Cara Mengetahui Tempat Hosting Sebuah Website

Cara Mengetahui Tempat Hosting Sebuah Website – Hosting is where website data is stored when the website is online. However, did you know that hosting is placed in a physical location called the hosting server location?

So, in this article, you will learn about it, its implications and some tips on the best server location.

Cara Mengetahui Tempat Hosting Sebuah Website

Cara Mengetahui Tempat Hosting Sebuah Website

Don’t forget, we’ll also explain how to choose the right server location for your website. strange isn’t it? Immediately, here comes the full explanation!

Jelaskan Cara Kerja Hosting

The location of the hosting server is the physical location used as a place to host the server. When a website is hosted, it is actually hosted on a server.

Well, one server is often enough to support hundreds or thousands of websites. In addition, web hosting providers often use dozens or hundreds of servers simultaneously to support their customers’ websites.

The server collection is then allocated by the hosting provider to a location called a data center. So it can be concluded, data center is the same word as hosting server location.

Did you know that choosing a cheap hosting server has a big impact on your website? At least for the following reasons:

Cara Memilih Hosting Terbaik Yang Sesuai Dengan Website Anda

Choosing the right hosting server can affect the performance of your website. How can it not be possible, because it is a percentage of the server and all the websites on it can be accessed normally at a given time.

Therefore, whenever possible, choose a hosting server location with good infrastructure and minimal risk of disasters and other disruptions. Therefore, the percentage of server time is always appropriate and access to the website is always.

Another reason why you should be smart when choosing a hosting server is because server space can increase website speed. This is because the distance traveled by the server to send data to the user is shortened.

Cara Mengetahui Tempat Hosting Sebuah Website

You are in Yogyakarta. Once you have ordered goods from two different places, Jakarta and Singapore. Logically, a package from Jakarta will arrive faster than one from Singapore, right?

Cara Mengetahui Hosting Yang Digunakan Website Orang Lain

Well, the location of the hosting server is the same. If your website is hosted on an Indonesian server and your visitors are from Indonesia, accessing your website will be very fast.

To further speed up access to the website, the server often uses CDN technology to support users’ needs. In short, CDN is an advanced technology to deliver content to users through nearby servers.

Related to the previous point, the right location of the hosting server will increase the speed of the website. When you learn SEO, speed is the main ranking factor in Google.

So, that’s all you need to understand about hosting server location, as well as the reasons you should look at when choosing it. Let us know some of the best hosting servers below!

Cara Mengetahui Provider Hosting Website Orang Lain • Blog Situstarget

As the name suggests, Indonesian servers are hosting server locations located in Indonesian territory. Logically, choosing an Indonesian server is the right decision if your visitors are coming from within the country.

In addition to fast access, the advantage of this Indonesian server can reduce TTFB. TTFB is the time it takes for a website to receive the first byte from the server, measured in milliseconds.

Well, TTFB time is affected by several factors, one of which is the location of the hosting server. So, not surprisingly, the closest hosting server location can shorten TTFB.

Cara Mengetahui Tempat Hosting Sebuah Website

Back to the Indonesian server, this is one of the hosting providers who have assigned the server to their country. Precisely at the Indonesia Information Center or DCI in the Cibitung Industrial Area.

Memilih Hosting Untuk Web Toko Online Kamu

This DCI data center has many advantages. For example: level 4 international certification, carefully controlled facilities, located in disaster-prone areas, ensuring sufficient electricity, etc.

The Indonesian server used is also directly connected to IIX hosting. Well, IIX hosting is a type of server hosting for Indonesian locations. It connects all internet service providers in Indonesia.

Automatically, the connection between the server and your Internet service provider will be faster because you don’t have to go to an external server first.

Commonly called Server Singapore or hosting sg is a type of server hosting for Singapore locations. This place is suitable if your visitors are coming from ASEAN and Asia Pacific countries.

Cara Mengetahui Lokasi Server Hosting Sebuah Website

Because the location of Singapore is very strategic and it is the center of ASEAN, so the server management is extensive. In addition, Singapore is also close to Indonesia. By default, Indonesian tourists are not subject to speed limits.

American servers are hosting server locations located in the United States. Predictably, this type of server is ideal if your target visitors are from the United States or neighboring countries such as Canada and Mexico.

If asked to choose an Indonesian or American server, do you know the answer? This is again tailored to where your target visitors live.

Cara Mengetahui Tempat Hosting Sebuah Website

The last good hosting server location is UK. A server located in the UK is the best choice especially if your website is visited by users from the UK and European countries.

Cara Pembayaran Domain Dan Hosting Melalui Idwebhost Menggunakan Mandiri Online

So far, you’ve heard some tips for the best hosting server locations. Next, we explain how to choose the right hosting server location. Let’s see together!

Throughout the article, we keep saying that the way to choose a good server location is to know where your website visitors are coming from. If so, you can choose the server closest to the visitor’s origin.

The question is, how do you find your audience’s country of origin? It’s easy, you can use Google Analytics. This Google tool can show demographic statistics of your visitors, including the visitors’ country of origin.

Another important way to choose a server location is to understand the type of website. We certainly know that all kinds of websites have the right to be placed in the best server location.

Cara Mengetahui Siapa Yang Memiliki Domain Atau Web Whois

But really, there are many types of websites that tend to be weaker if the server location is not good. For example, websites with complex features, websites for important purposes such as online exams, or websites with high traffic.

The reason is, choosing the wrong server can slow down this type of website or even make it inaccessible because the server is down.

As we have discussed, the location of the hosting server has a big impact on the speed of the website. The reason is simple. This means a shorter distance between the server and the visitor.

Cara Mengetahui Tempat Hosting Sebuah Website

For more technical reasons, the hosting server will assign an IP address to the user based on the location of the server. On the other hand, your visitors are also assigned an IP address based on their location.

Hello World! Membuat Website Dan Pelayanan Niagahoster

So, if the host IP and the visitor’s IP are in the same or close location, then the access to the website will be faster than the remote IP address.

The next way to choose the right server location is to find out if the server infrastructure in that location is sufficient. Don’t want your website to be compromised due to a vulnerable server location?

Therefore, before booking hosting, find out where the provider places the server. For example, one that has a DCI Tier 4 data center as its physical location.

Therefore, apart from fast and free access, server hosting can also be said to be safer from the threat of riots, crimes, natural disasters and power outages.

Apa Fungsi Hosting? Berikut Penjelasan Lengkapnya!

The final way to choose a hosting server location is to find the provider behind it. Make sure you only book server hosting from quality verified companies, e.g.

Apart from having a good server location, it also has technology and other additional features to ensure the fastest access to the website.

Call LiteSpeed ​​​​​​Enterprise, the fastest web server today. There are also WordPress Accelerator, Cloudflare CDN and HTTP/3 that can optimize website speed. Not only that, increasing resources has been proven to be effective in maintaining a stable server.

Cara Mengetahui Tempat Hosting Sebuah Website

These are several ways to choose the best hosting server location to consider when checking your hosting server location. Don’t go anywhere because we have one more interesting information below!

Perbedaan Post Dan Page Pada WordPress

In this article, you already know what server hosting is, its impact on the website, types of server locations, tips and how to choose the best server location.

But you might be wondering, where is the server location? It offers multiple server location options depending on the hosting package you choose.

For Unlimited Hosting, WordPress Hosting, WordPress Simple, Mail Hosting and Cloud Hosting services, the server locations are in Indonesia and Singapore. Predictably, it would be ideal if your audience is domestic or Southeast Asian.

Meanwhile, for Cloud VPS services, the server location is more different in Singapore, America and England. If your audience is from Asia, America or Europe, these services are the right choice for you.

Inilah 5 Perbedaan Cloud Hosting Dan Web Hosting

But regardless of the hosting service and location, make sure you choose based on your needs. And don’t forget to always sign up for a quality and reliable hosting service ie.

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Cara Mengetahui Tempat Hosting Sebuah Website

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