Cara Menggunakan Hosting Di WordPress

Cara Menggunakan Hosting Di WordPress – We know that wordpress is a service for creating blogs like blogspot, there is a difference between blogspot and wordpress, with wordpress we can create advanced blogs, professional terms, you have to pay monthly or yearly, we can also make wordpress blogs for free, Yes with blogspot service we can create a free blog forever regardless of any paid service.

When you create a free blog on WordPress, you can’t have more features in the package, you can only look at as if you were just writing, because you can’t enjoy other features , such as domain names, plugins, ads, and even a limited choice of templates unless you upgrade your WordPress account.

Cara Menggunakan Hosting Di WordPress

Cara Menggunakan Hosting Di WordPress

1. You can create a blog directly on as above for free, without considering paid hosting, managed hosting, etc., because wordpress is responsible for hosting here, you only need to manage wordpress, and the domain name is already provided. Although it is a subdomain, the concept Same as blogspot, but it doesn’t use hosting.

Cara Mengetahui Sisa Ruang Penyimpanan (hosting) WordPress

2. You can create a wordpress blog with your own hosting using wordpress cms, which you can get for free at, but since your hosting uses wordpress cms, you have to consider hosting and domains, not just that of course. You have to pay for hosting and domain annually. This version is often called wordpressself hosting.

Therefore, this article will provide a tutorial on how to create a free self-hosted WordPress blog with 000webhost and without self-hosting (wordpress hosting).

Create a blog address, because in this tutorial you will create a free WordPress blog, then you will get the latest address, the name can be maximized, not too long, do not use numbers, so that your blog Readers can remember your blog address, and can visit your blog at any time if the articles on the blog are interesting and of high quality

Then choose free, with a WordPress subdomain, you can just change the domain/blog address, but you have to upgrade to premium/personal first, or you can transfer a domain purchased from another domain provider.

Keunggulan WordPress Hosting Niagahoster, Buat Website Makin Gampang!

Then choose the wordpress package, and use the free one according to the title of the blog. The free version can only use subdomains, templates/themes are limited, you can’t change domains unless you upgrade personal/premium/business packages, maybe for beginners, you can learn how to manage WordPress before using paid.

Then enter your email address, which will later become your username and password for your profile in WordPress, you can also enter your Google account now ==> click continue

At the end of the email confirmation, WordPress has sent an email to the email address registered with the above WordPress account.

Cara Menggunakan Hosting Di WordPress

Then all you have to do is enter your email/gmail, if there is a notification that your wordpress account is activated ==> click confirm ==> after that you will be directed to your wordpress account wordpress immediately if you are asked to log in wordpress, just fill the wordpress account created above with email and the same password. complete

Cara Install WordPress Menggunakan Softculous •

To go to wordpress dashboard using wp-admin at for other wordpress settings I think it is better to use wp-admin dashboard because visualization is simpler and we can manage wordpress easily .

In the member list, create a new website and install it on the WordPress website. The subdomain name is 000webhost. For example, the website name is blgobr subdomain

But don’t worry, you can change the domain anytime, you can see in the article: How to change the domain of a website on 000webhost with a freenom domain

In fact, I have a tutorial on how to make a free hosted wordpress website, i.e. with infinityfree hosting. For this I uploaded a wordpress cms file which I got directly from

Cara Membuat Website WordPress Secara Gratis Untuk Pemula Yang Ingin Belajar

1. Manually, that is, you upload the cms from, as you can see in the article 10 steps to create your own website with wordpress cms in infinityfree,

2. Automatically, several hosting providers have added the function of creating a WordPress website with one click, including this 000webhost. In this tutorial, I only use this automatic method, because the manual method has already been used, and there is also a manual method. In 000webhost and above A tutorial for the same.

Think of it like this, the ability to create a WordPress blog is already available, not just this free hosting, paid ones will definitely be available. For uploading your own WordPress cms, you can choose a third party.

Cara Menggunakan Hosting Di WordPress

Just install wordpress in the middle, then fill in the user name and password to enter wp-admin, don’t forget, select url and language ==> install

Lengkap! Cara Membuat Web Hosting Sendiri Gratis Menggunakan Vps Debian 11

With this, it’s like doing a free premium wordpress blog with 000webhost, the installation is simple, one click, and 000webhost has automatically prepared the database and other wordpress files instead of us uploading them manually.

Next, to log into your WordPress control panel, enter the username and password you entered at the beginning of your WordPress installation.

Getting in looks the same as creating a non-self-hosted, but when you use your own (self-hosted) hosting, you feel like you’re using premium wordpress. However, we don’t have to pay for hosting as it’s free hosting.

This self-hosted WordPress feature is actually completely controllable, you can edit the theme, change the theme, you can advertise, change the domain name, install plugins, customize the site more comprehensively, plus it’s easy for SEO optimization, you can Create an online store with WordPress and more.

Cara Menggunakan Domain Sendiri Di WordPress

But in my opinion, if you want to use 000webhost’s free hosting, don’t use it if you are doing business website, because it is not optimal for SEO, especially in terms of server issues, it is also called Free hosting, but don’t worry, still, you can upgrade to premium hosting, because this free hosting belongs to, if you upgrade to premium, our website will be redirected to for sure.

If you want to customize theme settings, widget positions, fonts, then amp version etc. ==> Choose skins, change the look of themes/templates on the screen ==> There are several free theme templates.

This setting should be set as it is for your own profile, if someone comments on a post and you reply, your profile name will appear so others can get to know you.

Cara Menggunakan Hosting Di WordPress

Set the post title, then fill in the text setting or writing setting in the post content below it, and add media such as images.

Cara Membuat WordPress Lengkap

On the right you can set when the post will be published, activate the extended version of the blog or if you want a preview (view the post before publishing/publishing it)

Categories See what kind of category you want to create, such as how to create a blog, which means whether the category is blogger or something else, it’s up to you, the tags are the same, such as blog tutorial tag, and there is a featured picture at the end ( Thumbnail) to make your blog home screen a really fun thumbnail. Agi Tiara Pranoto is an Indonesian blogger living in Yogyakarta. Besides writing, he is also very fond of first-person shooters. His goal is to earn passive income so he doesn’t have to work in an office, he can do that, as long as he doesn’t achieve that goal, he has to enjoy his days as a health mediator.

Hi guys! Finally, I wrote the most important and popular article since I’ve done many blogging and SEO things, How to Start a Blog.

This time I will try to create a WordPress blog using the services of one of the best domain name and hosting provider in Indonesia, Exabytes. Why exabytes? Because they have web hosting and WordPress hosting with SSD.

Cara Membuat Toko Online Di WordPress Termudah Untuk Seller Pemula

This time I had a chance to test the Exabytes WordPress Hosting SSD service. It’s interesting because this is my first attempt at a service designed specifically for WordPress-based websites.

Oh yeah, a bit of a disclaimer, I actually don’t think I’m really an expert at building WordPress based websites and blogs, but I try to do Lite. I hope you can get the attention of friends who are still unfamiliar with website construction.

Of course, before tackling the content of our website, the first thing we do is buy hosting and a domain name. Now, you can do it easily on the Exabytes website.

Cara Menggunakan Hosting Di WordPress

It’s easy, open the exabytes website here and select customer login, then select create account. Register for your account as usual, you’ll need to log in when you’re done. After that, you just choose what to do, you can buy a domain name, you can buy hosting.

Cara Mengetahui Informasi Login Wp Admin Di WordPress Hosting

First, open the Exabytes WordPress hosting page and select the desired WordPress hosting package. There are currently 4 WordPress hosting packages available for you, namely WP 12 Ecommerce, WP 12 Business, WP 12 Beginner and WP 12 Ultimate.

I use WP 12 Beginner myself. Although the name is elementary, but the function is more than enough, you know! Estimated traffic capacity is around 30,000 visitors with 30 GB of fast SSD storage for 30 domains and emails. You also get Immunify360 protection against malware and Litespeed & Brotli compression, making the website not only safe but also with good speed. Remember, good speed is one of the important characteristics of SEO rankings, you know it!

Hey, you don’t have to worry about SSL either because you’re getting free SSL too, you know. Then your website must be https!

Second, if you already know which package you want to use, all you have to do is click start right away. You will be redirected to the domain request page, select your desired domain and follow the payment steps. .Voila, done!

Cara Membuat Tabel Di WordPress Tanpa Plugin

In fact, some of the reasons I want to use Exabytes WordPress hosting is because I’m a guy who knows things are right. So we actually ordered the WordPress package and it was set up instantly, all we had to do was log in and manage the site.

For a hosting control panel, use Plesk. In fact, I am more used to using CPanel than Plesk, but after learning Plesk, it is easier and more accurate. Its more modern appearance is also very suitable for novices, friends who are used to CPanel don’t worry, okay?

To open Plesk, you need to log in to Exabytes Customer Area and click on your active offering. Then you will enter the management page

Cara Menggunakan Hosting Di WordPress

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