Cara Menggunakan Ssh Di Hosting

Cara Menggunakan Ssh Di Hosting – Create a New SSH Key | Grant Access to SSH Keys | Converting SSH Keys for Use in PuTTY | How to Set Up PuTTY for SSH Access in cPanel

SSH (Secure Shell) is a secure network communication protocol for accessing and managing servers. With SSH we can enter commands.

Cara Menggunakan Ssh Di Hosting

Cara Menggunakan Ssh Di Hosting

To do some work in this tutorial We will learn how to create SSH access in cPanel and access it with PuTTY.

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After generating a new SSH key, authorization is required to allow access to the server. Here’s how:

PuTTY uses files with the .ppk extension. The file created and accessed above is .pub, so you need to convert .pub to .ppk. Follow these steps:

PuTTY is a terminal emulation software commonly used to access SSH, Telnet, etc. You can get this software for free here. Select and download putty.exe.

After downloading PuTTY, we will access our hosting server using it together with the existing SSH key. Follow the steps below:

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The advantages of SSH access to this hosting include performing large MySQL dumps (which often fail when exported through phpMyAdmin), moving backup archives from other servers with the wget command, etc. It offers affordable web hosting packages. Cheap with SSH access only IDR 30,000 per month with this server access capability. Customers will feel like they have their own virtual private server.

(PT Teknologi Indonesia) is a provider of low-quality hosting and domains in Indonesia and abroad with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. In this tutorial, we will show you what SSH is and the popular commands 14. Entry in SSH only by learning and understanding this syntax. You will find it easier to use Linux terminal and know how to use SSH commands on PC.

Before starting, we recommend that you have a virtual server in the new country. So if you accidentally make a mistake and delete something. You can immediately restore it to its original state.

Cara Menggunakan Ssh Di Hosting

SSH stands for Secure Shell, a protocol used to connect to remote systems.

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This command connects you to the server using IP address serverip and user username Another way to use it is to use ssh serverip Login now

After entering the command You will be asked to enter a password. (If this is the first time you connect A message will appear that the server you are connecting to is unknown. Type ‘yes’ in the command line.) If you want to exit the remote server and try to return to the local machine, type ‘exit’ in the command line.

Important! This applies to all commands in the shell. when writing an argument for a command For a command (grammar/command), such as cd ‘Folder 1’ (folder name is 2 separate words), you must enclose the folder name in quotation marks. The command has 2 arguments (“folder” and “1”). The 14 most commonly used SSH commands:

Ls – This command is useful for listing all files and directories. We recommend that you use this command with the -l option, so that it becomes ls -l so that all files are displayed neatly and have detailed information about each file. Another option available is -a which will show all files. The same applies to hidden files/directories. (dot file with dot in front For example: .bat directory)

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Cd – This command is useful for “walking” between directories (cd is short for After listing all the files and directories with ls , you can choose the directory you want to work in. For example, there is a data directory you want to enter. Type the cd data command and you will move from your current location to the directory.”

You can use ls again to list all the files and directories in the new directory. You can also enter the full directory address, for example, you want to enter a deep directory.

You can use (as an example) the command cd home/TestDirectory/DeepDirectory , in this way you will enter the directory called Directly using the command cd .. (with a space and 2 dots after cd) and move up one level (i.e. we will return to the directory “DeepDirectory”). “TestDirectory” from “DeepDirectory” directory)

Cara Menggunakan Ssh Di Hosting

Mkdir – This command is used to create a new directory. (This is short for “create directory”). This command will create a new directory with the name you want, for example ‘mkdir NewFolder’ will create a new directory with the name NewFolder in your current directory.

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Touch – This command is useful for creating a new file with a specific extension. For example, touch Myfile.txt will create a “txt” file called Myfiles in the current directory. (The last name can be any type you want. You can create a file with no extension.) For example, tap Myfiles.

Rm – This command is useful for deleting specific files/directories, for example, rm My Files will delete the previously created My Files file. If you want to delete a directory and all the directories inside it, use rm -r My Folders which will delete the “My Folders” folder and all the folders inside it.

Cat – This command is used to display the contents of a file. For example, cat my info.txt will display the contents of the file to the screen. As another example, cat infoku.txt infoku2.txt > mergedinfo.txt will merge two files into one. (“my info.txt” and “my info2.txt”) and write the contents of the combined file to. “mergedinfo.txt” .

Pwd – This command is useful to display your current location in the system, for example, typing pwd will display: “home/user/public_html”.

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Cp – This command is useful for copying files and folders command: cp [options] source to destination You can also usually type the file you want to copy directly in the source section. meanwhile You can change the destination with the destination address / folder / file. Additionally, here are some options you can use with the cp command:

Mv – This command works in the same way as the cp command, but the difference is that mv moves your files instead of copying them. This command is also useful for renaming files. (rename) If we use the same example of the cp command (in the current directory there is 1 file newfile.txt) and we enter this command: mv newfile.txt newfile.txt then bash will immediately change the name (rename). new file .txt becomes new file .txt.

Grep – This command is useful for searching for values ​​in files/folders. For example, grep file ‘shirt’ will search for the word ‘shirt’ in the file named “file”. The grep command will display all the lines that contain words, if there are any. The line that contains the sentence Andi Wears a Blue Shirt, The line is visible because the sentence of the shirt is a sentence.

Cara Menggunakan Ssh Di Hosting

Search – This command is useful for searching folders for files that match certain criteria (name, size, file type). For example, look for . -name “*.exe” This command will list all the files in the containing directory. Extension / after “.exe” (Remember to use an asterisk / asterisk “*” in the command we entered earlier. This is called a wildcard, which tells bash not to. It doesn’t matter if the file name comes before the extension.” .exe”. The important thing the file contains

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Vi/nano – This command is useful for entering a text editor. For example, nano oldfile will create a new file named “oldfile” and go directly to the nano editor or edit the “oldfile” file (if it already exists) with the nano editor, like the vi command, which will open another editor called vi

Important! The nano text editor is not a standard editor like vi. You must install it before you can start using the nano text editor.SSH Command – history.

History – This command is useful for displaying commands that have been used. For example: history 10 will display up to 10 commands previously entered in the Terminal.

I hope this tutorial is short. This will be clear enough for you. And it can make you really understand the basics of SSH commands and how to use SSH commands when signing up for cheap hosting services in I hope you find this article useful. cPanel is a GUI web tool module package in Linux hosting that is used to manage all available resources in hosting.

Cara Akses Ssh Di Cpanel Cloud Hosting

There are many modules in cPanel, some of the most commonly used ones are the File Manager module. Database module, phpMyAdmin module, Git module, Website Builder module, etc.

If you want to create a website or online application, cPanel and hosting are an integral part of the service package provided by hosting providers such as Niagahoster, Hostinger, SiteGround, Qwords, Exabytes, DewaWeb, Domainesia, IDWebhost, DhyHost, RumahWeb, WHplus, etc.

But there is another option if you want to manage your Linux hosting in addition to using cPanel: you can manage it directly via SSH in a remote console terminal on your PC/Laptop device. This way, you no longer need to log into your web hosting. cPanel to manage your hosting.

Cara Menggunakan Ssh Di Hosting

In addition to making hosting management easier, using SSH can also ensure the security of your hosting from irresponsible parties. Because it uses a special encryption key that is difficult to crack.

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However, there are a few things that need to be configured before you can access your hosting via SSH.

After successfully generating the SSH key on your local computer, please log in to your hosting cPanel to import the public key.

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