Cara Menggunakan Php Curl Hosting

Cara Menggunakan Php Curl Hosting – The network acts as a communication medium between servers and applications. Its use begins with specifying the relevant URL (Uniform Resource Locator) and the data to be sent or received.

In addition, several process protocols are also supported by the following products. So what is the meaning and additional elements

Cara Menggunakan Php Curl Hosting

Cara Menggunakan Php Curl Hosting

And was first published in 1997. Its first founder was a man named Daniel Steinberg. Then the curl is developed in the curl project.

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Once you know the short definition, you will understand a little that there are many protocols that can be used, not just HTTP and HTTPS.

There are also several other support protocols mentioned earlier. Some of the most commonly used are:

This support protocol has gone through several updates and has now reached its 4th generation. So you can also use it with IMAP and IMAPS protocols.

All incoming emails in email programs such as Thunderbird, Outlook, Windows Mail and others. Example command to list email size and numbering:

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Can send files to a computer or send files to a server. In addition to this, users can also use it as a data exchange tool

So if part of the URL has a slash, cURL assumes it’s a directory. Now if it is not a directory you will see an error message.

You can also complete the installation and configuration on Linux, PHP and Windows operating systems with several steps explained below:

Cara Menggunakan Php Curl Hosting

You then need to call the curl_exec() method to send the request. With cURL PHP with third-party applications, you can convert almost any Curl command to PHP code with one click.

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Windows, please note that you need to download it from the official website first. At the bottom of the download page, select according to your Windows version.

Download the normal zip version first. Then extract the zip file and inside the bin folder you will find the curl.exe file. open

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Cara Menggunakan Php Curl Hosting

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Cheap Unlimited Web Hosting 9000/mo – Free Domain, Premium Divi Theme (Page Builder) and SSL Buy Hosting 9k Hello friends or I usually call you friends (that’s how it’s short), in this article I will discuss this Share very little information about PHP programming language , which we will discuss now, is cURL. In this article, I will specifically discuss using cURL to log or post $_POST data to a page.

The login system we use in this tutorial is very secure and not very simple, which is very different from Facebook and Google login systems. So if you’re going to log into Facebook and Google automatically, try harder.

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I don’t really understand this either, but according to various sources, cURL is an open source application/program used to retrieve data from the Internet, the functions of cURL are very complete, almost identical to real (human) clients, You can send data e.g. $_GET and $ _POST with curl, set cookies and more.

CURL is often used in the PHP programming world to retrieve content from other websites so that it can be reprocessed to be useful to the system built by the recipient, for example the retrieved data: such as weather data, commodity price, exchange rates and more. Also, I came across that cURL is used to bridge data links between 2 different systems for API development. For more information about the API, search on google.

With the help of the CURL function, we can retrieve information from almost all sites that can be visited with a browser, as long as the site information is retrieved with AJAX Javascript, which does not require loading the page. For example, Facebook, which converts all pages without the need for a single page. charge

Cara Menggunakan Php Curl Hosting

Hope the above explanation is useful for those of you who want to know more about cURL. If there are “masters” visiting and you see a mistake in this article, please correct it and warn by commenting. This article.

Cara Login Otomatis Dengan Menggunakan Curl Php

Data preparation and analysis The login page on our site is the login page I created myself, you can see in the picture below.

Sorry, I have to censor some information that might be sensitive and used by irresponsible people, so I’ll just say that the URL we’re using in this tutorial is Next, in the initial phase, we need to analyze what information is needed to be able to log into the page in the image above and to which URL the information should be sent.

If you want to view the web source code as shown above, you can right-click on the web page and then select Check or press F12. If you have created a login page with PHP, you know that each form entry, such as username and password, is often inside a , this form usually has 2 important parameters. , i.e. method and password. activities.

The method specifies how to send the data (usually get and send), and the function specifies which URL to send the data to. If we look at the image below, there is only one submit method parameter, while there is no action URL.

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If the function is not defined, we can conclude that the data is sent to the same URL, ie, and the data sent is a line containing the tag, Each named username and password.

Login using cURL After analyzing the login goal, it’s time to do automatic login using cURL. We use the following functions

The data format of the message to be sent should be the above (username=yogo&pass=1-5), while if the data is sent using the GET method, it should be sent directly to the URL ( ) can be defined in login.php/ ?username=yogo&pass) =1 to 5).

Cara Menggunakan Php Curl Hosting

Also another way to write the source code below is very useful if sending a lot of POST data.

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It’s time to run the source code we created, you can use xampp or online hosting service, the most important condition is that you have a suitable internet connection. This is the result of running the source code above.

We managed to log in, but from a different perspective (without css and js), why did this happen? Based on my own analysis and opinion, this is because cURL only fetches the data from the URL without downloading any other URL data that may be in the URL we are fetching.

The proof can be seen in the image above, all the hosts files have been changed to localhost instead of, while there is no information about localhost because localhost does not take information from

For me, since this is a system issue, why do we think about visibility, the most important thing is that we get the data that we will process later, in the cURL login implementation above, we have a table of data that can be processed (which I have obscured).

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Actually, when it didn’t work, I faced many problems, but if I explain here, this article will be too long. So I hope you guys can practice and analyze the program because you usually get clarity from practice. The latter is more useful during the encoding process.

This is an explanation of how to log in with cURL, which is very simple, and it is recommended that you do not easily believe explanations from various sources, most of which are my own opinion about cURL. Try reading other discussion articles, ask forum -reliable and Practice it to make your understanding clear. See you in another article.

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