Cara Menggunakan Phpmailer Di Hosting

Cara Menggunakan Phpmailer Di Hosting – I have received many questions from colleagues who have tried the tutorial on attaching a form to PHPmailer email, some asking why they did not receive emails, even though they followed the instructions in the video tutorial.

Here are some things that may cause the form to fail to send email content: 1. The hosting used does not support PHP email sending.

Cara Menggunakan Phpmailer Di Hosting

Cara Menggunakan Phpmailer Di Hosting

, so the form script using PHPmailer cannot work. This can be related to preventing the use of free hosting for sending spam email activities. However, they often offer a PHP email feature with their paid hosting plans. So, first make sure that the host you are using is capable of sending emails through PHP by contacting the support of the host you are using.

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If you haven’t decided on hosting yet, and you haven’t chosen the hosting you will use to host the domain and send email, you can take a test hosting to see if the email hosting site can be used. And it works right. . If the hosting you’re using doesn’t offer a trial, then look for it

If you are not satisfied. So if it appears that the email you are using cannot be used with PHPmailer, or it appears that after using the email you can use PHPmailer, but the recipient’s email goes into the spam folder, you can change the host without any damage. Alternatively, look for hosting that offers cheap monthly packages, so you can try and switch hosting elsewhere without breaking the bank.

Make sure that the user’s email and password are correct, you can try to access the webmail of your website, if you have successfully logged in and sent the email to the provided webmail successfully. (eg Horde or Roundcube) then the email and password are correct.

Make sure the host is correct, usually mail.domain.tld like etc. Also make sure the port is correct, usually 587.

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Make sure SMTPSecure is also correct, usually tls. To view the port, host, and SMTPSecure, please view the email settings information on the device.

You can change the other port (587 with the other port) is usually another port provided by the email you are using.

If you give up because you’ve tried to edit the form multiple times using PHPmailer, but the form fields still haven’t been sent to your destination email, you can contact me so I can help you. You can adjust it. After paying the service fee of IDR 50,000, your form will arrive at your destination email. If you also create form, there is an additional charge, please contact me on WhatsApp.

Cara Menggunakan Phpmailer Di Hosting

Bayu Ajie Little understands PHP scripts and databases as well as loves blogging, computers and the internet. Please contact me on WhatsApp about PHP articles on this blog, or if you want to hire me for various services related to websites, php applications and databases, web forms, email, etc. Just contact me, maybe I have a solution or I can help you. Fees may apply 🙂 PHP-based web applications built using the mail framework (PhpMailer) require at least one email configuration (SMTP port) used by the hosting and server as the backend for the mail functionality. If this is not the case, email sending and sending from the web application will not work correctly or will fail.

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As the author explained a little in the previous tutorial article about creating a dynamic form using PhpMailer, to check that the email can work properly, at least the reader needs hosting, both free and paid. .

If the reader is still a little confused how to find out which mail client is used in web applications. The following are the steps to display information about the mail client configuration, specifically the host’s outgoing server port (SMTP).

Readers need to know, one of the hosting services in Indonesia that still offers free hosting accounts is IdHostinger. If the reader’s website test application is developed to use an Idhostinger account, please follow these steps to determine which smtp account information can be used to configure PhpMailer:

Click on the domain area that the reader has registered with Idhostinger, several features for hosting and domain management will appear. Choose a hosting provider:

Phpmailer Dan Smtp Google

After opening the site details page, scroll down to the Email Details section. Find SMTP host and SMTP port information. See the picture below

At Idhostinger, the default SMTP host that can be used is and the default port is 2525. Readers can use this information to configure the PhpMailer application.

There is one more thing that readers need for PhpMailer to work properly, that is the email account username and password. Please create an email account in the idhostinger control panel. After creating an account, enter the reader’s username (email name) information and password to use in the $mail-Username and $mail->password variables. If the reader has not created an email account, then the mail application will not run and an error will occur during the process. Check the SMTP port in cPanel

Cara Menggunakan Phpmailer Di Hosting

Paid hosting, on average, uses cPanel (WHM) for site configuration and customer hosting. cPanel is very simple and has many features for site management purposes. If you use hosting with a cPanel account, please follow these steps to get the SMTP host and port information:

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After accessing the login page of the mail client, scroll down and find the book setup information. In this section, there is information about outgoing SMTP servers that readers can use with or without SSL.

Readers can check both types of identification. If the SSL of the hosting account is normally used by the server’s SSL system used by the host owner. For those who are looking for website development services, we will help you create the application according to your needs. Contact immediately: For details about my profile, click

In this tutorial we will use the PHPMailer library for sending email. As mentioned in the title of this tutorial, we will create a form to send an email using the PHP programming language. Also in this tutorial, the email here is not only for sending text, but you can also send attachments/files to our sent email. Of course it’s all easy because we already use the PHPMailer library. You also need to know, this tutorial can be run on local computer (localhost) or server/hosting computer.

Before going into the how-to steps. Do you already know what SMTP stands for? SMTP or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is a protocol used for sending electronic messages (email). So to send email we need SMTP as medium to send email. In this tutorial we will use Gmail SMTP.

Admin Template Dashboard Codeigniter 4 (ci4)

DEMO Before entering the tutorial one may want to watch a demo first. Please click the link below to view the demo: View Demo.

Step 2 – Form In the next step, we will create a form to send via email. Please create a file named index.php, then save it in the xampp/htdocs/email_php/ folder. Here is what it looks like and the code:

Step 3 – Send Email In the next step, we will create a form to send an email. Please create a file called send.php, then save it in the xampp/htdocs/email_php/ folder. Here is the code:

Cara Menggunakan Phpmailer Di Hosting

It must be filled with the sender’s email (our email as the sender), which means that we will send the email using our email address.

Cek Informasi Smtp Hosting Untuk Php Mailer

Enter the password of the sending email Note, if you use a Google account as the sending email here, and if the two-step verification of your Google account (2-step verification) works, then please proceed STEP Complete (STEP 5) to know the password of this tutorial which has to be filled.

We fill the first parameter with the sender’s email, and the second parameter with the sender’s name (optional).

We fill the first field with the recipient’s email/destination, and the second field is optional, containing the recipient’s name.

The target code is useful for inserting an image into our sent message. Fill the first parameter with the path to save the image. The second parameter is filled with a variable name (free, only letters, numbers, underscores) that will be used later in the src attribute of the img tag. The third parameter is filled with the name of the image file.

Cara Kirim Email Sederhana Dengan Php Mailer

This code works to add attachments to emails that will be sent. The first parameter is filled with the path to save the file, so we fill it with the tmp_name of the file sent from the form. The second parameter is filled with the name of the attached file, we can only set the name of this file or we can match the name of the original file (as in this tutorial, I have set it to the same name as the original. When selecting a file.

Ensure that the uploaded file size is less than 25 MB. In that code I set <= 25000000, 25000000 is equal to 25000000 bytes = 25 MB.

Step 4 – Email Content In this step we will create the image and content of the email that will be sent later. Please create a file called content.php, then save it in the xampp/htdocs/email_php/ folder. Here is the demo (email) and the code:

Cara Menggunakan Phpmailer Di Hosting

In this code, as I explained in the previous step. We are filling the src attribute with the variable name we defined in the send.php file ($mail->AddEmbeddedImage(‘image/logo.png’, ‘logo_’, ‘logo.png’);) prefixed with “cid: variable_name .

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STEP 5 – SETTING UP THE GOOGLE ACCOUNT This step is a special step for those of you who use a Google account as a sender and also for those who specifically have the two-factor authentication feature on their Google account. . Because if two-factor authentication is activated on the Google account, then the content of $mail->password (in the send.php file) is no longer the Google password, but use the private password that we can find on the settings page . on a Google account. Please follow the steps below or visit the link (

That’s all for this tutorial. If there are some things you want to ask, just ask in the comment column below. Don’t forget to LIKE and SHARE, thanks.

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