Cara Mengecek Hosting Web Kita

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You may be curious about what other people’s websites use for hosting, maybe even your competitors’ websites. Of course, you can ask the person directly. Well, this time I will tell you how to find out which hosting other people’s websites are using.

Cara Mengecek Hosting Web Kita

Cara Mengecek Hosting Web Kita

You can also find the hosting, IP address, location, CMS and name server used this way.

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If all this time you feel that the website loads quickly and slows down, you can also buy from a hosting provider.

You know not only the hosting provider, but also which CMS to use. Do they use WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or something else?

This way of looking at other people’s web hosting can also tell you if they are using shared hosting or not. To see the hosting package used, you can use the second method in this article.

The first way to find other people’s web hosting is to use a website called He Hosting? Through this website we can get data about domain hosting

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2. Then enter the domain name of the website you want to check in the given column. Then click on “Search”.

As you can see, here you can immediately find out which hosting provider is used by Digital Ocean.

In this second method, we will use a tool from The data displayed by this website is more complete than the first.

Cara Mengecek Hosting Web Kita

If the website you are checking uses shared hosting, additional information will appear, ie “site hosted on ip”.

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Now you know how to check the hosting used by other people’s websites. To find the hosting provider’s website address, you can look up the name servers.

So, if you want to buy hosting at the same place, you can directly visit the website address listed on the name server.

The above two tools can be used to check websites hosted in Indonesia and abroad. The results can be said to be very accurate.

It appears that it is easy to see the hosting used by other people? There are other tools but in my opinion the above two tools are very easy to use and the results are accurate.

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Having a fast website is the personal happiness of all website developers and the desire to improve SEO quality.

But if we are accessing it and don’t believe that the website we have is fast enough, it feels lacking.

So, in this guide, we will discuss some websites that provide website speed testing tools. Here I have given some result so that you can see.

Cara Mengecek Hosting Web Kita

Google’s official website is useful for measuring the speed of your website. Google PageSpeed ​​is also directly linked to other Google tools such as Google Search Console, Google Cat and all other Google products.

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Therefore, the results of Google PageSpeed ​​analysis will affect the Google tools related to website speed.

Google Insights has two speed test analyses, namely mobile and desktop, which sometimes have different page speed scores based on your website’s optimization.

Gtmetrix is ​​a website that provides a test tool to test website speed and you can get this tool for free.

This speed test test website is most popular and used by website developers to test their website speed.

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However, on the downside, GTmetrix sometimes has very long queues during peak hours, such as at night.

If you are curious, you can go directly to the gtmetrix website and then enter your domain name and the results of your website speed analysis will appear within minutes.

Another tool for testing website speed is the Pingdom tool. This tool is a great tool for those of you who want to test your website speed from multiple servers. Because the Pingdom tool provides 7 servers that you can use for free. Here are the details of the 7 servers:

Cara Mengecek Hosting Web Kita

Like the GTmetrix pingdoom tool, it also displays the results of website speed analysis, from server side to website errors.

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For those of you who are interested, please analyze your website and see detailed website analysis via the Pingdoom Tools website.

The fourth website is for speed testing tool, you can use as the main option. It is also my best choice for testing, as has the advantage of not only testing website speed, but also analyzing website SEO, website performance and website accessibility.

For those of you who want to do a web speed test with full SEO details and access, I recommend using

If you want to immediately analyze your website on, you can directly access and analyze the website.

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Now the last thing you can use is web page test, this website provides different server locations to test your website speed. You can customize it according to the hosting location you have.

You can also configure which browser you want to use for the website speed test, you can go directly to the web page test and check your web speed instantly.

The analysis results on each website tool may vary as it depends on the optimization and the location of the server where you are testing to perform the speed test.

Cara Mengecek Hosting Web Kita

(PT Technology Indonesia) is a provider of quality cheap hosting services and Indonesian and international domains with an uptime guarantee of 99.9%.

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Web search engines take into account the age of a website and blog domain. The older your site is, the more chances it has to appear in the top search results.

It is important to distinguish between website and blog domains. The latter is easy enough to see. It is calculated from the time the domain is registered. The age of a website starts after the first indication of a particular domain.

In most cases, the website is much older than the domain because the site owner or webmaster can change the domain and move the web from one host to another. This is why determining the age of a web is sometimes more difficult.

People often buy domains to set up new sites on. Using a relatively old domain helps to get a better position when ranking and promoting the website.

Cara Mudah Mengetahui Alamat Ip Sebuah Website

There are many ways to determine the age of a website. However, in this guide, we will use some of the most accurate methods.

One of the world’s largest tools is the Internet Archive, which has data on almost everything on the web since 1996. This service can show you how the web is viewed during a specific period of time. This information will help you easily determine the age and compare the quality of current and past materials.

Determining the age of a domain is easier than determining the age of a website. Because we only look for the domain registration history.

Cara Mengecek Hosting Web Kita

You also need to understand that the domain name is very influential on SEO and domain authority in the future, so make sure you are right in deciding which domain name will be used.

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Checking the age of a domain is very easy, you just access the WHOIS Domain Tools website, then enter the name of the domain you want to check the age of, then search and the domain age information will appear there.

It will be more difficult to determine the age of the website, because we do not know whether the website has been active since the initial registration or has already been rebranded.

However, to check the age of the domain, we only need to open the whois domain, so all information such as registration date, expiration and age of the domain will be visible immediately.

(PT Teknologi Indonesia) is a provider of quality cheap hosting services and Indonesian and international domains with an uptime guarantee of 99.9%. An IP address is a series of numbers that represent an address on the Internet network. An IP address acts as an address for a web page, just like our home address.

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Each service connected to the Internet has a different IP address of course and no one person on the network can have the same IP

Probably when you access a website, you often use DNS or Domain Name System to access the web page, right?

In fact, the existence of this DNS will make it easier for someone to remember web pages because they use letters or names that are easy to remember, not random numbers like IP addresses.

Cara Mengecek Hosting Web Kita

For example, you’ll probably find it more difficult to remember than to remember, now that it’s a DNS. If you are interested, you can check out the 5 best DNS service providers in the world

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Now if you want to know the IP address of your website for specific purposes, for example for faster connection or to hide your website address,

On Windows, please open Command Prompt or CMD, you can type in the search column or press Windows key + R on the keyboard and then type cmd.

If CMD is already open, please ping the website you want to know the IP for, ping uses the DNS of the website, for example I pinged the website page, you will get an IP address like the image below.

This method is the easiest method, as there is no need to use any third party method. Simply use an Internet connection and ping the web address whose IP address you want to know

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You can find the website yourself on the page of the search engine you are using, because there are many websites that offer this feature, but here are some websites that I used to check the IP address of the website address. are used for

Ipsaya is a website that can be used to check a blog’s IP address. Please enter the domain you want to check the domain or website in the column provided How to go to my IP web page

As MyIP Check is a website host

Cara Mengecek Hosting Web Kita

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