indonesian hosting services from IDR 27,000 per month and a free domain.

Upload Database Mysql

So, I hope you find the above guide useful. If you have any questions or problems with database import, please leave a comment below. Good luck!

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1. Log in to your cpanel domain, you can do it from the member area or from the login details sent by email. Then find the menu called MySQL Databases

2. After entering the first column of the Create a new database section, enter the name of the database you want to create if you clicked the Create database button

Koneksi Database Mysql Di Php

3. After the database creation is complete, create a user and password for the database you created earlier. Scroll down the page and find MySQL users, fill in all information including the user’s password, it must be a strong character, if you forget the password write it down in a notepad/note app.

4. In the next step, add users to the created database by selecting the “Add user to database” option and clicking the “Add” button.

5. Then you will be taken to several checklist options, select ALL PERMISSIONS, make sure all options are checked in the green box as shown below and click “Make Changes”.

Cara Mengkoneksikan Database Mysql Di Hosting

6. After clicking Apply Changes, make sure that a green Success Notification appears in the upper right corner, indicating that the settings were successful.

Cara Membuat Database Mysql Di Localhost/phpmyadmin

So this tutorial is about creating a database and connecting to a user if there is any problem contact us via Live Chat we will help you with the problem until it is finished 🙂 When uploading a website to hosting one of the preparations can be that what needs to be done is to create a database, because if the site is extensive, the database is really needed, but it’s different if the site only has a few static pages, maybe only the html is ready.

One of the databases that are often relied upon for web development is the MySQL database as this database is quite reliable for serving small to medium sized websites.

If you have ever built a website on a local host called your own computer you may be familiar with phpMyAdmin which is a scripting program that will help developers to create or manage databases especially MySQL, with phpMyAdmin it is very easy for us as we are for creating databases not cmd terminal is already needed.

However, based on the experience of using two hosting providers in Indonesia that use cPanel a lot, the database cannot only use phpMyAdmin, but there are a few steps to follow before that,

Cara Hosting Web Di Cpanel Yang Paling Mudah

My goal in writing this article is to complement other web development tutorials, rather than writing a lot of tutorials, I prefer to create a specific title. Below I will explain how to create a MySQL database on cPanel hosting

This is a tutorial on how to create a database on cpanel hosting it is quite easy the hardest part is designing the database structure to be efficient and not slow and you need a good website or database application to use the data this all, see you in another article, thanks

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