Cara Menghubungkan Domain Dengan Hosting Idwebhost

Cara Menghubungkan Domain Dengan Hosting Idwebhost – Apart from being served by CloudFlare CDN, it also serves as a DNS host. We can disable the CDN feature and enable only the DNS feature. DNS hosting acts as a DNS server or name server that stores all domain records. For example IP address, subdomain, MX and all other domain data. The existence of name servers on our website is very important.

Now, after knowing the function and importance of name servers, I will share how to connect a domain to a server using DNS hosting on Cloudflare.

Cara Menghubungkan Domain Dengan Hosting Idwebhost

Cara Menghubungkan Domain Dengan Hosting Idwebhost

Of course we need to get the domain already. These domains can be purchased from idwebhost, championhosting, niagahoster, Godaddy, Namecheap and others.

Begini Cara Menggunakan Custom Domain Di

The step to determine the success of changing name servers and DNS records in Cloudflare is step 10. In step 10 we need to change the name servers in the domain registry according to the name servers given by Cloudflare.

Upon success, your nameserver completion will disappear from the CloudFlare display. Now refresh your browser after clicking the recheck button.

In fact, we can make our own DNS server if we use a VPS or dedicated server by installing BIND9 on the server. But if we make our own DNS server we need more resources.

A good website is strongly recommended to have at least 2 name servers in different IP classes. Each of these nameservers should have low downtime (they should be online all the time without problems). This means we need to get 2 more powerful servers to make our own DNS server.

Saya Belum Mampu Membeli Domain Dan Hosting Sekaligus, Apa Yang Kamu Rekomendasikan Terlebih Dahulu Domain Atau Hosting Untuk Pemula Seperti Saya?

Well, if we have limited resources for very large projects, DNS hosting from Cloudflare is the answer. For example, only on a VPS or dedicated server like this web. We don’t need to pay much for DNS server. On the other hand, Cloudflare has better network quality with minimal downtime.

The above does not apply if we use web hosting. We can take advantage of name servers from web hosting without using DNS from Cloudflare or others. Having your own website is everyone’s dream. As technology advances, creating and owning a website is not as complicated as it used to be. Anyone can create their own website with a blog.

A blog, short for web log, is a flexible form of website that contains information or discussions between writers and readers. Blogs are often more informal than websites. For more differences between websites and blogs, see the following link: Blog vs Website.

Cara Menghubungkan Domain Dengan Hosting Idwebhost

Many websites provide free blog creation services like Blogger, Worldpress, Tumblr, etc. However, if we create a blog on these sites, we cannot freely name our blog domain because it still ends with the name of the site where we created the blog. For example when I create this blog, my blog name is:, no

Review Idwebhost: Tidak Direkomendasikan

To remove the “blogspot” ending, we need to hire a web hosting service. Many websites offer hosting services. However, this time I will focus on one local hosting service in Indonesia, IDwebhost. IDwebhost has relatively cheap rental rates and good service.

There are advantages of renting local accommodation compared to hosting abroad in terms of payment and service. Maintenance payments can be made using bank transfers and do not require a credit card. Then, if there is a problem with the network, we can consult quickly and easily using Indonesia.

This time I will make a tutorial on how to host blogs for blogs created in Blogger. I made this tutorial when I hosted IDwebhost for my third blog, If you want faster, you can go to storage right away. It may be useful:

The first step before hosting is, of course, you need to have your own blog. If you don’t have a blog yet, create one at

Dalam Membuat Sebuah Website Ada Beberapa Hal Yang Perlu Anda Persiapkan Sebelum Anda Memulainya.

After creating the blog, now is the time to start hosting. To get started, open the Members section of the IDwebhost website:

Once the registration process is over, it’s time for you to start logging in. Open the Account menu tab in the upper right corner, then click Sign In.

After logging in, now see the “Check New Domain Availability” tab. Enter the domain name you want in the tab, then click Check Availability.

Cara Menghubungkan Domain Dengan Hosting Idwebhost

If your domain is already available, now all you need to do is choose the ending you want your domain to end in, whether you want it to end in .com or .net. Then you click Order Now.

Langkah Langkah Setelah Membeli Domain Hosting

In this section you get options of additional packages whether you want to do ID protection or not by adding a fee of 50 thousand rupees and getting DNS management. In this section I will only review DNS management.

After completing all these processes, now you tick “I have read and agree and follow the terms of service”. Then now you click complete order.

Now to find out where to transfer, open your email, then your inbox. Look for an email from IDwebhost called Customer Invoice or Order Details, then you open the email to see a list of IDwebhost banks.

If you have already transferred the domain rental fee of 95 thousand rupees, now is the time to confirm the payment you have made. The confirmation method is in the email sent by IDwebhost. You choose one of three payment authentication methods.

Cara Menghubungkan Domain Dengan Server Hosting

I authenticated using the third option, using WebIDwebhost. All you have to do is fill the fields in the fields provided, after which click on send.

After you confirm the payment, now it’s time to wait for the reply email from IDwebhost that the domain you created is active. Usually email is sent 1×24 hours. You can check your email every hour to see if there is a reply.

Open your Blogger dashboard, then select Settings, Basic. Then now you click on “+ Set a third party URL for your blog”.

Cara Menghubungkan Domain Dengan Hosting Idwebhost

Enter the name of the website you created in the field. Then a red message appears “We could not verify your authority to this domain. Error 14”.

Inilah Tempatnya Penyedia Domain Dan Sewa Hosting Yang Terpercaya

Don’t panic and don’t worry, because the integration process has just started. The CNAME code for your DNS settings will appear. Don’t close your Blogger yet, because now we will open IDwebhost.

Open the IDwebhost member site. Then you will login to IDwebhost. Next, click the red Active Domains tab

Next you should first lock your domain so it doesn’t change hands. Click the Lock Registrar tab, then click Enable Registrar Lock

In this step, you will then change the server name to match your DNS. Click the Name Servers tab, then fill in the fields as per the data below, then click Change Name Servers.

Teknologi Hosting Tercanggih Idwebhost Untuk Website Anda

Now in the second column, you have to fill DNS data 2. Once you have filled it, click Save Changes.

Now it’s time to go back to waiting 1×24 hours for the settings we made on IDwebhost to become active. You can try every hour to enter a domain name in blogger. Open your Blogger dashboard, then select Settings, Basic. Then now you click on “+ Set a third party URL for your blog”.

If your website is already active, when you enter your website name in the field, the words “Error 14” will not appear in red again. That means your blog is already associated with a domain from IDwebhost. For testing, now open your website with a new domain, in my example

Cara Menghubungkan Domain Dengan Hosting Idwebhost

The final step is to enter the domain you created into the search bar in Google. Now open the following link: Then select the website owner.

Pengertian Domain Dan Hosting

Do you want to make money from the blog you created? The trick is to work with Google Adsense advertising services to place ads on your blog. The guide can be opened through the following link: How to quickly install Google Adsense on a blog If you want to create a website, there are definitely several things to do. First timers usually buy a domain and hosting from the best hosting provider of your choice. From this host, you can then store various files for website needs like images, articles, databases. After purchasing a hosting package you will receive supporting software to easily create your website later. cPanel is one of the most commonly provided software that includes various technologies that you can use to make the most of your website. Then the best web hosting service providers provide unmatched hosting technology.

With the best and most advanced technology, it also provides better performance to your website. So here we update some of the most cutting-edge technology owned by leading and cutting-edge technology and updated throughout the year. Here are some advanced hosting technologies you can own:

What is cPanel? What is the most commonly used control panel tool for making various settings in web hosting services? This setting is used for purposes like managing files, domain, database, configuration etc. With cPanel, it makes it easy to manage various configurations using an easy-to-understand user interface, and without cPanel, it is more complicated and difficult for the user because he has to use text settings.

Its main function is to make it easy for users to manage various purchased domain and hosting configurations. Additionally, cPanel has various supporting features and applications to develop websites so that they perform well. With cPanel it allows you to:

Cara Custom Domain Ke WordPress

Not only is it easier in terms of configuration, it also makes it easier for users to manage email and this is done using command functions.

Softaculous is an auto installation software that can be used to make it easy for users to install websites on hosting. Usually CMS (Content Management System) is provided like WordPress, PrestaShop etc. Softaculous users easily set up their website automatically. Then you just need to click and install, so your website will be installed automatically and it will allow you to create a website without the hassle of creating databases, setting up servers, etc.

Softaculous is the best WebApp to install easily for users

Cara Menghubungkan Domain Dengan Hosting Idwebhost

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