Cara Mengetahui Tempat Pemesanan Hosting Sebuah Domain

Cara Mengetahui Tempat Pemesanan Hosting Sebuah Domain – In our efforts to create a professional website, at least two important components are required, namely hosting and domain. Hosting is a place to store website files online. A domain is the address you need to access a particular website. In order for you to get the two supporting components above, you need a service or a place to build a website. That place is web hosting.

In fact, there are many parameters to consider while choosing a service package offered by a web hosting company. In this case, is here with the best service so they will be ready to help you, especially in creating this website. What makes Nyaga Hoster different from other web hosting is the money back guarantee, fast and reliable web server, and Nyaga Hoster domains are free forever. Are you interested?

Cara Mengetahui Tempat Pemesanan Hosting Sebuah Domain

Cara Mengetahui Tempat Pemesanan Hosting Sebuah Domain

Through this article I will try to guide you step by step how to order or rent domain hosting at Nayaga Hoster web hosting. For that, here is the full review:

Perbedaan Domain Dan Hosting

1. Please visit official website Then you can click on the hosting menu or scroll down a bit on the main page to decide which hosting package you should use. For example, I chose the student package.

2. After clicking the Select Now button. Please also specify the hosting package and the duration for which you are renting the hosting with the package. If you click Next.

3. Then you specify the domain address and its extension, then click on search domain. A message will appear if the domain is available. Good news, this domain is available. Then you click the Add to Chart button.

4. On the next page you will be shown the detailed details of the hosting package along with the domain you have ordered. If you are sure that nothing has changed, click the Next button.

Membahas Apa Itu Domain, Jenis, Dan Cara Mendapatkannya

5. If you don’t have a Niagahoster Cpanel account, please register first through the New User menu tab. But if you already have an account like me, all you have to do is login using your email and password in the form provided.

6. On the checkout page, complete all your purchase data. Decide which payment method you will use. Don’t forget to check out the list of Terms and Conditions Agreement Forms. After that click on Process Checkout button.

7. If a page appears with a thank you message, your order is complete. Check your email inbox where you have registered as a login account on Niagahoster for payment details, destination account number and information regarding your Member/Cpanel account on Niagahoster.

Cara Mengetahui Tempat Pemesanan Hosting Sebuah Domain

8. Pay for your domain order to one of Niagahoster’s recommended accounts. If you have transferred, confirm the payment on your bill. You go to Niaga Hoster member page and click on payment confirmation menu.

Tutorial Menyewa Web Hosting Gratis Domain Selamanya Di Niagahoster

10. And the last step is to complete your payment verification data so that your hosting package and domain are activated and ready to use.

Now this is the series of process to do to rent a domain and hosting at If you have hosting and the domain is active, you can use it to upload your website files through the Cpanel hosting tools available at Idhostinger. Or you can also install a custom CMS like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal. However, if you face any difficulties, don’t hesitate to contact Niagahoster live chat department as they are always online and active 24 hours at your service. More or less apologies from me first. Thanks and hope this is helpful.

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In short, the difference between domain and hosting lies in their function. Domain is the address of the website, hosting is the land on which the website is built. So, if you want to build a website, you need both.

Asdadjugul By Sas Net

So, let’s learn more about domains and hosting, discussing the difference between hosting and domains in more detail!

Hosting or web hosting is a server where all your website files are stored and can be accessed and managed over the internet. Start with image files, videos, scripts, etc.

Well, a hosting server does not stand alone. The server is managed and stored in a data center. This is to ensure that the hosting server is secure and working optimally.

Cara Mengetahui Tempat Pemesanan Hosting Sebuah Domain

There are also different types of hosting services for rent and you can choose the best one according to your needs. The price offered also follows the facilities offered.

Cara Mudah Cek Pemilik Domain

For example, imagine if you rent a room in a boarding unit or shared house. You will share the same facilities with other residents of the unit. For example, bathroom, kitchen etc.

As with shared hosting, your website files are shared with other users. And shares the same facilities like speed, disk space etc.

Shared hosting is suitable for those of you who are building or launching a website for the first time and don’t need advanced features.

There are many shared hosting packages on Baby, Student, Personal and Business. Pricing also varies depending on the hosting package you choose.

Cloud Hosting Adalah

So, you are free to organize and manage your resources. However, you need technical skills for this process.

A physical server is divided into many different resources. And this server uses sharing software, hence its name.

Yes, think of it as a housing complex and you occupy one of the houses. You are free to organize and organize anything in your home.

Cara Mengetahui Tempat Pemesanan Hosting Sebuah Domain

However, since they are still in the same complex, important resources are still shared. For example electricity, water etc. If the power goes out, yes a complex will be felt.

Sewa Hosting Murah Gratis Domain. Gimana Caranya?

As with cloud VPS, if the server goes down, the VPS users on the server will also feel it.

VPS is suitable for high-traffic websites that can no longer accommodate shared hosting, want the freedom to manage and configure servers, and want the technical expertise to manage servers. .

You do this by spreading the load across multiple servers at the same time. So if one server dies, it still has another backup server.

It is like opening a shop or a branch restaurant. Not all users focus on being in one place. If there are many visitors you can avoid long queues.

Pentingnya Dan Tips Memilih Lokasi Server Hosting Terbaik

Cloud web hosting is an ideal type of hosting for websites that have a lot of traffic, but need simple configuration. For example, online shops, project websites, company websites, news portals, etc.

Cloud web hosting services have large disk space that can handle hundreds of thousands to millions of traffic, you can get them at different prices.

The importance of hosting is that it affects the performance of your website later. So, you should be smart in choosing it. There are several criteria to consider when looking for the best hosting service.

Cara Mengetahui Tempat Pemesanan Hosting Sebuah Domain

For small-scale or personal websites, they still typically require less than 20 GB of disk space. Meanwhile, large-scale websites (online shops, news portals, etc.) require anywhere from 20 GB to unlimited.

Panduan Web Hosting Untuk Pemula Lengkap Dari A Sampai Z

Bandwidth activity occurs frequently on your website. So, choose a hosting service that offers unlimited bandwidth so that website performance is smooth.

3. Webmail – Email management on a hosting server using your domain name suffix. The goal is to make it look more professional.

You also need Unlimited Email so that it has a lot of email functionality. For example, adding a website admin email account, sending emails to clients, etc.

5. Quality of Data Center – Hosting server storage space with infrastructure to protect the server from outages. Data Center Tier 4 has the highest level of data center.

Cara Order Layanan Domain

Initially, the domain was in the form of a complex combination of numbers and letters, which indicated the address of the hosting server where the website files were stored. Internet users are hard to remember.

Therefore, the browser can identify the location of the website file by the domain name. Such as the address of your rented accommodation or hosting server.

Not only that, armed with the domain, we can also get information about the owner. Start with name, physical address, email and others. Well, WHOIS is a list of such personal information. You can check the domain whois to find out the domain owner information.

Cara Mengetahui Tempat Pemesanan Hosting Sebuah Domain

A top-level domain is the extension behind the website name, for example .com, .id,, .gov, etc. This extension option should be considered as you can choose the most suitable one according to the purpose of the website.

Mengenal Domain, Hosting, Dan Cara Menghubungkannya

For example, if you want to create an online store, it is more suitable to use a school website with .com or etc.

The SLD also serves as your registered domain name. It can be your brand name or company name.

However, you should not be careless in choosing an SLD. Because later this SLD will be remembered by your website visitors.

Usually this is at the front if the domain has subdomains. Its function is to divide the website pages according to the purpose of blogs, orders, courses etc.

Domain Murah Tahun 2022

Do you know what domain and hosting are? They are two different things. The way the two functions complement each other.

A domain is a home address and hosting that home. You certainly can’t go home without an address.

Is the long process affected? However, the above five steps can be done very quickly in just a few seconds. It also depends on server performance.

Cara Mengetahui Tempat Pemesanan Hosting Sebuah Domain

Typically, a hosting buyer buys a domain at once. Like a home buyer who buys the “address” of his home at the same time.

Perbedaan Cloud Computing Dengan Web Hosting

But what if you already have hosting and want to switch domains? Don’t worry, because you can transfer domains virtually! The process is short.

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