Cara Menginstal Template Jomla Di Hosting

Cara Menginstal Template Jomla Di Hosting – At the beginning of 2010, Joomla became one of the most popular CMS. Apart from the easy installation method of Joomla, Joomla is also known as one of the CMS that provides very complete modules at that time.

In this guide, we will tell you how to install Joomla in cPanel through the Softaculous menu. Before moving on to the installation method, we will explain a little bit what Joomla CMS is.

Cara Menginstal Template Jomla Di Hosting

Cara Menginstal Template Jomla Di Hosting

Joomla is one of the popular CMS used by many website designers today. One of the reasons Joomla is so popular is that it has thousands of free extensions and templates that you can use.

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Softaculous is one of the auto-installer features of cPanel which has more than 155 scripts and Softaculous is still adding more. With Softaculous, the process of installing website scripts or CMS becomes easy.

For customers with shared hosting services, you can easily install Joomla from the cPanel “Softaculous” menu.

Note: To install Joomla on the main domain, delete the index.php file in public_html. To do this, go to cpanel > file manager > public_html > delete the default index.php file. How to install Joomla in cPanel

After the installation is complete, you can access the admin page to manage your website. You can find the Joomla admin login via the domain name/admin link.

How To Install Joomla Template And Quickstart?

How to install Joomla in cPanel is very easy, right? If you encounter problems during the installation process or have questions about how to install it, please do not hesitate to contact support to help you review it.

Joomla is one of the most popular CMS today. To make your website more secure, make sure you are using the latest version of the Joomla CMS (the latest version of Joomla when this article was published was Joomla 3.4…

As we all know, Joomla is a CMS that can be used to create websites instantly. By default, Joomla has provided various interesting features for creating websites …

Cara Menginstal Template Jomla Di Hosting

ReCAPTCHA is a free service that works to protect sites from spam and bots. Guide on how to add Recaptcha to Joomla CMS: Login to Joomla admin via url Enter menu…Follow David Kurniawan Technical content writer specializing in Virtual Private Servers (VPS), WordPress and Internet Marketing. David is passionate about helping people improve their businesses online.

Tiga Langkah Instalasi Joomla 3

Joomla is a CMS or Content Management System that is often used to create personal websites or business websites. Joomla is currently used by more than 3 percent of all sites on the Internet. Joomla is commonly used for forum websites, online stores, ticket booking and websites that require an accurate data inventory system.

In this guide, we provide a tutorial on how to install Joomla, create a website using Joomla, and explain some of the commonly used Joomla features.

. Joomla is the second most popular CMS in the world after WordPress. Joomla is used to create any type of website, such as personal websites, blogs, e-commerce, games, etc.

Joomla has 35 extensions and each extension has hundreds of categories. Joomla extensions are used to manage websites or improve website performance. These extensions are divided into several categories, namely:

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After successfully logging in to the cPanel page, find the Softaculous App Installer menu. You can also search for Joomla using the cPanel search feature. Then, click on the Joomla icon as shown below.

You will be redirected to the Joomla installation page as shown below. Then click the Install Now button to start installing Joomla.

After filling in the information as shown in the image above, click Install to start the Joomla installation process. Then, wait for the installation process to complete.

Cara Menginstal Template Jomla Di Hosting

If a picture like the one below appears, the Joomla installation process is successful. Click the link to access the Joomla admin panel page.

File Konfigurasi Joomla

You will then be redirected to the Joomla login menu. Enter the username and password you created during the Joomla installation process and click the “Login” button.

The Joomla dashboard page gives you many options to create and manage your website. Here are some ways to create a website with Joomla:

Once the article posts you’ve added are saved and published, a new article will appear on your website.

When creating categories in Joomla, their purpose is to help make the blog menu easier to find. You can also create categories by clicking the Categories menu tab.

Joomla Tutorial For Beginners (step By Step)

You will be redirected to the category creation page. Enter a category name (title) and nickname. Then give a brief description of the categories created.

You can click the “Save and Close” button to save the changes. You will automatically be returned to the Joomla dashboard page.

The purpose of featured articles is to prioritize certain articles that you want to highlight on your blog. To add featured articles to Joomla, you can click on the Articles menu tab.

Cara Menginstal Template Jomla Di Hosting

Once you’re in the Articles menu, select Featured Articles and click the star icon on the article. See the image below for more details.

Joomla Vs WordPress, Ini Dia Perbedaan Keduanya!

Adding a menu to a blog aims to make it easier for blog visitors to set up blog categories. Follow these steps to create a Joomla dashboard menu.

When you have completed all the menu creation forms, click Save and Close to save and close the menu creation page.

Login to your website domain to view the results of the new menu added to your website. If successful, you will find a menu under the website header. The shape is like the picture below.

Joomla has several built-in components that allow you to create certain types of pages. In this guide, we will show you how to create commonly used components, ie

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To install Joomla extensions, you need to go to the Components menu. This menu is located in the menu bar section of the Joomla control panel. Follow the image below to be more specific.

After filling in all the banner information, click Save and Close to save and close the results of adding the banner. Screenshot to make it clearer.

Then you need to display the banner on your website page. The trick is to click on the menu tab Extensions > Modules.

Cara Menginstal Template Jomla Di Hosting

You will be redirected to the module settings page. Give the banners a title and set the banner position. Here we place the banner in the footer position or at the bottom of the website. Below is an example of installing the banner module in Joomla.

How To Edit A Joomla 3 Template

To check the results of website changes, login to your website domain and view the footer page as shown below.

A contact page is very important when creating a website because it is useful for contacting the website owner. So, the contact page contains information in the form of name, mobile number, email, etc. So, to create a contact page, click on the menu tab Components > Contacts > Contacts.

Once you’re on the contacts page, click New to create a new contact page. Then fill in the information you want to display on the Contact page.

Joomla allows you to easily change the look of your website. The trick is to set up a template. Therefore, of course, choosing the right template design is very important for the appearance of your website.

Cara Menginstall Cms Joomla Di Microsoft Azure

Fortunately, Joomla has a wide selection of free and paid templates. Although not as beautiful as WordPress or Drupal, Joomla also has a very beautiful design. Below is how to install and upload Joomla templates.

Second, you will be redirected to the download page. On this page you can upload plugins, templates and other files.

Third, click the Extensions menu tab > Templates > Styles. After that, the template file you downloaded will be in the template menu and ready to activate. Click the star icon as shown below to activate the template.

Cara Menginstal Template Jomla Di Hosting

After successful installation of the template, you can start customizing the appearance of the page with your content. In this way, the website will be more attractive and the visitors will feel at home on your website page.

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It is very important to make sure you always have the latest version of Joomla. By using the latest version of Joomla, you get some of the latest features of Joomla.

Every time you visit the Joomla dashboard page, Joomla automatically checks for a new version.

When a new version of Joomla is available, you’ll see a new notification at the top of the dashboard. . It looks almost like the picture below.

Click the Update Now button to update to the latest version of Joomla. You will be redirected to the update page. Click the “Install Update” button to start the update.

Bisnis Online Semakin Mudah Menggunakan Joomla E Commerce Extensions

Why should a website be fast? This is because many visitors get impatient if a website page is slow and the visitor automatically closes the browser.

So, to speed up your Joomla website, you can use the features provided in the Joomla dashboard, such as Gzip Page Compression and Joomla Cache. Both these features help you optimize your website for faster performance.

On your website, helps reduce the file size of your website. This allows visitors to open website content quickly as the file upload process is also faster. How to enable Gzip page compression on Joomla dashboard page.

Cara Menginstal Template Jomla Di Hosting

2. Select the Server menu tab. Next, look for Gzip page compression in the Server Settings option. Click Yes to activate

Cara Setting Smtp Joomla 3

You can use Google Page Speed ​​to check your website speed to make sure your website speed is changing. Below is a speed comparison before and after activation

By enabling cache, you can save your website content from the database on the server. This way, your website’s response time will be faster every time a user visits your website.

You can use Google Page Speed ​​to make sure your website’s speed is changing. Below is a picture of the difference before and after activation

Another way to speed up your Joomla website is to use a cache plugin. Below are the steps to use the cache plugin in Joomla.

Joomla Tutorial For Beginners: Create A Website With Joomla

2. Next, use the search button on the plugins page. Enter the Page Cache keyword. Then you will find some options on the page. Enable options

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