Cara Mengetahui Host Database Hosting

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Do you want to transfer your website database from your computer to a web host so that you can access it online? You’ve come to the right place!

Cara Mengetahui Host Database Hosting

Cara Mengetahui Host Database Hosting

In this article, you will learn how to transfer a database from localhost to web hosting. Relax, this method is really very easy. Let’s continue the discussion!

Cara Import Database Dari Localhost Ke Web Hosting [terbaru]

Before transferring the XAMPP database to the host, you must first create a local site file. To do this, go to the XAMPP installation folder > htdocs > wordpress.

Then, compress all the contents of the WordPress folder into a .ZIP. You can give the zip any name you want. For example, we chose to use the name

After your website files are compressed, it’s time to restore your website database with XAMPP. The trick is to open the XAMPP application, then click Start Apache and MySQL.

Then open your browser and type localhost/phpmyadmin. Select the database you want to import to the host, then select the “Export” menu and click Go. The database will be downloaded to your computer with a .SQL extension.

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Before taking the steps to upload files to the host, make sure you already have a host and domain, that’s it! If you don’t already have one, you can sign up for a hosting package that fits your website’s needs.

First, log into your cPanel at and select File Manager. Or, ​​​​​​​if you are a user, go to the member area and select the “File Manager” menu as shown below:

Then go to the public_html folder and click upload. Then select your website’s .ZIP file to upload first. Once the installation process is complete, click Return to… below to return to your file manager.

Cara Mengetahui Host Database Hosting

Finally, after returning to the file manager, right-click on the original zip file, and select Extract. I congratulate you! All the files of your website have been transferred to the host.

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First, you need to create a MySQL database in cPanel first. Now, you can install the database on the host. To do this, go back to the cPanel home page, and click on phpMyAdmin.

Select the database you just created on the left, then click Import. Click Choose File and select a local database that you have saved on your computer. After that, click Go.

I congratulate you! Your site’s database has been successfully uploaded to your web hosting. However, if you try to open the website immediately, an error will appear. Wow, why is that?

This error occurs because you haven’t edited the wp-config.php file in the pre-installed zip. In fact, the information in the file does not match the hosting account you have.

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So, you need to connect the PHP file to MySQL. To do this, you can create a new PHP file in the public_html directory. You are free to give any name, for example, databaseconnection.php.

For a complete explanation, you can refer to this guide → How to connect a PHP database to MySQL

It turns out that how to transfer a database from localhost to web hosting is not very difficult, is it? You won’t get confused when doing this as it only takes five steps. From preparing files to uploading them to web hosting.

Cara Mengetahui Host Database Hosting

Also make sure you use a reliable hosting service so that your website can be accessed 24 hours a day. One of them, which offers affordable accommodation services in Indonesia from IDR 27,000 / month and free space.

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So, I hope the above guide is helpful for you. If you have any questions or face problems while loading the database, leave a comment below. good luck!

Get a variety of informative articles, interesting facts and tips about the world of the Internet directly to your email. Sign up now and win with us! Databases are an important part of the website or application development process. Almost all websites that we see on the Internet use a database to store information so that it is easy to update it because databases store information in an organized manner according to needs. Depending on the platform used, there are many ways to create a database and in this article we will focus on the MySQL database.

For those of you with hosting services, database creation can be done through cPanel or Plesk Panel. But for those of you who don’t have a host, the database can be created on localhost.

In this guide, we will share how to create a complete database for localhost using different applications like cPanel, Plesk and XAMPP. Here are some details:

Cara Kerja Domain Name System: Fungsi, Kelebihan Dan Kekurangan

A database is a collection of data stored in a system on a computer or server, containing data types and data structures used by a website or application.

One of the most widely used databases in the world today is MySQL. MySQL is a database management system or as we know it as a DBMS, which works using SQL (Structured Query Language) commands.

MySQL is included in the RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) that uses the method of relationships between tables or databases in the process of obtaining information. At hosting, we supported MySQL database version 5.5 to 5.7.

Cara Mengetahui Host Database Hosting

Apart from MySQL, it also supports MariaDB database which is an improved version of MySQL. The difference between MariaDB and MySQL is in the features that can be used. MariaDB now includes JSON API support for parallel data transfer and supports various storage engines.

Ketahui Pengertian Dan Cara Menggunakan Program Localhost

Below, we will explain how to create a database on localhost using different platforms such as cPanel, Plesk, XAMPP, and Alibaba Cloud’s RDS (Relational Database Service).

For those of you who use shared hosting, cloud hosting and unlimited hosting services, you can follow this guide to create a database on hosting. Here are the steps to do it:

4. Next, we will create a database user. In the ‘MySQL Users’ column, please create a database user like the following example:

5. The next step is to provide a user-specific storage space. To do this, in the ‘Add User to Database’ column, please select the user and database you created earlier. After that, click the “Add” button.

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At this point, the creation of the database in cPanel is complete. Then you can learn the guide to uploading a database through the following link: How to upload a database.

For those of you who use WordPress hosting services on Twitter, you can follow this guide to create a database about the host. Here are the steps to do it:

You can learn more about creating a database in the Plesk panel through the following link: How to Create a Database in Plesk

Cara Mengetahui Host Database Hosting

RDS MySQL is the latest service to work with Alibaba Cloud. Here is how to create users and database in RDS MySQL Alibaba Cloud:

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Before creating a database on localhost, you must first install XAMPP. You can learn how to install XAMPP through the following link: How to install XAMPP.

Next, make sure you have enabled Apache and MySQL services in the Xampp Control Panel interface as shown below:

3. By default, the user on localhost will use root and will not have a password. But you can also create users for specific databases on localhost in the Privileges menu > click Add User.

5. Scroll down, and you will find the option of “Global Rights” to grant access rights to the user to manage all databases, click “Check All”. After that, click the “Add User” button.

Cara Membuat Database Terlengkap Di Cpanel Hingga Localhost

You can learn more about creating a database in XAMPP Localhost through the following link: Create a Database in Xampp

During an epidemic like when this article was written, where social/physical distancing had to be adopted, crowds were abolished, meetings were postponed, many parties/organizations took IT is the reason.

On servers using cPanel, email quota usage is available from the “Email Account menu”. Quota usage data is not real time and is updated every 4 hours. Is this helpful…

Cara Mengetahui Host Database Hosting

CSF stands for ConfigServer Firewall, which is a firewall configuration script designed for one of the security features on a server. In this guide, we will discuss in detail what CSF is and how… Some of you are still confused about the meaning of hospitality. Don’t worry, hosting is a place to store website information.

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To manage and develop a website, you need something called hosting. What is hospitality? Hosting is an online storage service that is very helpful in improving your website.

So what is important for your website? Even if it’s not as big as a news portal or that of some big company, your website still needs hosting. You can read a complete explanation about receiving a guest in this article, starting with the understanding, how it works, to the types of receiving, until the end.

Speaking of storage service issues, it has already been said that hosting is an online service that provides data management functions for websites or applications. The data is then displayed on the user’s screen via the Internet.

As you already know, when you enter a website, you will find files like css, html and images on the hardware screen. The ease of accessing these files from the Internet is true because of the server that stores them.

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Where is the server at the host site? This hosting service provider provides the server hardware, connectivity and services needed to build and maintain websites. You can rent or buy and sell storage space in the server centers of the service provider.

If you sign up for a specific hosting service, it may be used to host websites, web applications or other information available over the Internet. Finally, the host is the data storage area of ​​the website that must be rented or purchased directly from the hosting provider.

Initially the host server will store various information required for the website. Data is typically found on websites such as images, text, video databases, etc.

Cara Mengetahui Host Database Hosting

The browser that hosts your website asks the host to send the page file to the browser. The server’s job with this command is to send the file in question to the browser. This way, other Internet users can access your website.

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In fact, the hosting system is simple, but its function is very important for the needs of the website. While issues like hosting are usually bad, insufficient capacity and slow website access affect a website’s security. But without web hosting it can get worse.

Actually, you don’t need to worry about this.

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