Cara Mengekspor Website Ke Hosting

Cara Mengekspor Website Ke Hosting – The Internet is increasingly becoming a part of people’s lives, from children to the elderly. There are hundreds of millions of websites in cyberspace that can be easily accessed on different devices. Such sites include e-commerce, blogs, company profiles, organizations or communities, portfolios, travel, culinary, etc. If you plan to develop your own website, first learn how to upload files for full c-panel hosting.

Some website developers build their websites using a local server, i.e. localhost. Finally, when the site is ready, they also need to transfer the domain from the local server to the hosting after purchasing it. Of course, there’s no point in creating a website if it can’t be used in cyberspace, right? In general, getting your website online is pretty easy. Basically, all you need to do is buy hosting and a domain name and upload the website files. Check out the reviews!

Cara Mengekspor Website Ke Hosting

Cara Mengekspor Website Ke Hosting

Before you start uploading files to the website, the first step you will take is to set up your database. You should adapt it to the type of database you are using, for example you are creating a PostgreSQL or MySQL database. If the database was created using cPanel, the database will be imported to localhost via phpMyAdmin. Here are the steps!

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Your hosting usually offers free cPanel access. The trick is to simply use https://domainname/cpanel to access cPanel. Next, you log in with the email address sent by the hosting provider, which contains information about the hosting account.

After completing the second step, go to the phpMyAdmin page and click on the database you created earlier and then click the import button. Select the file in the file to import. Select the SQL you exported from localhost (local server) and click Go. Wait for a while until the download process is complete. If so, it means that you have uploaded the database from your local server to your new hosting.

After setting up your MySQL database, the next step is to start uploading your website files to your hosting. This way, your website is available online to users on many different devices. See our guide to moving a website from a local server to online hosting.

The first step in uploading files to your hosting using the full c-panel is to go back to the cPanel section and enter the file manager. Next, click on File Manager.

Cara Upload File Melalui Cpanel Hosting

After completing the first step, you will see the next file management page. Click on public html section where there are many folders in public html. These folders are subdomains or subdomains of your domain’s or parent domain’s folders. If you want the website files to be included in the main domain, upload them to the public html directory. If you want to upload website files from local server to hosting, all you need to do is select upload.

Then select the website folder or file you want to download. Click the Choose file section and then select the file folder you want to download. Another option to start this process is to drag and drop the desired file or drag and drop it to the required location.

The trick is to drag the website folder from your local server to the page. First, make sure the folder you want to download is in .zip format. Wait for a while until the file download process is completed.

Cara Mengekspor Website Ke Hosting

After checking the file manager, the next step is to extract the website file you downloaded earlier in .zip format. The trick is to right-click on the .zip file and then select Extract. You can see how it looks on the file extraction results page.

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What does database synchronization mean? After all the files are uploaded, the next process is to synchronize the hosting database settings with your site settings. Making changes to database settings, usually located in connection.php, database.php, or connect.php.

You will then be prompted to map it to the new database you previously created in step one. If you forget, you can reuse it from MySQL databases. Combine it with the username, database and password created in the first process.

If the above steps are followed correctly, your website is ready to be widely used with a domain name. If it turns out that your website is unable to auto-redirect, remember to delete the default.html file first.

What are the advantages of building your own website? This is, for example, for those who are engaged in business and have so far relied only on offline stores. Here are some points to consider.

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If you are going to develop a business, be it a product or a service, the internet is the best tool that can be a solution in modern times. Here, the role of the site is to promote your product or service in cyberspace to reach more potential customers.

For e-commerce or e-commerce, your website should also have practical communication options for potential customers to interact directly with customer service. This includes, for example, adding a live chat feature, a comment area to websites, and your company’s email contact form.

At the same time, the website can become an advertising tool that attracts more and more consumers at home and abroad. This is because they can explore your product even remotely as long as they have an internet connection.

Cara Mengekspor Website Ke Hosting

You can use the website as an official publishing platform. For example, your company organizes quizzes with prizes, so all related information can be uploaded to the company website. And there are many advantages of creating a website for business.

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Branding, for example, means promoting the goods or services offered by companies to the public. This effort builds brand awareness in the public’s mind, or continues to unknowingly remember your company’s product/service brand. The brand effect is more attached to the heart and increases loyalty so that they don’t want to switch to other brands. The company’s website is one of the most reliable platforms for this.

A website makes it easy for consumers or potential customers to find out more about your company. It is therefore important to ensure that a company’s website is easy to navigate, that people can easily find the information they need, and that the website is easily accessible without long loading times. This point is very important because the flow of information gives internet users more and more options to get the ideas they want. So, in this article, we will explain how to download a website using a few tools that are of course quite familiar. The steps are:

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Creating a high-performance website doesn’t have to be messy. One of the most important things is the quality of the web hosting service you choose and all the great features to get you started building your site and online.

Cara Mudah Migrasi WordPress Di Hosting

The next step is to choose the right tool to get your website online. The four most commonly used tools for downloading sites are:

This browser-based tool has all the great features to manage your files and folders. If you choose, you will get access to this tool!

There is only one downside to this tool, which is the download limit. If the website backup size is larger than 256 MB, we recommend using FTP.

Cara Mengekspor Website Ke Hosting

Since all web hosts have FTP by default, you can use it to configure your FTP application (eg FileZilla). All information needed to download websites is stored in FTP accounts located under Files.

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If you want to upload a website using FTP, there are no restrictions. This means you can import backup archives of any size.

The site has a feature called Website Import. This function can be used to extract web page archives up to 256 MB directly to the public_html folder.

As you know, WordPress is a platform that is famous for its ease of use. If you use WordPress, there are several ways to migrate your website. One of the easiest ways is to use a site migration plugin (such as All in One WP Migration).

Unfortunately, the weakness of the plugin is the limitation on the size of the downloadable website archive, which is 256 MB. In fact, this vulnerability can be overcome by purchasing the premium version.

Mengenal Jenis Jenis Website Untuk Bisnis

If the website file size is larger than 256 MB, the best option is to use FTP. For more information, see the WordPress migration article.

Let’s start with the file manager – a tool we created to make the work of webmasters easier. Open the file manager and select the Download Files icon from the menu in the upper right corner.

If you want to use FTP with FileZilla to upload a website, first unzip the website archive to your computer (because FTP doesn’t have an unarchive feature).

Cara Mengekspor Website Ke Hosting

By extracting the website files first, you can copy all the files directly to the public_html site without doing anything. Otherwise, you must connect via SSH and extract the archive manually.

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You can use File Manager or FTP to move websites from subfolders to the main domain. The steps are as follows:

After all the website files are successfully uploaded, the next step is to check if the website is online or not. If it’s redirected to a domain address, all you need to do is open the domain through your browser.

One thing to keep in mind is that if a domain name has just been assigned to our servers, you may have to wait up to 24 hours for the DNS to fully propagate.

However, if the domain name is forwarded to another service provider, there are several ways to check if the site and domain name are being used:

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Follow all guidelines and processes properly to make website content successful online. However, if you face any problem, please do not hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help 24/7! 😉

Happy! You just learned how to load a website. As mentioned above, you can download websites using an FTP client. However, files can only be uploaded once and it takes quite a long time.

If you want to create a blog or an e-commerce website, everything you need to upload your project to the World Wide Web is obvious!

Cara Mengekspor Website Ke Hosting

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