Cara Mengetahui Record Alamat Hosting

Cara Mengetahui Record Alamat Hosting – DNS stands for Domain Name System. Understanding DNS itself is the system that translates domain names into IP addresses for computers when we access a website.

When you visit a website, we usually use the domain name (URL) because it’s easier for us to remember, whereas computers use numbers (IP address) to access the website. DNS functions to convert URLs into numbers so that computers can understand user requests to access websites.

Cara Mengetahui Record Alamat Hosting

Cara Mengetahui Record Alamat Hosting

An example is the Contacts app on a smartphone, which displays a name for each phone number. We must be having trouble remembering everyone’s contacts with just a phone number, right? Well, it’s the same as the contact program, DNS converts URLs into an IP number that computers understand, so we don’t have to remember the IP number of every site we want to visit.

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After discussing what DNS is, we will discuss how DNS works. So this system works in stages through the structure. The first step begins with a query, which is a request for information about the website’s IP address.

First, the server looks for IP address information in the hosts file, which is a simple text file in the operating system that is used to map host names to IP addresses. If the requested information is not found, the server looks in the cache, which is a hardware or software component that stores data temporarily.

If the requested information is not found in the cache, the system can request another server to perform the request on behalf of the client (browser) by looking for the information in the provider’s cache. This is what is called a recursor. This server is like an agent whose role is to provide all the requested information. In this process, the DNS recursor also asks for help from the root name servers.

Root name servers are at the highest level of the DNS hierarchy. There is no formal name for it, and this server is marked with an empty string. You can think of it as a reference repository.

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When used, if the information still cannot be found in the ISP cache, the recursive DNS resolver sends a query to the root name server. This server then responds to the request by telling the agent to access a more specific domain, namely the top-level domain name server (TLD name server).

When you go to Google or Facebook, you can see that both platforms’ domain names end in .com. This suffix is ​​called a top-level domain. The servers for this type of top-level domain are called TLD name servers, whose role is to manage all information related to generic domain extensions.

Just like when you request information about, the .com TLD responds as a single delegate to queries from a recursive DNS resolver pointing to authoritative DNS servers or authoritative name servers. This server owns the original resources for the domain.

Cara Mengetahui Record Alamat Hosting

When the recursive DNS resolver encounters an authoritative name server, that’s when the answer is returned. Authoritative name servers have all the information about the domain names they serve. This server provides a re-resolver for the IP addresses that the server finds in the records. After completing this step, the web browser finally shows the site we requested earlier, which is Google.

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Next, after discussing what DNS is and how it works, we’ll show you how to change a domain’s DNS settings. Here we use the control panel. Simply log in to your account’s control panel, then go to the DNS zone editor.

Done! Now you know what DNS (Domain Name System) is, how DNS works, and how to configure DNS domains. By knowing the meaning and functions of DNS and how to configure its settings, you can also make changes to the control panel settings as needed.

Faradilla, better known as Ninda, is a content manager at He enjoys following trends in technology, digital marketing and language learning. With this tutorial, Ninda wants to share information and help readers solve the problems they are facing. Hosting is the website where the data is stored while the website is online. However, did you know that hosting is hosted at a physical location called a hosting server location?

So in this article you will learn a lot about it, its impact and some recommendations for the best server placement.

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Don’t forget we’ll also tell you how to choose the right server location for your site. Interesting, right? Here’s the full explanation!

A hosting server location is a physical location used as a location to host a server. When a website is hosted, it is actually hosted on a server.

Well, a single server is usually enough to host hundreds to thousands of websites. In addition, a hosting provider usually uses dozens or even hundreds of servers simultaneously to host client sites.

Cara Mengetahui Record Alamat Hosting

The hosting provider then entrusts a collection of servers to a location called a data center. So it can be concluded that data center is the same term as hosting server location.

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Yes, did you know that choosing a cheap hosting server has a big impact on your website? At least for the following reasons:

Choosing the right hosting server can affect the uptime of your website. How can it not, because uptime is a percentage of the server, and all websites on it can usually be accessed for a certain period of time.

Therefore, as much as possible, choose a hosting server location with good infrastructure and minimal risk of disasters and other obstacles. So the server uptime percentage is always satisfactory and website access is always ON.

Another reason why you should be smart about choosing a hosting server is that a range of servers can increase website speed. This is because the distance traveled by the server to send data to the accessories becomes shorter.

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You are in Yogyakarta. After you ordered the goods from two different places namely Jakarta and Singapore. Logically, parcels from Jakarta arrive faster than from Singapore, right?

Well, the location of the hosting server is the same. If your website is hosted on an Indonesian server and your visitors also come from Indonesia, the access to your website will be much more flexible.

To further speed up website access, servers typically use CDN technology to meet user needs. In short, CDN is an advanced technology for delivering content to users via the nearest server.

Cara Mengetahui Record Alamat Hosting

In relation to the previous point, the correct location of the hosting server will increase the speed of the website. When you study SEO, it turns out that speed is a pretty dominant factor in Google rankings.

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So, this was an understanding of the location of the hosting server and also the reasons why one should be careful while choosing. Next, let’s get to know some of the best hosting places!

As the name suggests, Indonesian servers are hosts located within Indonesia. Logically, choosing an Indonesian server is a smart decision if your visitors are coming from outside the country.

In addition to faster access, the benefits of this Indonesian server can reduce TTFB. TTFB is the time it takes for a website to receive the first byte of data from the server, measured in milliseconds.

Well, TTFB time is affected by several factors, one of which is the location of the hosting server. Therefore, it is not surprising that the nearest hosting server can shorten TTFB.

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Let’s go back to the Indonesian server. This is one of the hosting providers who have trusted their servers in their country. Directly at Indonesia Data Center or DCI in Cibitung Industrial Zone.

This DCI data center has many advantages. For example, such as international Tier 4 certification, high security facilities, minimum disaster locations, guaranteed sufficient electricity and more.

The Indonesian server used is also directly connected to IIX hosting. Well, IIX hosting is a type of server hosting for locations in Indonesia. It connects all ISPs in Indonesia.

Cara Mengetahui Record Alamat Hosting

The connection between the server and your ISP will automatically be faster because you don’t need to go to an external server first.

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Singapore server or what is often called sg hosting is a type of server hosting for locations in Singapore. This location is suitable if your visitors are coming from ASEAN and Asia-Pacific countries.

This is because the location of Singapore is very strategic and is in the center of ASEAN, so the server coverage is extensive. In addition, Singapore is also still close to Indonesia. Visitors from Indonesia are automatically not so limited in terms of speed.

US server is a hosting server located in USA. This type of server is probably suitable if your target visitors are from the United States or neighboring countries such as Canada and Mexico.

If you are asked to choose an Indonesian or American server, you already know the answer, right? That’s right, once again adapt to where your target visitors live.

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The last good hosting server location is UK. A server located in the UK is the best choice if your site is mainly visited by users from the UK and European countries.

Above you have heard some recommendations for the best hosting server locations. Next, we will tell you how to choose the right hosting server location. Let’s see!

Throughout the article, we always tell you that the way to choose a good server location is to find out where your website visitors are coming from. If so, you can choose the server closest to the visitor’s origin.

Cara Mengetahui Record Alamat Hosting

The question is how to find out the country of origin of the audience? It’s simple, you can use Google Analytics. This tool from Google may show visitor demographic statistics, including the visitor’s country of origin.

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Another important way to choose a server location is to understand the type of your website. Don’t be suspicious yet, we know that all kinds of websites deserve to be hosted on a better server.

But there are actually some types of websites that tend to be more risky if the server location is bad. For example, websites with complex features, websites for important purposes such as online exams, or websites with high traffic.

The reason is that choosing the wrong server can slow down this type of website or even make it unavailable at all because the server is down.

As we discussed, the location of the hosting server has a big impact on the speed of the website. The reason is simple. This refers to the shorter distance between the server and the visitor.

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For more technical reasons, the hosting server gives the user an IP address according to the location of the server. On the other hand, your visitors are also provided with appropriate IP addresses based on their location.

So when the IP of the host and the IP of the visitor come out

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