Cara Menginstal Hosting Di Domain

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Check your website now. Is there a lock icon next to the URL? Be aware that it might be because you didn’t have SSL installed on your hosting. This is why you need to know how to install SSL on your hosting.

Cara Menginstal Hosting Di Domain

Cara Menginstal Hosting Di Domain

Icon The icon means that SSL is a security system to prevent the transfer of data that occurs on the Internet by encryption or data breach.

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If the website has SSL installed, the HTTP URL will be HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure). And of course, having a padlock icon indicating data transfer on your website is secure.

The installation method is very easy, you can follow the instructions to install SSL on hosting through cPanel for free or paid.

You don’t need to be confused about how to secure your website as it shows that SSL certificates can be installed for free. Each hosting package is also equipped with this SSL certificate.

There are some free SSL providers. First, Let’s Encrypt’s free SSL provision. However, you will need to update your SSL manual every three months.

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Currently offering Sectigo’s latest AutoSSL functionality for free. This SSL works on an auto-renewal system, so you don’t need to renew your SSL again.

Well, AutoSSL will be automatically installed on every hosting for new users. And for your loyal customers, you can follow the instructions to easily install AutoSSL using cPanel below:

Recently! Now use AutoSSL which will be automatically installed on your website! See how to install Comodo SSL in cPanel

Cara Menginstal Hosting Di Domain

If you are willing to pay more for security, Comodo SSL may be your first choice for SSL services.

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Comodo SSL is one of the biggest brands in the cybersecurity industry with over 100 million certifications!

Since you know how to install SSL on free hosting, let’s learn how to install paid SSL now! First, let’s start with the SSL command:

Before installing, make sure you have the Comodo SSL service. You can order in the box by adding instructions for additional features.

However, if you haven’t purchased it yet during paid hosting, you can go to the members area. Then choose your Services > SSL menu.

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You will then be asked to fill in two fields. First, choose your hosting based on the hosting service you use. Second, the domain name where SSL will be installed.

After completing the transaction, you will receive an SSL validation code sent to the administrator’s email. For example, or according to your domain email.

You will then be directed to the Comodo Certificate Authority page. Paste or enter the code in the column provided and click Next.

Cara Menginstal Hosting Di Domain

To find out if Comodo checks the status of your SSL certificate, click the Check Status button at the bottom of the page.

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Comodo will usually verify this immediately. So you can expect the status to activate within minutes to 24 hours.

If the following code appears, it means Comodo has verified your SSL certificate. You’ll use each of these codes later to install Comodo SSL.

First, go to the members area and scroll down a bit until you see the Manage Hosting button, click on it.

The hosting settings page will then appear. Here you install SSL using cPanel, then select the cPanel> tab and click on All Features.

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You are now on the cPanel SSL page. There are several configuration options, just click the SSL Web Hosting link in the section

Final Step Copy the SSL certificate details contained in the members area of ​​the SSL page. After that, click Install Certificate.

First, go to the cPanel page. The procedure is the same as when you install SSL, go to the Member Area page and click on Manage Hosting > select the cPanel tab > All Features.

Cara Menginstal Hosting Di Domain

On the Domain Settings page, select the domain name you installed with SSL earlier. Then click the toggle icon in the Force HTTPS Redirection section to ON.

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Click Install Next. Since here we previously installed Comodo SSL as an example, so we click Reinstall SSL.

If you get a screen like the image below, that means Comodo SSL is installed and ready to secure your site.

The goal is to make the data transfer process on your website more secure. Also, the site looks more “trustworthy” in Google’s eyes. In addition to providing a sense of security to website visitors.

So if you don’t want to bother with manual SSL installation, you can subscribe to hosting! Especially for unlimited hosting, cloud hosting and WordPress hosting services. Because all three are compatible with Sectigo’s AutoSSL functionality.

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With this feature, AutoSSL will be automatically installed on your cPanel hosting. Also, the system will automatically renew SSL for you. Obviously, right?

So make sure your hosting service offers you easy installation of free and cheap SSL certificates! Get it now at competitive prices and even free SSL for the security of your online store.

For more information, we now have free vps distribution software and free hosting that anyone can join.

Cara Menginstal Hosting Di Domain

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