Cara Mengimpor Website Ke Hosting

Cara Mengimpor Website Ke Hosting – Moving a website from one hosting to another, or what is known as hosting migration, is an activity that every website owner can do to get better quality hosting services ( or more within budget). . For example, you can switch from WordPress hosting to PHP hosting.

The method is not complicated, but there are still many website owners (websites) who are just starting out, confused and maybe worried that their website will really be a problem when they move to a new hosting.

Cara Mengimpor Website Ke Hosting

Cara Mengimpor Website Ke Hosting

Therefore, I would like to help explain how to do this, especially for owners of websites based on WordPress that are widely used.

Langkah Mudah Cara Upload Website Ke Hosting

There are still many people who only see certain details, or are even tempted by marketing jargons such as the words “UNLIMITED DISK LIFE” and “UNLIMITED BANDWIDTH” which do not always make a quality decision.

For example, your website on a shared hosting provider is slow because the number of visitors has increased, don’t fix it by switching to a new hosting with unlimited sharing and bandwidth because it doesn’t necessarily solve the problem, even if the one is in the fact that there is even a small

For the case of increasing visitors slowing down the website, switch to a hosting provider with large CPU and RAM specifications, which are more predictable when choosing cloud hosting, VPS, or Cloud VPS package instead of shared hosting as well (although the disk space and bandwidth is unlimited).

For detailed information, please watch the video above, but briefly the steps for switching to a WordPress-based web hosting are as follows:

Laravel Application Hosting In Plesk

The propagation process can also be accelerated and the website can freeze when using Cloudflare, which will be discussed in the next tutorial.

For recommendations for quality web hosting providers, you can try Hostinger, which is a professional web hosting company and is trusted by thousands of customers, including those who have already used web hosting.

Enter the promo code when ordering at Hostinger to get a huge discount compared to the regular price.

Cara Mengimpor Website Ke Hosting

I hope this tutorial was useful, and please leave feedback or questions in the comment section on this website or on the YouTube channel.

Hosting Cwp Dan Cara Upload Website Ke Hosting Cwp Dengan Mudah

You can create any website, from sales pages, business profiles, personal websites, blogs, event websites, catalog websites, online wedding invitations, and more according to your needs.

Presents many ideas and studies such as facts and knowledge from different fields of knowledge, from learning English, learning SEO and digital marketing, travel tips, movie reviews, learning for windows, android, ios, and many more. Steps How to Host a Website – With today’s technological advancements, a website has become a necessity for many people. There are different purposes, for example, creating an online store, a portfolio, or simply sharing stories on a personal blog.

In order for a website to be available to anyone on the internet, you have to put it online. To do this, you need two things, namely a website creator and a hosting provider.

Let’s use an analogy to make the statement easier to understand. If you have a house, it should be complete with the ground below. In comparison, this building is a creative website. It is impossible for a house to stand without soil. It’s the same with websites that need to be hosted in order for them to function.

Cara Memindahkan Website Ke Hosting Baru

There are paid web hosting sites, some are free. Of course, the payers are guaranteed security, customer support ready to help 24 hours a day, and very complete features. Here’s how to easily host a website for beginners.

Before uploading, you should prepare email and website files that already contain CSS files and images. Create the website ZIP file.

To build a website, you need a web server and MySQL as a database. To make it easier, you can use the free cPanel provided by This cPanel is a place where you can manage things related to hosting, including creating databases. Here are the steps.

Cara Mengimpor Website Ke Hosting

After the MySQL database has been successfully created, it’s time to import the database. First, open localhost/phpmyadmin in a browser. Next, run the website using XAMPP. Then place the website files in the htdocs file in the XAMPP Local Disk C folder on your computer.

Cara Install Mikhmon Online Di Hosting Gratis

Second, open localhost/phpmyadmin/server_databases in the browser. Then create the database by clicking Create on the Database tab. To import the hosting database, you must select the MySQL file through the cPanel phpmyadmin dashboard as follows.

You need to know that the above two methods are database adjustments that must be done before uploading a website to hosting. If this is done, it’s time to bring up the website using the File Manager.

To avoid errors, you should adjust the database configuration for synchronization. If this step is not done, “Error in database connection setup” will be displayed.

To avoid this, open the database settings which are usually found in a file called database.php, connection.php, or connect.php. Then edit the database name, username, and password according to the previously created database.

How To Install WordPress With Cyberpanel On Ubuntu

After performing the steps on how to transfer the website to the hosting, continue the test by opening your website. For maximum results, wait 24 hours.

How to host a website above is easy, right? You don’t need to understand complex programming languages ​​and call a Web Development Service to do this. Enough with the file manager in cPanel, everything is easily fixed. If you have successfully placed your website on a web hosting server, the chances of getting visitors will increase and the credibility of the web will increase. Mirza M. Haekal Follow Mirza is an SEO member at . He likes to learn something new every day.

Do you want to transfer your website database from your computer to webhosting so that you can access it online? You’ve come to the right place!

Cara Mengimpor Website Ke Hosting

In this article, you will learn how to import data from localhost to web hosting. Relax, the method is very friendly for beginners, really. Let’s continue the discussion!

Elementor Hosting Pricing: Seamless WordPress Creation

Before transferring the XAMPP database to the host, you must first prepare the localhost website file. To do this, go to the XAMPP installation folder > htdocs > wordpress.

Then, extract all the contents of the wordpress folder into a .ZIP. You can give the ZIP any name. For example, we chose to use the name

After your website files are compressed, it’s time to load the localhost database via XAMPP. The trick is, open the XAMPP application, then click Start on Apache and MySQL.

Then, open your browser and type localhost/phpmyadmin. Select the database you want to import into the hosting, then select the export menu and click Go. The database will be downloaded to your computer with the .SQL extension

Cara Upload Website Ke Hosting, Cuma 6 Langkah!

Before taking steps to upload files to hosting, make sure you have hosting and domain first, ok! If you haven’t already, you can subscribe to a hosting package according to your website’s needs.

First, login to your cPanel at and select File Manager. Or, if you are a user, go to the Group Area and select the File Manager menu as shown below:

Then, go to the public_html folder and click Add. Then, select your website .ZIP file to upload. After the upload process is complete click Return to… below it to return to your File Manager.

Cara Mengimpor Website Ke Hosting

Finally, after returning to the File Manager, right-click the previous ZIP file, then select Extract. Fun! All localhost website files are transferred to the hosting.

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First, you need to create a MySQL database in cPanel first. Then, you can upload the database to the hosting. To do this, return to the cPanel home page, then click phpMyAdmin.

Select the database you just created on the left, then click Login. Click Choose File and select the localhost database you saved on your computer. After that, click Go.

Fun! The localhost database has been successfully imported to your web host. However, if you try to open a website immediately, an error will appear. Wow, why?

This error occurs because you did not modify the wp-config.php file in the ZIP you uploaded earlier. In fact, the information in the file does not match the hosting account you have.

Cara Upload Joomla Lokal Ke Hosting

So, you need to connect the PHP file to MySQL. To do this, you can create a new PHP file in the public_html directory. You are free to give any name, for example, databaseconnection.php.

For more complete information, you can see this guide → How to Connect a PHP Database to MySQL

It turns out, how to import a database from localhost to web hosting is not too difficult, right? You will not be confused to do it because it is enough in just five steps. From preparing the files to uploading them to the web hosting.

Cara Mengimpor Website Ke Hosting

Make sure you use a reliable hosting service to access your website 24 hours a day. One of them, which offers cheap Indonesian hosting services starting from IDR 27,000/month and a free domain.

Part 1: Create And Deploy Your First Gatsby Site

So, I hope the above guide is useful for you. If you have any questions or experience problems importing the database, just leave a comment below. Good luck!

Get lots of educational articles, interesting insights and tips about the online world directly through your email. Subscribe now and achieve success with us! So, in this article, we will explain how to build a website using some very popular tools. The steps are:

There are many options of hosting packages for all your needs. 70% promotional discount already received free space. Order Free Guest Discounts

Creating a website with the best functionality should not be neglected. One of the things that will be most important is the quality of the web hosting service you choose, with all the best features to get your site up and running online.

Cara Import Database Di Phpmyadmin Cpanel

The next step is to choose the right tool to bring the website online. Here are the four most used tools for collecting sites:

This browser-based tool has all the best features for managing your files and processes. If you choose, you will have access to this tool!

Only, this tool has one drawback, which is the load limit. If the website backup size is larger than 256MB, we recommend using FTP.

Cara Mengimpor Website Ke Hosting

As with all internet hosting

Connect A Custom Domain

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