Cara Menghubungkan Sub Domain Dengan Hosting

Cara Menghubungkan Sub Domain Dengan Hosting – A small area can be interpreted as a receiving area. Subdomains can be used for various purposes, such as creating order pages, web pages and other needs. In this guide, we will share how to create a domain through ClientZone.

A branch domain is a name that precedes the main domain. Or it can be called the received area. An example is a regional branch

Cara Menghubungkan Sub Domain Dengan Hosting

Cara Menghubungkan Sub Domain Dengan Hosting

In, there are at least 3 ways you can create a domain. This is through the ClientZone page, cPanel and Plesk panel. Optimize the ordered service, to produce a smaller area.

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For those of you who just order a domain without hosting, you can take advantage of the DNS management feature. You can find this feature on the Client Zone page. These are the steps:

Make sure your domain status is active. Also, you already know the IP address or destination server. If you do not know the destination server IP, you can contact the destination server’s marketing support.

In our example, we will create a domain named that points to IP You can see the image below.

By this point, the DNS Zone branch in the ClientZone menu has been successfully created. If you want to create more than 1 domain, please click the “Add New Record” button again, then create a new domain DNS record.

Hosting A Calculator On Your Domain Via Cname

Notes. Creating a DNS domain branch takes time to propagate, an estimate of 1-24 hours depending on the connection used. Don’t forget, you need to create the same domain record on the destination server or hosting, in order to reach the domain.

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Cara Menghubungkan Sub Domain Dengan Hosting

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a technology used to establish a secure/encrypted connection between a server and a client. Where there is information or important information such as passwords, credit cards… Cloudflare has a service as a DNS hosting in addition to serving as a CDN. We can disable the CDN feature and enable only the DNS feature. DNS hosting acts as a DNS server or name server that stores all domain information. For example IP address, domain branch, MX and all other domain information. Brand presence on our website is very important.

Connect Your Domain To Hubspot

Now, after knowing the function and importance of name servers, I will share how to connect a domain to a server using DNS hosting on Cloudflare.

Of course we have to get the domain first. These domains can be purchased from idwebhost, championhosting, niagahoster, Godaddy, Namecheap and others.

Step 10 is the step that most determines the success of changing the server name and DNS information on CloudFlare. In step 10 we should change the server name in the domain registry according to the servers provided by Cloudflare.

After success, your nameserver display on Cloudflare will disappear. Please refresh your browser after clicking the Review Now button.

Publishing To The Web

In fact, we can create our own DNS servers if we use a VPS or dedicated server by installing BIND9 on the server. But if we create our own DNS server then of course it needs more resources.

A good website is highly recommended to have at least 2 name providers in different IP ranges. Each of these providers should have minimal downtime (it should always be online without any issues). This means that we only have to have 2 more servers to create our own DNS servers.

Well, if we have limited resources for small projects then DNS hosting from Cloudflare is the solution. For example, only on a VPS or a dedicated server like this website. We don’t need to pay extra just for DNS server. On the other hand, Cloudflare has good network quality with less downtime.

Cara Menghubungkan Sub Domain Dengan Hosting

The above will not work if we are using the web. We can use domain names from the website without using DNS from Cloudflare or others. The website wants to host the domain on another hosting or another. Hosting. One reason is that they don’t want to increase the storage capacity on old hosting.

Cara Mengarahkan Subdomain Pada Hosting Lain

Or other reasons because you intentionally want to try hosting that is different from the current rental service. So, if you don’t know how to transfer domain to a different host, please continue reading this short tutorial.

Make sure you already have a new host to host your website or blog with the domain address you will create. If you haven’t already, choose the best hospitality package in your opinion, which is offered by many hospitality service companies in Indonesia. After getting your new hosting, you’re ready to set up a website or blog with a domain name.

Next, wait until the DNS update process is complete. If you can access the small area, it means that the settings you made were successful.

So, how do you find a CNAME record? If you also host another domain on your new hosting, for example, the CNAME can use

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