Cara Menggunakan 10 Hosting

Cara Menggunakan 10 Hosting – Today it is very important to have a website. According to a study conducted by LearnVest, only 15% of millennials have personal websites. Considering the fact that the way to create a website is very simple, this is not very good.

Creating a website is actually very easy. You don’t need to be an IT expert to build a website. The steps are very easy to learn and do not take much time to understand. At this point we will discuss the steps involved in creating a Noosa website.

Cara Menggunakan 10 Hosting

Cara Menggunakan 10 Hosting

A website is a collection of site pages, usually grouped under a domain or subdomain on the World Wide Web (WWW). For details, read our article on websites.

Hosting Terbaik Indonesia (diuji 2022)

The first step to take before creating a website is to decide on the host and domain you will use. This is the first foundation of a professional website.

Hosting (web hosting) is a place to host the information needed for a website so that it can be accessed over the Internet. The information here can be in the form of files, images, videos, emails, applications/programs/scripts and databases. Choosing the right hosting provider can significantly affect the subsequent performance of a website.

There are several methods to consider before deciding which hosting provider to use. Please read the following article for details

After choosing the desired host. The next thing you need to do is to decide on a hosting package that suits the website being built. If you choose the right hosting package, your website will perform better.

Cara Membuat Blog WordPress Self Hosted

There are many factors to consider before deciding which hosting package to use. For details, read the following article Hosting and Domains

For hosting package issues, Nusantarahost as one of the best hosting service providers in Indonesia has several very attractive packages. After deciding which package suits the needs of the website being built, the next step is to order the package. Following are the steps to order hosting and domain at Nusantrahost.

A. New domain registration : Select this option if you don’t have a domain name before and want to register a new domain. b. Transfer your domain from another registrar: Select this option if you already have a domain name with another registrar/provider and want to transfer it to Nusantarahost. c. Use existing domain and updated name servers: Select this option if you already have a domain name with Nusantarahost or another provider without having to transfer your domain.

Cara Menggunakan 10 Hosting

One of the payment methods available on Nusantarahost is a virtual account. For a tutorial, read the following article.

Cara Membuat Website Dengan Mudah

A CMS or Content Management System is an application used to create and develop a website. This application aims to make it easier for website owners to manage content (upload, edit, add, etc.) on their website without having to deal with technical issues.

Nusantarahost has several excellent CMS including: WordPress, Magento, PrestaShop, Joomla, Roundcube. In addition to various CMS choices, Nusantarahost also has a very user-friendly web builder feature that allows users to easily build and design websites. This feature is Sitepad’s website builder. We recommend using a popular or widely used CMS. This is because a more popular CMS is easier to manage, as it has more testimonials and knowledge from previous users. The following is a comparison of CMS usage data.

After you have decided on the CMS you will use, the next step is to install the CMS. If you still don’t know how to install the CMS in order to use it, Noosa has created some easy tutorials for installing the CMS. After the installation process is completed, the next step is to complete the information and create a website with the mentioned CMS. To create a website using WordPress CMS, read the following article

Knowing the features and different functions of the CMS is the first thing to do. Knowing the functionality of the features in the CMS will greatly facilitate the user to use the CMS. Understanding the features of WordPress will be very easy for most users in the world. Noosa has provided several explanations regarding the features of the WordPress CMS.

Cara Membuat Website Profesional Dengan Mudah & Gratis

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If you have entered the main page, place the cursor on the “Product” service menu. Just click on the “Cloud Hosting” option.

It will then show you several options for your preferred hosting service. Each package has different prices and benefits. For example, if you want to choose the Starter Pro package, you get Half Core CPU, 500 MB of space, 256 MB of virtual memory and unlimited bandwidth, etc.

Cara Menggunakan 10 Hosting

You can choose the package you want on a monthly or yearly basis. If you make the right choice, you can immediately click the “Order Now” option in the selection panel that automatically appears.

Cara Instal WordPress Di Hosting Hostgator Dalam Waktu 10 Menit

Then enter the “Choose a domain” page. Here you first order a domain, which means you have to click on the “Register a new domain” option. It’s another matter if you already have a domain and want to order hosting. Simply “use logout.

Enter the domain name you want and then you can click check to check whether the domain is already in use or not. If you haven’t used it, congratulations! is available! It is highlighted in green as shown below. Simply click “Next”. If you find the domain name you want.

At this stage, specifically in the “Choose a billing cycle” section, select the length of the required processing period. Some of the options listed are monthly or monthly orders, quarterly or every 3 months and many more. Always remember to select the server location first and click Continue.

You can also add one or more additional services. Just for information, the IDCloudHost platform is also provided to you.

Beli Domain Dan Hosting

Go to the “Available Plugins” section. Make sure all the required information is clicked. You can check it again and then if you’re sure it’s done, just click on the ‘Order Summary’ section and select ‘Continue’.

The next step you should not forget is to reconfirm your service. If you happen to have a promotional code, don’t waste it. Go directly to the “View and Pay” page. On that page, you will see a “Promotional” menu and enter the promotional code, then click Verify Code. Once you have a promotional code, enter it in the column in the menu.

Once you’ve entered the promo code in the ‘Promotion’ menu, click ‘Verify Code’. If you entered the promo code correctly, the promo code is successful, a pop-up window will appear with the green text “Promo code accepted…”. This means you can get a discount based on the promo code and move on to the next step.

Cara Menggunakan 10 Hosting

Then pay attention to the other sections, especially the payment details. Do you remember having an account before? If you don’t have one yet, click on the “Create a new account” option. Please fill in the information as follows.

Cara Penggunaan File Manager Pada Cpanel

Billing Address Company Name (if applicable) Street Address and Street Address 2 City State Zip Code Country Additional Important Information How did you find us? Check the password of the security password of the WhatsApp number account

However, if you feel you already have one, click on “Register Existing User” and log in using your IDCloudHost account. Please enter the correct email and password. Of course, you should remember both because you’ll need them as long as you’re still using IDCloudHost’s services.

Start logging into the next step, this time in the Payment Details section. In this section, you will be introduced to the wide variety of payment methods provided by IDCloudhost. Choose what suits you..

In addition to bank transfers, IDCloudHost offers various digital wallets as payment methods. Among the many digital wallets, DANA E-wallet is probably one of the most used choices. If you want to use this payment method, just click on the “Funds” option.

Apa Itu Cpanel? Cara Mengelola Hosting Dengan Cpanel

After selecting one of the required payment methods, for example, using the DANA digital wallet. Then a new page will appear again. This time it’s about explaining the invoices or bills you have to pay. There will be information like nominal fee and so on. It’s a good idea to double check to make sure you go to the next step and click Pay Now

If you are sure that the invoice shows the correct information, start the payment step. The screen will change to activate your DANA account. Because the DANA application works as the chosen payment method. Enter your mobile DANA e-wallet number and press the Next button.

You will then receive a verification SMS from DANA, and the mobile phone number used by DANA must be active at all times to verify your DANA.

Cara Menggunakan 10 Hosting

After DANA e-wallet verification, account information will appear. Contains bills that must be paid. In addition, information about your status will be displayed.

Apa Itu Cloud Hosting? Cara Kerja, Fitur, Dan Potensi Bisnisnya

Before doing so, make sure your DANA balance is at least sufficient to pay the bill. If you feel it is not enough, top up or refill first. So the process can be quick. If you are sure that you have enough funds, click on “Pay Rp. 11,100” just click on it.

If you click “Pay”, please wait for the transaction to be entered successfully. So far, users have found that the process of waiting for this payment transaction does not take much time

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